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Everything I'll need in my next game.

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Created during April 2021. No Copyright, just link back to here.

Starting with FARA become faster than ever - and though there are some regressions, I'm calling it "the many more findable items edition!" Go look for things!

Gone are stuck popup, slow keys, its very responsive even on slow machines now. New quests, right-clicking on the map moves you, the sizes of many consumables have been perfected, inventory and storages can be sorted, the big map became much nicer and overall - there's a ton of nice little tweaks! So cool! Thanks Brian!

1 Intro

1.1 Prefix

I love the depth and variety in this game. The encounters can be short and sweet, or long and trecherous. The world has beauty and there is heaps of creativity in the maps and their many variations. The exploration and combat systems are challenging and yet you almost never feel as if the game is out to get you.

FARA is a Nethack for the new millenium. Its brilliant and innovative like a rogue done right! – Pug.

FARA is an open world sandbox that never rushes you to advance, while seeming to adapt to your powers to keep even low difficulty zones full of surprises. You will enjoy the turn-based combat, the ability to explore dangerous places with capable and fearless mercenaries to help. There are 54 classes with unique traits that simply make sense. The RPG steretypes and classes you know will begin to look primitive as you learn to play different classes and explore FARA's many mysteries.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, visit FARA's Homepage and take a look at these Game-play videos.

1.2 Notes about these Notes

This page serves as a repository for my notes about the game.

During my first play-session some years ago I hit a wall and swore to myself that I would beat this thing one day. And I finally have.

It was not a big, triumphant, clever win. Definitely not! I played, what looked to me like the most survivable class, the Gatekeeper as defensively as I could and for 150 days stuck my head into dangerous places, learning and exploring as I went - and now that my understanding has grown, my notes and my approach to them is evolving too.

Winning, for me meant 'Completing the Astral Key'. It also marks the beginning of what puts my Character into the 'Age of Steel', sees me Mining and Fishing more, and at last! has me manage inventory and items the way the Elders intended.

Pug's Notes don't reflect all I've learned by reaching my milestone yet, but they are certainly not harmful if you're just starting out.

At 7300+ Lines the html page is 540,000 bytes long, and that's just about as much as I want to put into a single searchable page. The release notes will likely move into their own file once I've gone through them some more to make sure that I've not overlooked to many things you would only find by searching this one place here, where they are all collected. This will make room to allow for more text/stories/guides/Q&A and perhaps the occasional image. TBD.

1.3 Finding out more about the notes

One day these notes will be well styled and modern looking. That day has not yet come.

The note are a single page so they can be searched with ease and confidence. Use Ctrl-F in your browser to look for things, then press Backspace to return where you started.

As these notes change 'rolling unannounced updates' appear on the web-page hosted at github. The HTML version I link to has a style-sheet optimized for readability. I keep meaning to use that for proof-reading.

The source version renderes in a crisper more technical style that makes the notes and tables look exquisite – but lacks indicies.

1.3.1 Production

The writing and production of these docs takes place in Emacs/org-mode since that's what I know and spend a lot of time with IRL. As every emacs user wants to spread the gospel, I invite you to take a look at some org-mode videos. Long story short, if/when you try org-mode you'll want to use the source-document.

1.3.2 Updates

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1.3.3 Changes

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1.3.4 Contacting

I will see any DM's you send me on Discord, when I'm not busy elsewhere since Discord doesn't get to email me. To get my attention though, make an account on Github and post a comment to trigger an email that way. Its no bother at all! Email will reach me most weeks.

1.4 Credits!

Many voices in this document speak with I. These come from the Discord, Reddit and Wiki, and they may be your voice, your voices, and not mine. If you read something brilliant and insightful in this guide, it might well have been you that said it, if so, THANK YOU!

Mantecarl helped fill in several blanks and several tips in started with him, Mishaal too contributed insights and tips and maintains a spreadsheet full of detail on weapons and armors! Ent's feedback helped clarify several bits of text considerably.

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2.1 Blights

Instead of simply dying and staring at your screen dumbfoundedly, the force which brought you into the game supports you again by giving you get a chance to come back to solve the real mysteries of FARA.

That's to say, you somehow come back to life, just a little shaken and just a little bit worse. When you come back, you might suffer or notice one of these effects randomly applied to you. A lot of people died researching this; A moment of silence please!

  • Increased Damage Taken
  • Increased Encounter Rate
  • Increased Stamina Use
  • Reduced Charm
  • Reduced Damage Dealt
  • Reduced Finesse
  • Reduced Food Effects
  • Reduced Insight
  • Reduced Inventory Capacity (-5 per blight)
  • Reduced Resilience
  • Reduced Strength
  • Stronger Enemies

Each of these Blights decreases your chances of resurrecting again. Exactly what that means is unclear.. except that it will prevent you from cultivating your follies.

From Discord:

  • Taking the first blight is a guaranteed success I think? I never had it fail, and it does make sense.
  • I got 4 Blights once. I never got more than 4, though this doesn't necessarily mean its impossible. It would require a lot more testing to be sure.
  • Do not attack Relica's elder. He will end your run, and no amount of blights will ever save you from his unending wrath.
  • I think you might have an increased chance of levelling up a blight instead of getting a new one if you already have it.

My testing was not extensive, I only kept going until I was pretty sure I'd seen all the blights.

2.2 Classes

You can break down these classes into three primary approaches at the start of the game. FARA is very classic in this way and you can think about the approaches as being Melee/Strength, Rogue/Finesse and Magic/Insight based at the start of the game.

But you needn't get locked in, feel limited by this. All your stats will improve and everyone has the potential to reach GODLIKE in all the stats – by which point you'll be able be effective in at least two, if not all three of these approaches.

Alphabetical Index to Fara's 54 classes:

Adventurer, Alchemist, Artificer, Beekeeper, Bloodweaver, Bodybuilder, Botanist, Cat Whisperer, Chef, Commander, Demon Slayer, Dervish, Duelist, Earth Zealot, Elemancer, Engineer, Equestrian, Executioner, Fishmonger, Fortune Teller, Gambler, Gamestalker, Gatekeeper, Gunslinger, Haberdasher, Homesteader, Illusionist, Jester, Juggernaut, Kensai, Kung Fu Master, Mad Scientist, Merchant, Mortician, Peasant, Pit Fighter, Plague Doctor, Politician, Potter, Pugilist, Ragamuffin, Reaper, Rhapsodist, Rift Dancer, Scholar, Scoundrel, Soldier, Spellthief, Tourist, Unemployed, Viking, Wildheart, Witch & Wrestler

There are 54 Classes. All are listed here with their unchangeable class trait and some stat info. The attribute names are being updated to 2021's Alpha15.

More info can be found in the Alpha15 release notes; For up to three traits obtainable through Factions, check the menu that appears then you type /factions.

2.2.1 Details and Player Notes


    Onward! - Adventurers may have twice as many active quests, and have an increased chance to find rare items based on the amount of quests they've completed.

    Average Health, No Bonuses, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0


    Potent Potioner - Alchemists produce Mixtures instead of Meals when cooking which provide higher stat bonuses for fewer ingredients and can be consumed much faster. Throwing Mixtures at enemies will lower the relevant stats, and throwing Mixtures at other entities will raise the relevant stats.

    Average Health, Good Insight, Above Average Resilience, Below Average Finesse, and 4 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 1,500


    Spellgrafting - Artificers can infuse items with spell tomes and scrolls, allowing those items to cast the infused spell when struck or used to attack.

    Average Health, Good Resilience, Above Average Insight, Below Average Strength, and No Spell Slots.

    Points required: 9,500

    1. Artificer is really cool


      • but no way am I grinding for all the runes I need to make the perfect 7 spells
        • 7 perfect spells?
        • 7 Water Arrows + 1 Rejuvenation (on weapon) + 2 Poison + 2 Burning + 2 Bleeding

    Ancient Resistance - Beekeepers gain a massive constitution bonus while poisoned, are immune to direct damage from insects, and gain a small amount of health from eating honey.

    Average Health, Good Resilience, Above Average Insight, Below Average Strength, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 10,000

    See Bee-Hives for more info on what I'm guessing must bee a recipe known to Beekeepers from the start, Bees for a list of their allied critters.

    1. Notes
      I think nurturing bees are obtainable from Arcanium Beehives??
      i mean i got them from wooden
      You got NURTURING BEES from a wooden beehive?
      I remember a time when my first outlaw quest was to kill
       a beekeeper that had nurturing bees and a rejuvenation spell
      really no way to kill that guy with a tin sword haha
      Poison. Be Witch or leave for a poison effector for poison spell
      or earth rune for earth element heavy.
      Unless Nurturing Bees also cleanse poison and I didn't know that

    Bloodweavers have access to the Blood Pact spell which places a Sigil of Blood on a target. This sigil slowly grows in potency over time, dealing increased damage while increasing the power of the target. Casting Blood Pact on a target affected by Sigil of Blood will transfer the sigil to the caster while retaining its potency level. Casting Blood Pact on target while affected by Sigil of Blood will transfer the existing sigil to the target. Only one Sigil of Blood may be active at a time.

    Below Average Health, Good Insight, Above Average Charm, Below Average Resilience, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 10,000


    Solar Flexus - When Bodybuilders voluntarily change position, they blind all sentient beings in the area, and cleanse themselves of any stat-reducing effects. They also receive a large charisma boost while not wearing anything.

    Above Average Health, Good Charm, Above Average Strength, Below Average Insight, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 5,000


    Familiar Phytology - Botanists have access to the Enrich Plant spell, which allows them to turn any plant into a allied Plant Baby. Feeding Plant Babies by hand will cause them to grow more powerful, and the food chosen will determine what abilities they have.

    Casting their spell while already having a plant familiar will kill the older familiar.

    Below Average Health, Good Insight, Above Average Strength, Below Average Resilience, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 8,500

    1. Botanist


      Botanist is one of the interesting classes you can use in Fara, their unique ability "Familiar Phytology" has a huge potential if you know how to use it efficiently. First of all let's see what the ability is about.

      Familiar Phytology - Botanists have access to the Enrich Plant skill, which allows them to turn any plant into allied Plant baby. Feeding Plant Babies by hand will cause them to grow more powerful, and the chosen food will determine what abilities/skills they have. Casting Enrich Plant while already having a plant familiar will kill the older familiar.

      Basically after using the "Enrich Plant" skill of the botanist on trees or bushes will turn them into an ally plant baby. An allied plant has a total of 4 stages.

      • Baby, Kid, Beast, Behemoth

      As you may have read earlier plant allies can be evolved by being hand fed anything that is edible. You will need a total of 55 food to max out the evolution process of your plant, but always remember to think about on what the 55th food will be since that will determine what type of behemoth you will get! Other than being being able to get them from your first day in your run, you can make new ones that will be stronger the farther you are from Relica! So far I have only tapped into Veteran behemoths but I think there are far more stronger variants the farther we go, for now I will show the stats of an amateur ones below.

      Number of how many you have to feed before evolving along with stats and skills

      Plant Feedings Stats Skills
      Baby 5 average None
      Kid 15 above average None
      Beast 35 good Thorn volley
      Behemoth ? ? ?
      Beasts ? ? ?

      This may help you in the early run if you can get them into a behemoth fast since you may also get a mercenary as another companion with your first battle chest reward when you get to Relica. The stats will go up as you make plant allies when you are farther Relica, and also another good thing is it will not cost you anything other than some few seeds and berries here and there.

      and their type (which determines attunement, spells, and stats) is based on what you feed them.

      Volcanic Fire Strength
      Verdant Earth Resilience
      Graceful Water Charm
      Vengeful Darkness Insight

      Fruit = tropical

      Watchful + all?

    Cat Person - While under attack, stray cats will occasionally come to the aid of Cat Whisperers. They can also talk to cats.

    Below Average Health, Good Finesse, Above Average Resilience, Below Average Charm, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0

  9. CHEF

    Gastromancy - Chefs produce Dishes instead of Meals when cooking which provide stat bonuses for four times the duration of Meals, and grant an effect which fixes the eater's mood to max for an extended period.

    Below Average Health, Good Insight, Above Average Charm, Below Average Resilience, and 5 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 1,000


    Galvanizer - Commanders Inspire allies around them, raising all of their stats. Additionally, Commander's moods never fall into negative values, they can have a maximum of 3 party members instead of 2, and they receive an intelligence bonus for every party member they can see.

    Low Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Dexterity, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 75,000

    1. Notes
      Is commander any good never tryed it
      I mean, You can have 3 bears instead of 2
      true might have to consider that.
      3 inspired bears, 3 handpicked Mortician mercs
      Commander is really good with any summoning class, honestly
      Don't know if elementals also get the buff from commander?
      no u need bears
      summoning bears?
      no, grizzlies

    Know Thy Foe - Demon Slayers have a chance to completely negate damage caused by offensive spells and effects. Additionally, they deal damage and drain enemy stamina when interrupting spells.

    Low Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Strength, Below Average Charisma, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 15,000

    1. Tips from the Wiki

      This class excels in melee combat due to Its Good Resilience and Above Average Strength/Health, which allows this class to take lots of damage while dealing good damage up close. 'Know Thy Foe' also Silences enemies, preventing them from spellcasting. Classes that rely on spells are at a huge disadvantage against this class.

      Some good ways to effectively use Demon Slayer are:

      • Always keep spells that give you Rage, Fortification, and/or Rejuvenation, on you. These spells will come in handy if you cast them before you engage an enemy.
      • Hearty and Robust Meals/Mixtures/Dishes are good for temporary buffs before you fight something or explore dungeons.
      • Try to keep most, if not all, battles up close. You can choose to raise Finesse of you like, but keep battles up close at the beginning of your game.

    Dangerous Dance - The /dance of a Dervish damages all nearby targets, and has a chance to transfer negative conditions.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Strength, Below Average Intelligence, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 45,000


    En Garde - Duelists deal bonus damage to unarmed targets, and their parries have a chance to disarm their target. Additionally, Duelists gain Truestrike after dodging an attack, meaning their next basic attack will not miss.

    Average Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Constitution, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 7,500


    Magnetic Slide - When Earth Zealots dance, they have a chance to produce tremors which can cause damage, grow plants, or change the weather. Additionally, they can cleanse most status effects on themselves by eating herbs.

    Low Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Strength, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0


    Arcane Prodigy - Elemancers have an increased chance to trigger elemental effects from weapons, and a chance to trigger the elemental effects from worn items as though they were weapons.

    Above Average Health, Good Constitution, Above Average Wisdom, Below Average Dexterity, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 35,000


    Fixer Upper - Engineers have access to the Repair spell, which allows them to restore the durability of damaged items. Traps thrown by Engineers deal increased damage, instantly trigger upon landing, and have a chance to remain usable once triggered. Engineers may also step on active traps they can see without triggering them.

    Average Health, Good Intelligence, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Charisma, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 25,000


    Aggressive Dressage - While mounted, Equestrians have a chance to trample hostile targets when moving, jump twice as far/high, and move twice as fast as other mounted entities. Additionally, they can /mount animals without befriending them first.

    Average Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Strength, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 500


    Soothslayer - Executioners deal bonus damage to targets who are stunned or prone, and their killing blows deal splash damage and knock adjacent targets to the ground.

    Average Health, Good Strength, Above Average Constitution, Below Average Dexterity, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 5,000


    Aquatic Inquisitor - Fishmongers cannot drown, have a higher chance to catch rare items while fishing, and have increased strength and dexterity while swimming, wet, or near water magic.

    Below Average Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Dexterity, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0

    1. Fishmonger…
      • Fishmonger's really grindy if you want to do it
      • Get a whole lot of dowels
      • Waypoint your spawn area
      • Once you've got a huge amount of dowels
      • Get a crystal/iron/bronze fishing rod
      • Any uncommon tier fishing rod
      • Crafted with wooden blocks
      • Used for tools
      • So you've got your huge pile of dowels
      • (~100)
      • wow
      • And your uncommon fishing rod
      • Preferably iron, since it's easiest
      • (find a fortress and salvage the doors)
      • (You need to craft a wooden fishing rod to unlock other recipes)
      • Now, go back to spawn with the lake
      • And fish until the rod's ruined
      • With the Fishmonger trait, you should have enough runes to salvage into runic shards and make a repair kit with your dowels + shards
      • Use the repair kit to repair the rod
      • Repeat that process
      • passing down anchient knowlage
      • You should slowly get enough extra runic shards to craft refined tools (25 shards)
      • Use them on the fishing rod
      • Continue fishing until the rod is [ruined] and repairing the rod by salvaging the runes
      • Make it artisan (50 shards)
      • Then start making your other equipment refined
      • And then artisan
      • secret knowlage here wow
      • You should also get a whole bunch of runes that are useful for you
      • Get a rune of curses and a rune of intoxication
      • And set them aside when you get them
      • Once you've got both, drop them in the same place and use /makespell or /ms
      • You will now have an arcane curse of intoxication
      • Fishmonger takes significantly reduced damage while intoxicated, so you can /selfcast 3 to give yourself an arcane curse of intoxication
      • The reason the element chosen is arcane is because very few entities use the arcane element
      • And curse spells increase damage taken from an element
      • The intoxication rune has to be on an attacking spell, since it's a negative effect
      • Basically You curse yourself with intoxication + increased arcane damage taken
      • i knew thats an exploit. i just thought i could use some vodka or smth :slightsmile:
      • But nothing really uses the arcane element so you only really get intoxication
      • Yes, you can use vodka and all other alcohol
      • so in summery fish fish fish curse fish fish fish and get POWA
      • Fishmonger has 2 spell slots, so you can make a second spell too
      • the intox debuff gives you +RES and +CHA
      • But once you have a bunch of booze and a tower shield then you are practically unkillable

      Fishmonger + Warhammer; it one shot every type of training dummy


    Foresight - When attacked, Fortune Tellers gain increased dexterity, wisdom, and intelligence for a short duration. Additionally, sneak attacks against Fortune Tellers will always miss.

    Low Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Constitution, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 55,000

    If you really hate ambushers then the best class is probably Fortune Teller All sneak attacks against them fail; Hard counter to swiftshades


    Luck of the Draw - Gamblers have access to the 'Gamble' spell. When cast, there is a 60% chance of giving your target a negative effect for 10 seconds, and a 40% chance of giving yourself a negative effect for 5 seconds. Additionally, when Gamblers destroy a Small Chest, there is a 50% chance they will be rewarded with a Big Chest. If they destroy a Big Chest, there is a 25% chance they will be rewarded with a Grand Chest.

    High Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Strength, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 30,000


    Hawkeye - Gamestalkers do not suffer from accuracy dropoff when attacking at range, have a chance to immobilize targets when attacking at range, can accurately identify tracks in any weather condition, and can see targets twice as far away when outdoors.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Strength, Below Average Charisma, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 5,000


    Besiegement - Gatekeepers regenerate health after successfully blocking attacks with a shield, do not degrade their armor and shields with use, and have a higher than usual chance to block enemies attempting to flee.

    High Health, Good Constitution, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Charisma, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0

    1. Tips from the Wiki

      Gatekeeper's are very good at protecting allies, making them very good at escort quests. Their Protect ability allows them to half all incoming damage dealt to an ally, at the cost of around 1/3 of your stamina. They automatically deflect projectiles aimed toward them, and their armor takes less durability damage from combat and wear-and-tear alike.

      Some good ways to effectively use Gatekeeper are:

      • Try and always keep a Silencing spell ready. Silencing enemies prevents them from spellcasting anything that hinders your ability to use Protect or any other spells.
      • Gatekeepers have Average Strength and Finesse at the start, so its up to you whether you want to use ranged or melee weapons.
      • Its also a good idea to keep meals/mixtures/dishes with either Strength or Finesse buffs on hand for temporary buffs.
      • Shields are very useful to Gatekeepers. With full armor and a shield that has Average or higher damage reduction, there is a chance that the Gatekeeper will be able to take about 2-3 hits without dealing direct damage to your Health.

    Taegunsho - Gunslingers do not suffer damage penalties when attacking at close range with ranged weapons, and have an increased chance to dodge ranged attacks while airborne. Additionally, their ranged attacks have a chance to ricochet and hit a secondary hostile target.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Wisdom, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 5,000


    Hats on to Me - Haberdashers gain twice the stat bonuses from all worn hats, caps, hoods, and helms. Additionally, when a Haberdasher successfully pushes a target to the ground, they will instantly steal and don any headwear the target had. Haberdashers will also fly into a rage if a hat they possess is destroyed.

    Average Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Strength, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 20,000


    Sunriser - Homesteaders gain a bonus to all stats during the morning, only need half as many materials to build structures, cause less damage to harvested plants, and produce roughly twice the amount of materials from butchering.

    Low Health, Good Constitution, Above Average Strength, Below Average Charisma, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 1,000


    Now You See Me - When damaged by a direct attack, Illusionists have a chance to immediately enter stealth for a short duration. Additionally, Illusionists will instantly detect illusions and disguises without fail.

    Average Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Strength, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 40,000

  28. JESTER

    Comedic Balance - Jesters cannot be knocked prone, and attempts do so will cause the Jester to bounce back up, damaging enemies and restoring mood and stamina to allies. Additionally, Jesters recover from stumbling twice as fast and require no stamina to dance.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Intelligence, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 500


    Unstoppable - Juggernauts are immune to immobilization and force spells, deal twice as much damage to non-sentient objects, have a chance to knock down hostile targets when moving, and can smash through most doors.

    Average Health, Good Constitution, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Intelligence, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 5,000

  30. KENSAI

    Samurai Showdown - When a Kensai draws an item while targeting a charging enemy, they will immediately dash to their target, delivering a powerful strike. This ability only works when the target is uninjured, and has a small chance to instantly kill them. Additionally, Kensai have a higher than usual critical strike chance against opponents in offensive stances.

    Average Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Wisdom, Below Average Intelligence, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 60,000

    1. Tips from the Wiki

      Kensai's are good at quick damage dealing. Their 'Samurai Showdown' ability has a wide variety of uses, including the ability to practically teleport to an area in an instant. Depending on how you want to play Kensai, the class is very expendable.

      Some good ways to play Kensai are:

      • 'Samurai Showdown' doesn't have to be used against a target. Since the ability allows you practically teleport, you can use this to your advantage by teleporting away from an enemy or conflict that you have a low chance of winning. Due to the amount of stamina it uses, it is really more of a last resort.
      • If you have a ranged weapon (either a sling or bow), you can try this.
      • Shoot your target at range and keep an even distance. If you feel the target is getting too close, use 'Samurai Showdown' to teleport behind the target, then keep shooting at range. This will help limit the damage you take significantly if you play your cards right
      • The Fury you get after dashing through an enemy boosts your critical damage, so it's a good idea to have either a light or an illumination spell to guarantee a critical hit.

    Fluid Movement - While unarmed, Kung Fu Masters have a chance to redirect incoming attacks when in an evasive stance, reverse push attempts when in a defensive stance, and knock targets prone when in an offensive stance. Additionally, they cannot be interrupted or blocked while moving, and remain airborne after successfully hitting a target while jumping.

    Below Average Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Strength, Below Average Constitution, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 25,000


    Gone Too Far - Mad Scientists have access to the Animate spell which brings non-sentient objects they've created to life.

    Low Health, Good Intelligence, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Wisdom, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 95,000


    Rags to Riches - Merchants have a chance to recover materials spent during crafting, and have twice as much inventory space.

    Low Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Dexterity. 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 500


    Undertaking - Morticians have access to the Fervent Embalming spell which raises corpses to fight for a short duration. Additionally, Morticians do not attract hostile targets when resting outdoors.

    Average health. Good Insight. Above Average Strength and Below Average Charm. 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 50000



    The deeply unremarkable "Horrendous" Peasant class with no traits and of terrible Health is unlikely to ever amount to much. Even Experts are considered unlikely to win playing as a Peasant.

    Terrible Health. All other Stats "Horrendous". No Spells.

    Points required: 100,000

    1. Note

      Horrenduous does not show up in the 19 stages of horribleness identified so far. Its probably really bad.


    Brawler - Pit Fighters are immune to being stunned, can inflict bleeding when attacking, and receive a large strength bonus when bleeding.

    Above Average Health, Good Constitution, Above Average Strength, Below Average Intelligence, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 1,000


    Epidemic - Any time a Plague Doctor receives a negative condition, they will immediately copy that condition to every hostile entity they can see.

    Average Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Strength, Below Average Strength, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 20,000


    Polarize - When a Politician speaks, entities hostile to them will become miserable, and other entities will become ecstatic. Additionally, Politicians can recruit mercenaries without giving them anything first, and gain/lose faction reputation at twice the normal rate.

    High Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Wisdom, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 10,000

  39. POTTER

    Earthen Bond - While standing on natural ground, Potters can craft clay items without expending materials.

    Above Average Health, Good Constitution, Above Average Strength, Below Average Dexterity, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 3,000


    The Greatest - Pugilists build up a combo counter while attacking unarmed, dealing more damage with each consecutive hit. This counter is reset if they miss an attack, wait too long, or lose their target. Landing 3 attacks in a row will daze the target, landing a 4th will stun it, and landing a 5th will knock it prone and deal heavy damage. If the final blow kills the target, the Pugilist will be rewarded with a belt of random quality.

    Above Average Health, Good Strength, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Wisdom, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 65,000

    1. Ent's Perfect Pugilist:
      • Water {Ghostweave Handwraps} |Charged Sigil|
      • <{Tower Shield}> Artifact that gives +FIN, RES, and either STR or INS
      • 2 element {Ghostweave Hood} |Clever Widget|
      • 2 element {Starcloth Poncho} |Clever Widget|
      • <{hand equipment}> that gives +FIN, RES, and either STR or INS (opposite of the tower shield)
      • 2 element {Ghostweave Boots} |Clever Widget|
      • 2 element {Ghostweave Sack} |Clever Widget|
      • Water+X Shield of Rejuvenation
        • Gets you maxed FIN, RES, and STR, as well as Good CHA and Great INS, if I remember those last two correctly, as well as High DR and as good Attunements as you'll get without being an Elemancer and max inventory size
    2. Notes

      Honestly might try things other than Pugilist when I start playing again. With Pugilist's main advantage gone (no longer does better than other classes simply by having bonuses for using the highest attack speed weapons, since attack speed is gone,) I might try a Nurturing Bees Beekeeper run, maybe a Fishmonger or go back to Viking or something.

      Basically just the tanky classes still, but blah. Don't have to think for early game on tankibois. rip attack speed

      Pugilist's interrupting heavies are still a huge boon, but I won't be 100% that it's better than other class bonuses until I try other classes.


    Sticky Fingers - Ragamuffins have an increased chance to steal successfully and can find a wider variety of items when stealing. If Ragamuffins have a free hand, they have a chance to steal weapons dodged while in an evasive stance.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Constitution, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0

  42. REAPER

    Last Harvest - Reapers gain Deathsense when an entity near them is close to death, increasing their strength and intelligence. Additionally, Reapers gain health from delivering killing blows.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Wisdom, Below Average Strength, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 30,000

    1. Tips from the Wiki

      Reaper is a very complex class to play. With low health and strength, its hard to get kills without learning spells. Some of the most important runes you will need are:

      • Rejuvenation, Fortification, Blinding, Silencing

      Another drawback is its ability 'Deathsense', which buffs strength and insight when a nearby entity is close to dying. With low strength to start out with, getting close and trying to melee is very hard, and can kill you nearly every time without the proper equipment. Having at least one healing spell is crucial to playing this class, as you will find out your health gets drained in a matter of a couple rounds.


    Captivating Crescendo - Rhapsodists sing a note whenever they attack. Each attack stance produces a different note, and once three notes have been sung, Rhapsodists will belt out one of several possible songs, all of which have different effects.

    Above Average Health, Good Charisma, Above Average Wisdom, Below Average Constitution, and No Spell Slots.

    Points required: 100,000

    1. More about the known songs

      The Rhapsodist is a class in FARA with a very unique play style.

      • Whenever the Rhapsodist attacks, it plays a note.
      • The note is dependent if the attack is a normal or a Heavy.
      • When you sing four notes, it makes a song.
      • Different songs have different effects.
      • The order of the notes in the song does matter, unless it's the Cleansing song.
      • The two notes are short (normal attack) and long (heavy attack).
      • All buffs applied to allies with songs are also applied to yourself.
      Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 Note 4 Song Name Effect
      See below*       Song of Cleansing removing negative effects from nearby allies
      Long Long Long Long Song of Destruction boosting attack power of nearby allies
      Short Long Short Short Song of Shadows enter in stealth
      Short Short Long Short Song of Diligence reducing the stamina used by nearby allies
      Long Long Long Short Song of Sadness decreasing the mood of nearby enemies
      Long Long Short Long Song of Bliss increasing the mood of nearby allies
      Short Long Long Long Song of Wastrels draining stamina of nearby enemies
      Short Short Short Long Song of Protection reduce damage taken by allies
      Short Short Short Short Song of Lasting increase duration of nearby effect
      Long Short Long Long Song of Light illuminating nearby enemies
      • *There's seven different ways of performing the Song of Cleansing:
        • 2S and 2L (in any order) and L - S - S - S

      The attacks don't have to be consecutive, and only the last one has to hit a target for the song to start.

      For example: you can hit the air three times, travel to another tile, wait for a full day and even rest and you will complete the song on your next valid attack (as of

    2. Note

      Apparently the spellthief's special spell can't be cast through the /spells window, it has to be manually casted through the command prompt atm

      But if you type "/cast 3" in the command prompt it should work. Another thing to consider is that you can't copy innate abilities (like grasping earth from legendary beasts.)


    Astral Calling - A Rift Dancer's attacks and spells have a chance to summon creatures from other planes.

    Low Health, Good Dexterity, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Constitution, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 50,000


    Gift of Knowledge - Scholars gain Insight after inspecting an unfamiliar object, temporarily increasing their strength, constitution, and charisma. Additionally, Scholars do not expend scrolls when casting spells from them.

    Low Health, Good Intelligence, Above Average Wisdom, Below Average Strength, and 5 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 15,000


    Devious Plot - Traps set by Scoundrels cannot be detected, and have a high chance to deal additional damage and stun their target(s) when triggered.

    Average Health, Good Intelligence, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Constitution, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 70,000


    Dogged March - Soldiers regain twice as much health and stamina fom resting, and have a chance to completely resist physical damage. This resistance chance increases based on the number of hostile targets the Soldier can see.

    High Health, Good Strength, Above Average Constitution, Below Average Wisdom, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 0


    Intellectual Forgery - Spellthieves learn any spell they are directly hit by, and gain stamina when damaged by magic.

    Below Average Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Strength, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 100,000

    1. Notes

      I'm trying spellthief right now, will try getting into ruins to steal some powerful spells early


    Sightseer - Tourists gain a small amount of health and mood when moving to a new area, can remember five times the normal number of waypoints, and do not use any stamina when traveling.

    Low Health, No Bonuses, and No Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0


    Boundless Potential - The unemployed can type /setclass class name at any point to become any available profession. This ability is lost when a profession is chosen.

    Average Health, No Bonuses, and No Spell Slots.

    Points required: 0

  51. VIKING

    Thunderous Resilience - Vikings gain godlike Constitution and Wisdom when they are near death. Additionally, headbutting or kicking enemies has a chance to summon a bolt of lightning which deals damage and sets random objects on fire. The chance of triggering a lightning bolt increases the closer the Viking is to death.

    Average Health, Good Strength, Above Average Constitution, Below Average Intelligence, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 60,000


    Killer Instincts - Wildhearts heal nearby animal companions when attacking, and gain stamina whenever a nearby animal ally attacks. Killing blows made against animal allies will damage the Wildheart and send them into a rage for a short duration. Additionally, Wildhearts gain Truestrike when a hostile target is knocked prone.

    Average Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Dexterity, Below Average Intelligence, and 2 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 100,000

  53. WITCH

    Wicked Form - Witches make entities around them Uneasy, lowering all of their stats. Additionally, Witches cannot be poisoned, and can inflict poison with their basic attacks.

    Low Health, Good Wisdom, Above Average Intelligence, Below Average Strength, and 3 Spell Slots.

    Points required: 10,000


    Muscle Spirit - Wrestlers can /carry hostile targets, deal increased damage with aerial strikes, have a higher chance to successfully push enemies to the ground, and do not receive any penalties while prone.

    Above Average Health, Good Strength, Above Average Charisma, Below Average Intelligence, and 1 Spell Slot.

    Points required: 50,000

    1. Note

      that'd be 40 inventory to start with!

2.2.2 Summary by # Spells


Class Points Class-Trait Spells Health Good Avg+ Avg-  
Chef 1k Gastromancy 5 Avg- Insight Charm Resilience  
Alchemist 1k Potent Potioner 4 avg Insight Resilience Finesse  
Adventurer na Onward! 3 avg none none none  
Cat Whisperer na Cat Person 3 Avg- Finesse Resilience Charm  
Commander 75k Galvanizer 3 Low Charisma Intelligence Dexterity  
Earth Zealot na Magnetic Slide 3 Low Wisdom Charisma Strength  
Equestrian 500 Brawler 3 avg Charisma Dexterity Strength  
Fortune Teller 55k Foresight 3 Low Wisdom Charisma Constitution  
Haberdasher 20k Hats on to Me 3 avg Charisma Intelligence Strength  
Jester 500 Comedic Balance 3 Low Dexterity Charisma Intelligence  
Merchant 500 Rags to Riches 3 Low Charisma Intelligence Dexterity  
Plague Doctor 20k Epidemic 3 avg Wisdom Strength Strength  
Politician 10k Polarize 3 High Charisma Intelligence Wisdom  
Scholar 15k Gift of Knowledge 3 Low Intelligence Wisdom Strength  
Scoundrel 70k Devious Plot 3 avg Intelligence Charisma Constitution  
Spellthief 100k Intellectual Forgery 3 Avg- Insight Finesse Strength ok?
Witch 10k Wicked Form 3 Low Wisdom Intelligence Strength  
Beekeeper 10k Ancient Resistance 2 avg Resilience Insight Strength  
Bloodweaver 10k Blood Pact 2 Avg- Insight Charm Resilience  
Bodybuilder 5k Solar Flexus 2 Avg+ Charm Strength Insight  
Botanist 8,500 Familiar Phytology 2 Avg- Insight Strength Resilience  
Demon Slayer 15k Know Thy Foe 2 Low Wisdom Strength Charisma  
Dervish 45k Dangerous Dance 2 Low Dexterity Strength Intelligence  
Duelist 7,500 En Garde 2 avg Dexterity Charisma Constitution  
Elemancer 35k Arcane Prodigy 2 Avg+ Constitution Wisdom Dexterity  
Executioner 5k Soothslayer 2 avg Strength Constitution Dexterity  
Fishmonger na Aquatic Inquisitor 2 Avg- Wisdom Intelligence Dexterity  
Gambler 30k Luck of the Draw 2 High Charisma Dexterity Strength  
Gamestalker 5k Hawkeye 2 Low Dexterity Strength Charisma  
Gatekeeper na Besiegement 2 High Resilience Insight Charisma  
Gunslinger 5k Taegunsho 2 Low Dexterity Intelligence Strength ok
Homesteader 1k Sunriser 2 Low Resilience Strength Charisma ok
Illusionist 40k Now You See Me 2 avg Charisma Dexterity Strength  
Juggernaut 5k Unstoppable 2 avg Constitution Dexterity Intelligence  
Kensai 60k Samurai Showdown 2 avg Dexterity Wisdom Intelligence  
Kung Fu Master 25k Fluid Movement 2 Avg- Dexterity Strength Constitution  
Mad Scientist 95k Gone Too Far 2 Low Intelligence Charisma Wisdom  
Mortician 50k Undertaking 2 avg Insight Strength Charm ok
Pit Fighter 1k Brawler 2 Avg+ Resilience Strength Insight ok
Ragamuffin na Sticky Fingers 2 Low Dexterity Charisma Constitution  
Reaper 30k Last Harvest 2 Low Dexterity Wisdom Strength  
Wildheart 100k Killer Instincts 2 avg Wisdom Dexterity Intelligence  
Engineer 25k Fixer Upper 1 avg Intelligence Dexterity Charisma  
Potter 1k Earthen Bond 1 Avg+ Constitution Strength Dexterity  
Pugilist 65k The Greatest 1 Avg+ Strength Finesse Insight ok
Rift Dancer 50k Astral Calling 1 Low Dexterity Charisma Constitution  
Soldier na Dogged March 1 High Strength Constitution Wisdom  
Viking 60k Thunderous Resilience 1 avg Strength Constitution Intelligence  
Wrestler 50k Muscle Spirit 1 Avg+ Strength Charisma Intelligence  
Artificer 9.500 Spellgrafting none avg Resilience Insight Strength  
Rhapsodist 100k Captivating Crescendo none Avg+ Charisma Wisdom Constitution  
Tourist na Sightseer none Low none none none  
Unemployed na Boundless Potential none avg none none none  

There's also the deeply unremarkable "Horrendous" Peasant class with no traits and of terrible Health. Even Experts are considered unlikely to win playing as a Peasant. 100k points to unlock.

2.2.3 Summary by Good Attribute

2.2.4 Summary by Avg+ Attribute

2.2.5 Summary by Avg- Attribute

2.3 Key Fragments

  • One for every 10 unknown monsters you inspect.
  • It is possible to win just by inspecting monsters.
    • Winning isn't the end, its where the real game starts.
  • One for reaching max renown with a faction.
  • Rarely and randomly, from fishing or digging.
  • At the end of Dungeons, by ending Nobles
  • Power the first two /spells in your list.

2.3.1 Meta

I read that each new shard contibutes more points to your score than the previous one.

Thus if you aim to level up your stats by putting shards into them you should do it with the 9th shard so that you collect the most unlock points for doing that.

Go to relica and spend an IRL day farming nothing but 'find monster' quests and tell me how far you get and how long it takes.

  1. crazy math

    If you're strong enough to move to another settlement, can you turn your naked self into a being with godlike stats while unlocking all the classes playing the meta-game of animal researcher?

    there are 5 primary stats. lets say they average '10 of 20'. you'd need 50 9th shards to become a god. that's 500 new animal species discovered, and maybe 500 days spent in game.

    hmm, lol, i wonder how long brute-forcing 10 find-animal quests would take and if i could resist the urge to just complete the key to be done with the game.

    maybe i should complete the key first and see what revelations that brings. decisions. decisions. /end crazy math

2.4 Stats

  • see /define for great upto-date info
  • "c" shows your stats of the moment, moods, tiredness & equipment included.
  • includes info from discord and the Wiki.
  • If you have high health and high resilience then you are probably good at tanking
  • Moods affect your stats positively as well as negatively.
  • Being sleepy or well rested affects your stats as well

Stats are improved by wearing or holding gear with stat alterations affixed. Most of these affixes are determined by the Crafting Materials that the item is made out of, but some can come from the item itself, or tools that further enhance items.

2.4.1 Strength

  • Increases damage dealt with melee weaponry
  • Increases damage dealt through unarmed strikes
  • Decreases stamina spent pushing large objects.
  • Increases your chances of succeeding at a /grab

STR weapons should do the most damage per hit in close quarters. (Weapon damage is not depended on weapon size, but refinement and materials)

2.4.2 Finesse

  • Increases damage dealt with range weaponry
  • Increases chance to disarm traps,
  • Increases stealth ability
  • Increases your /dash distance and (maybe?) decreases its stamina cost
  • Decreases reload time of ranged weapons
  • Decreases stamina used by jumping and stealth.

Makes you good at hiding, attacking from range, with daggers and other finesse weaponry

2.4.3 Resilience

  • Reduces physical damage taken,
  • Reduces duration of negative effects,
  • Increases stamina regeneration rate.
  • Warhammer heavies do more damage based on RES

2.4.4 Insight

Makes you good with Spells, Staves, Focuses, Wands and Scepters.

  • Increases the damage of spells,
  • Increases your search ability,
  • Decreases the stamina cost of spells.

2.4.5 Charm

  • Increases the duration of buffs/positive effects
  • Increases odds of favorable outcomes (such as?)
  • Does it Decreases the duration of mali/negative effects??

Your charm doesn't increase your ability to lead a party and it does not affect your party's maximum size. (max party size may be class dependent)

Charm does make it easier to form good relationships with NPCs, meaning that with more charm /joke, /gossip, etc. will be better received and they will think you more of a friend for doing quests for them.

Unsure how that matters. Will they remember your birthday? Give more loot?

More important.. If charm is luck and insight searching, then why isn't everyone talking about making shovels and fishing-rods from crystal or even obsidian? I think some testing is in order.. Can it be that people don't like setting up house on the beach? Whats going on there..

2.4.6 Damage reduction

Resilience is tied to Damage reduction (DR)

  • Shield give DR, at the cost of jumping costing more stamina
  • Multiple sources of DR stack
  • Fishmonger gets a bunch of DR by being drunk

2.4.7 Health

FARA doesn't give you a percentage for your remaining health or anything that crass, instead you will be Healthy, Wounded, Injured or Dying.

Check Food and Resting for how to get your health back and the class-tables for how much you have to start with. See also Status for other conditions.

Health Condition
Healthy Maybe scratched a little.
Wounded Less than ~75% Health remaining
injured Less than ~50% Health remaining
Dying Less than ~25% Health remaining

2.4.8 Stamina

Being exhausted from dancing before going swimming in that lake, so your last character told you, was not a good idea. You've seen the status they got into, it was not good for their overall stats!


But you know, there's sugar in fruit, right?

So why don't you wear yourself out, then try what fruits or other food you might like to take along your raiding missions. Find a way to determine just how long it might take to eat or drink and just which of these options of replenishing your stamina are open to you in combat!

(I may be overdoing it with the effects of fruits, the stamina restauration might equally well apply to all foods.. go try it out!)

2.5 Stat Brackets

Stats are reported in the character screen "c" where you can see the brackets of your attributes. The brackets are made up of several levels of individual + or - gained from gear and/or buffs.

I have this notion that it might be possible to make a table that roughly presents the words indicating enemy strength..

2.5.1 22 steps from Baby to GODLIKE

Low# Player/Allied Humans NPC's/Dummies Animals Plants
20 GODLIKE Eternal Timeless  
16..19 Legendary+ Legendary Ancient  
12..15 Legendary Mythic Fabled  
10..11 Great+ Heroic Elder Beasts?
8..9 Grest Elite Alpha Behemoth?
6..7 Good+ Veteran Deadly Beast?
4..5 Good Tough Stout Kid?
1..3 Above Average Skilled Mature  
0 Average (no prefix) (no prefix)  
-1..-3 Below Average Amateur Young Baby?
  • Starting stats are in ±2 increments from average. (said to be. seen no 'science' yet.)
  • Does Godlike always blink or only when you tried to push past 20?

2.5.2 19 stages of horribleness.

Stat Inspecting Self and Allied Humans
-4 Poor (4 steps)
-8 Awful (4 steps)
-12 Terrible (4 steps)
-16 Dreadful (4 steps)

2.6 Status

Moods and Buffs can seriously affect your stats.

For now, See Effector Runes

This section tries to bring some order to my confusion about how that works. It needs a lot more work.. Health is covered earlier.

2.6.1 Positive

Status Effect
Ecstatic adds a flat +3 steps to all stats.
Well Rested  
Quickness extra finesse, and boosts your dash action

2.6.2 Neutral

Status Effect

2.6.3 Negative

Status Effect
Intoxicated Intoxication does decrease FIN from +5 to Terrible, increases CHA and RES normally
Dazed Dazed doesn't decrease FIN, just STR and INS
Slow Slowness does decrease FIN from +5 to Bad

2.7 Titles

You obtain these by:

  • Completing a settlement
  • Ranking up in a faction
  • Conquering monster dens
  • Dungeons?
  • Faction-specific quests

Would be nice to have a list for those striving to become an Über-player!

example: "Ÿou, Director of .."

  • many/some/several, not-all? titles come with a key-fragment!

3 Crafting

3.1 Intro

Atm, Garon has 3566 recipes. Most were gained by crafting everthing he could not craft in the mountains of crystal he had from digging at the beach – first in copper, then crystal, and keeping a storage chest dedicated to the crystal items he'd crafted.

I used screenshots of the recipes i had for copper and compared what I had crafted in crystal to twice in Garon's first year in FARA – just as often as I spent time feeding the smith. If you want new recipes from the smith, you have to do this, else he'll make crystal or iron items which you could have crafted for yourself, had you only gone through the list and made your copper items to unlock crystal. (Read copper==common, crystal==uncommon)

(Smithy seems to level up his materials desired when there are no more new recipes. makes me think that recipes have a starting rarity. Example: button, craftable only in uncommon iron.)

3.2 Materials

Trying to pack all the info and stats about the things you craft with in here. Use the Cheeky Smuggler to exchange resources for 1/2 of another at the same rarity.

3.2.1 Wiki preamble

I sooo hope that the wiki/source is more than mostly right on this info

There is an abundance of different materials and most of them seem to be associated with some kind of stat altering capabilities, that you can gain by wearing or holding the item. In addition to the material you use when crafting, the item you are crafting itself may have some base properties making up the total attribute impact.

Weaponry, jewellery, and armour is made from wood, bone, scale, glass, and minerals, while clothing items are made from cloths and furs - with a few overlaps such as boots.

Note that at this time the precise number of stat pluses given by each material is unknown, as it is not equivalent to the number of arrows a piece of equipment has.

  • (stat)> gives +1
  • (stat)>> gives +2 or +3
  • (stat)>>> gives +4, +5, or +6

Each additional nth arrow gives an additional n possible boosts (4 arrows giving between +7 and +10, etc.)

3.2.2 Notes

  • Crafting appears to take 100 (105?) moments. fwiw.
  • Don't get too hung up on crafting – as unless you can make your own Legendary items, and that isn't easy to arrange, traits being what they are, forges being rare as they are, you'll find almost everything you want in labys.
    • for ex, Garon crafted just a few more bits of <equipment> than he did <tools>.

3.2.3 Everyday materials

Useful Very common Materials without effects on your stats.

Material Components Source
Burlap 2 Plant Fibers Craft,drops
Ceramic Plates 2 Mound of Clay Craft,drops
Mound of Clay   /dig
Sand   /dig
Soil   /dig
Plant Fibers   Trees, Bushes
Stone   Ground, drops
Tuft of Feathers   Birds drop

3.2.4 Cloth and Furs

  • Animal Pelts make Wool Items.
  • Fine Pelts make Fur Items.
  • Animal Skins make Leather Items.
  • Ghostfibers make Ghostweave Items.
  1. By Rarity
    Name STR FIN RES INS CHA Rarity Unit Ingredients
    Animal Skins   >>       Very Common Skin Animals
    Cotton       >> >> Very Common Roll of 2 Cotton Boll
    Linen         >> Very Common Roll of 3 Plant Fibers
    Animal Pelts >> >>       Common Pelt Animals
    Silk   >>     >> Common Roll of  
    Fine Pelts >> >>>       Uncommon Pelt Animals
    Lace   >>     >>> Uncommon Roll of  
    Starcloth   >>>   >> >>> Rare Roll of  
    Tough Hide >> >>       Rare Hide Animals
    Velvet   >>>     >>> Rare Roll of  
    Ghostfibers >>> >>> >>     Very Rare none  
  2. By Relevance
    Name STR FIN RES INS CHA Rarity Unit Ingredients
    Animal Skins   >>       Very Common Skin Animals
    Linen         >> Very Common Roll of 3 Plant Fibers
    Cotton       >> >> Very Common Roll of 2 Cotton Boll
    Animal Pelts >> >>       Common Pelt Animals
    Tough Hide >> >>       Rare Hide Animals
    Fine Pelts >> >>>       Uncommon Pelt Animals
    Silk   >>     >> Common Roll of  
    Lace   >>     >>> Uncommon Roll of  
    Velvet   >>>     >>> Rare Roll of  
    Starcloth   >>>   >> >>> Rare Roll of  
    Ghostfibers >>> >>> >>     Very Rare none  

3.2.5 Metals etc

  1. By Rarity
    Name STR FIN RES INS CHA Rarity Unit Ingredients
    Bone     >>     Very Common Bones Animals
    Wood >>         Very Common Logs Tree
    Tin >   >     Very Common Ingots 2 Ore
    Glass       >> >> Common Ingots 3 Sand
    Copper >>   >>     Common Ingots 2 Ore
    Silver >   >     Common Ingots 2 Ore
    Ivory     >> >>   Common Chunk Animals
    Brass     >>> >>   UnCommon Ingots 2 Copper,1 Zinc
    Iron >>   >>>     UnCommon Ingots 2 Ore
    Crystal       >>> >> UnCommon Ingots 3 Sand
    Titanium     >>> >>>   Rare Ingots 3 Ore
    Obsidian       >>> >>> Rare Ingots ? Ore
    Steel >>>   >>>     Rare Ingots Imported?
    Diamond >>   >>     Very Rare Ores  
    Fortrium >>   >>> >>>   Very Rare   Ancient Bones
    Jade >>>   >>>     Very Rare    
    Adamantine >>> >> >>>     Very Rare Ingots 5 Ore
    Arcanium   >>   >>> >>> Very Rare Deposit  
  2. By Relevance
    Name STR FIN RES INS CHA Rarity Unit Ingredients
    Tin >   >     Very Common Ingots 2 Ore
    Wood >>         Very Common Logs Tree
    Bone     >>     Very Common Bones Animals
    Glass       >> >> Common Ingots 3 Sand
    Crystal       >>> >> UnCommon Ingots 3 Sand
    Obsidian       >>> >>> Rare Ingots ? Ore
    Arcanium   >>   >>> >>> Very Rare Deposit  
    Ivory     >> >>   Common Chunk Animals
    Brass     >>> >>   UnCommon Ingots 2 Copper,1 Zinc
    Titanium     >>> >>>   Rare Ingots 3 Ore
    Fortrium >>   >>> >>>   Very Rare   Ancient Bones
    Silver >   >     Common Ingots 2 Ore
    Copper >>   >>     Common Ingots 2 Ore
    Diamond >>   >>     Very Rare Ores  
    Iron >>   >>>     UnCommon Ingots 2 Ore
    Steel >>>   >>>     Rare Ingots Imported?
    Jade >>>   >>>     Very Rare    
    Adamantine >>> >> >>>     Very Rare Ingots 5 Ore

3.2.6 Other Materials

Name STR FIN RES INS CHA Rarity Unit Ingredients
Horn? >>>         Rare as Moose Antlers Moose

3.3 Qualities

Quality Durability Note
Pedestrian 1x Normal Material Boni
(Refined) 2x Material/stat bonus %+
<Artisan> 3x? Material/stat bonus %++
{Masterwork} 4x? Material/stat bonus %+++
?Legendary? ?x Guessing
"Unique" ?x Can not be upgraded, Unknown? Bonus

3.4 Repairing

Item Note
Repair Kits very light and cheap; single use
Workbenches repairs party equipment! repairable with a kit

3.5 Upgrading

(Refined Tools)
<Artisan Tools>
{Masterwork Tools}?

With the Forgemaster trait: Upgrade your (Refined) items with <Artisan> Tools to upgrade them to Masterwork. The catch? you can make (Refined) items with that trait, they become of <Artisan> quality instead. Swapping Faction traits is an option, as is buying manuals in advance!

4 Equipment

4.1 Armor

Mishaal's research on the stat bonuses of armor is awesome!

  • We still need that for Weapons!

All listed bonuses are 1.

  • Each level of refinement adds an additional bonus point to the listed stat!
  • Ignore anything without a bonus
  • Upgrade breastplates which give a bonus and a malus twice to get a bonus in two stats!
  • Jumpsuits truly start with 2 boni
  • Ignore accessories because you want to have a bag or weapon in that slot.
    • or the bonus of quiver/bandolier on combat turns out to be real and valuable to you.

4.1.1 Head


Materials Ingredients Note
Hard 3 hard mats use hard mats; enemies love to hit you here
Soft 1 soft mat even uniques "useless". use only exceptional materials

Head Armor Items; all crafted from 3 hard materials; all have size 2.

Item Stat Materials Size
Coif STR 3 hard 2
Crown INS 3 hard 2
Helm RES 3 hard 2
Tiara CHA 3 hard 2

Head Armor Items; all crafted from 1 soft material.

Item Stat Materials Size
Cap CHA 1 soft 2
Hood FIN 1 soft 2
Bandana FIN 1 soft 1
Hat INS 1 soft 1
Wrestling Mask none 1 soft 1

.. must add Goggles. Glasses?, Monocles?

4.1.2 Torso

Armor Stat Materials Size
Jacket CHA 2 soft 2
Thong CHA 1 soft 1
Brigandine FIN 5 soft 5
Coat FIN 5 soft 5
Jerkin FIN 5 soft 2
Kimono FIN 5 soft 5
Tights FIN 2 soft 2
Tunic FIN 5 soft 5
Vestments INS 4 soft 3
Kilt STR 3 soft 2
Poncho RES 2 soft 2
Breastplate -1 FIN, RES 5 hard 5
Jumpsuit STR, FIN 5 soft 5
Blouse none 2 soft 2
Dress none 3 soft 2
Gi none 3 soft 2
Gown none 3 soft 2
Shirt none 2 soft 2
Toga none 3 soft 2

4.1.3 Hands

Gloves Stat Materials Size
Bracers RES 2 hard 2
Gauntlets FIN 2 hard 2
Gloves FIN 2 soft 1

4.1.4 Feet

Footwear Stat Materials Size
Boots none 4 hard 2
Sabatons none 4 hard 2
Shoes none 4 hard 2
Boots FIN 4 soft 2
Sandals none 1 soft 1
Shoes none 1 soft 1
  • Yes, Boots made from soft materials provide a bonus to Finesse while those made from hard materials do not.

4.2 Curios


Gizmos, dodads, mods, infusions.. call them what you want, once you've applied them to a piece of equipment, you can't get rid of them again. Some of these are really rare and I can't quite judge which those are, so .. Please don't cry if you misapply!

Curios can be found and some of the curios, perhaps all of them are craftable once you've discovered or obtained their recipes.

4.2.1 Never Craftable?

Curio Effect Rarity
Athletic Band Increase Jump distance  
Balanced Weight Lessen chance to stumble (drunk)  
Charged Sigil Enhances an Object's Elemental Power  
Hardened Tack Increase critial damage  
Thick Padding Reduce Noise, enhances Stealth?  
Hilt Chain Thrown Item returns  
Metalic Bullseye Increase throwing distance  

4.2.2 Definitely craftable.

Curio Effect Needs
Durable Patch Less wear and tear on item  
Hidden Pocket +5 Inventory capacity 3 Burlap
Heavy Clasp + Strength 5 Copper Ingots
Shiny Charm + Charm 5 Rolls Silk
Sturdy Plates + Resilience 5 Animal Bones
Clever Widget + Insight 5 Glass Ingots
Nimble Wrap + Finesse 5 Animal Pelts

4.3 Shields

Shield Defense Materials Size
Shield Low 3 hard 2
Heater Shield Average 4 hard 3
Kite Shield High 5 hard 4
Tower Shield Very High 6 hard 5
  • Carrying a shield makes all stamina based actions more expensive.
  • Shields do blunt-damage and there's nothing wrong with holding two of them.

4.4 Weaponry

Anyone can use any weapon. Results vary by stats alone. Swapping weapons during combat takes a while and is easily interrupted, so experiment. Shields are Weapons too. Offhand stats contribute to your character's total. Change out your runes to suit the fight. See what interrupts you, and what you can interrupt.

4.4.1 Intro

Derived from Mishaal's Compendium.

  • Armors are listed under Equipment.
  • The main difference between weapons is only in their heavy attack and the stat they scale with. Size does not matter, here at least.
  • Most combat RNG was removed (anything that says "chance to…" is probably no longer a thing).
  • I've seen some talk about stats that track well-used and newly-used weapons being different somehow somewhere, the info being in a hidden stat. Please write if you can fill in the details!
  • You main hand-weapon contributes to your elemental attunement, the off-hand apparently not.


4.4.2 Melee

Melee Weapon are usually used by Strength based characters in close combat, but several of them have a range of 2 and the Grappling Hook has 5!

I suppose that all of these weapons can be thrown at opponents to damage them.

  1. Types

    The lists below still want to get arranged by these weapon types:

    Weapon Note Dmg.
    Axes may cleave Cutting?
    Bladed weapons may cause bleeding Piercing?
    Blunt weapons may cause dazed Bludgeoning
    Spears increased range & higher chance to crit Piercing?
    Chains increased range Bludgeoning
    Pikes higher chance to crit Cutting?
  2. Crafted Melee Weapons for Strength
    1. These are only usable in Melee Range:
      Strength Based Heavy Effect Size Dmg.
      Axe Deals increased damage 3  
      Battleaxe Cleaves adjacent targets 4  
      Bo Staff Shoves target away 3  
      Broadsword Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Chain Immobilizes the target 3  
      Claymore Deals bonus damage for every enemy in melee range 4  
      Club Dazes the target 3  
      Cutlass Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Falchion Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Flamberge Deflects incoming heavy attacks 4  
      Hammer Dazes the target 3  
      Javelin Deals increased damage 3  
      Kama Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Katana Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Kukri Causes the wielder and target to change places 3  
      Kunai Deals bonus damage when stealthed 3  
      Longsword Causes bleeding 4  
      Mace Dazes the target 3  
      Machete Deals critical damage if struck by a heavy attack 3  
      Morningstar Dazes the target 3  
      Nunchaku Dazes the target 3  
      Odachi Causes bleeding 4  
      Quarterstaff Dazes the target 3  
      Rapier Causes the wielder to lunge forward 3  
      Saber Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Scythe Deals increased damage 4  
      Shortsword Deflects weapon projectiles 3  
      Spear Shoves target away 3  
      Warhammer Deals bonus damage based on resilience 4  
      Zweihander Reduces direct damage taken during the attack 4  
    2. These have a range of 2 steps:
      Strength Based Heavy Effect Size Dmg.
      Glaive Shoves targets away 4  
      Halberd Shoves targets away 3  
      Lance Shoves target away 4  
      Meteor Hammer Dazes the target 3  
      Naginata Shoves target away 4  
      Net Immobilizes the target 3  
      Whip Pulls the attacker and target together 3  
      • Kris inflict poison and khopeshes disarm attackers if THEY try to do a heavy
      • I'm not sure why I'm not using Melee weapons with a range.
        • Probably because as a Gatekeeper with a nasty arcane ward and a protect-spell i can survive almost anything by wielding two tower shields. Still..
      • Nets may be thrown (from inventory?) to immobilize a target at range.
        • Since they have a range of 2 in Melee, they are listed here.
  3. Crafted Melee Weapons for Finesse or Strength
    Strength or Finesse Heavy Effect Size Dmg.
    Boxing gloves Dazes the target 2  
    Dagger Causes the wielder to step backwards 2  
    Grappling Hook* Pulls attacker and target together 2  
    Handwraps Deals increased damage 2  
    Khopesh Disarms targets performing heavy attacks 2  
    Knuckles Dazes the target 2  
    Kris Inflicts poison 2  
    Lasso Immobilizes the target 2  
    Sickle Restores a bit of health based on insight 2  
    • The Grappling Hook has a range of 5. The other weapons are for close-quarters and have a range of 1.
      • I keep meaning to try smashing people with a doped-up grappling hook as they approach.
  4. Composite Melee Weapons

    The compenents for these weapons are other weapons that you craft and then assemble. Enhance the final product, not the individual pieces.

    1. Composite Melee Weapons for Strength
      Strength Based Range Heavy Effect Components Size Dmg.
      Ball and chain Melee Immobilizes the target 1 Chain, 1 Ball 3  
      Kunai and Chain 3 steps Hits target at range 1 Chain, 1 Kunai 3  
      Swordchucks 2 steps Selfdamage to critically hit the target 1 Nunchaku, 2 Shortswords 3  
      • I suspect the last two weapons-effects are the worst way you can spend your stamina.
    2. Composite Melee Weapons for Finesse or Strength
      Strength or Finesse Range Heavy Effect Components Size Dmg.
      Shank Knuckle Melee Causes the wielder to step backward 2 Daggers 2  
      • Could this be the Pugilist's dream weapon?

4.4.3 Magical

Magical Weapons are usually used by Insight based characters in ranged combat, but there's no downside to bashing your opponents with them either, you just won't have any useful heavy-attack effects available to you in that situation.

Foci/wands/staffs/scepters halve casting time
  • Focus HeavyAttack? causes the wielder to phase backwards
  • Foci/wands/staffs/scepters are ranged weapons with 6 range. In addition to reducing stamina costs of spells, their heavy attacks all have unique effects
  • Scepter reduces direct spell damage taken during the attack
  • Staff reduces target's attunement
  • Wand causes the weapon to inherit elements from incoming spells
Magical Weapon Stat Range Heavy Effect Size
Focus INS 6 steps Causes the wielder to phase backwards 2
Scepter INS 6 steps Reduces direct spell damage taken during the attack 3
Staff INS 6 steps Reduces the elemental attunement of the target 3
Wand INS 6 steps Causes the weapon to inherit elements from incoming spells 3
  • All Magical Weapons are based on Insight.

4.4.4 Ranged

Ranged Weapon are usually used by Finesse based characters in ranged combat, but there's no downside to bashing your opponents with your ranged weapon, you're just switching from a piercing (Chakram/cutting?) to a bludgeoning attack while giving up the heavy-attack effects so useful with Melee Weaponry.

The material used for ammo contributes to damage and the chance for it to break on impact. I've not tried that; Is this old info? Can one retrieve stones and darts or arrow? or just weapons/objects you've thrown? (throw a size 9 Organ?)

Bows Have a chance to not break stealth
Crossbows Bolts pass through targets, potentially hitting several targets.
Firearms Possibly interrupts casters; indoors less than outdoors.
Thrown weapons Do extra damage, may get damaged on use.

Here are the details:

  1. Uses Arrows
    Ranged Weapon Range Heavy Effect Size
    Crossbow 8 steps Pierces all targets in a line 4
    Shortbow 7 steps Leap backward after firing 4
    Longbow 9 steps Grants Quickness attacking from stealth 4
  2. Uses Bullets
    Firearms Range Heavy Effect Size
    Blunderbuss 6 steps Damages all of the target's armor 4
    Rifle 8 steps Deals more damage to further targets 4
    Pistol 7 steps Hits two Targets once, or one Target twice 3
  3. Other Ammo
    Other Ranged Range Heavy Effect Size Ammo
    Blowgun 8 steps Inflicts poison 3 Darts
    Sling 6 steps Hits targets at range 2 Stones
  4. Thrown Weapons
    Thrown Weapon Range Heavy Effect Size
    Chakram ? Causes the wielder to step backwards 2

    Traps & Rocks

  5. Summary

    All Ranged Weapons, are based on Finesse.

    The Sling and likely all thrown weapons, can also use Strength.

    • Throw Darts/Arrows/Stones? Are these the goto thrown weapons?

    Attack speed was removed, now each attack takes one turn regardless of weapon - likely making quivers and bandoliers (which gave the speed boni) largely cosmetic/flair items. (I saw something about that. need to check!)

    1. Throwing

      Needs research, but could be it own section.

4.4.5 Traps

Their Danger not yet rated.

  • Can be thrown!
  • Make from any hard material.
  • Better materials make them more powerful, debuffs last longer?.
  • Engineer & love them;
  • And you'll learn to know where to /search for them soon.
  • Beware though, the search does not always always find them.
  • Jade Faction's "Defuser" Trait makes them much easier to disarm

Perhaps seeing them as Thrown Weapons opens up their coolest uses. Engineers and Scoundrels demo them well, but they might just be why the Merchant class has sooo much inventory space. Now if we could only throw them a little less far, but from inventory..

  1. Constructed Traps

    These types of trap require you to use a workbench in order to work with the hard base material determining the trap's power. That can be anything measured in Chunks, Ingots, Ores, Deposits etc.

    BUT, you can craft any of these traps from Bone without using a workbench.

    1. Gunpowder Traps
      Types Base Mat. Additionally Effect
      Bomb 2 2 Gunpowder Damage (Armor too?)
      Flame 1 1 Gunpowder, 1 String Burn
      Flash 1 1 Gunpowder, 1 String Blind
      • Bomb traps might set off adjecent traps.
    2. No Explosives

      These require:

      • One piece of the Trap's base Material,
      • A piece of Plant Fiber for use as string.
      Types Additionally Effect
      Bear Just Ingot and String Immobilize
      Poison Add 1 Venom Sack Poison
      Smoke Add 1 Torch Blind
      • fwiw, Torches are made from Wooden Blocks.
  2. Simple Traps
    Types Ingredients Effect
    Thorn 2 Sticks Pierce
    Snare 1 Stick, 1 Plant-Fiber Immobilize

4.4.6 Astral

These exist. Noone will talk about them except to tell you that their bonuses are incredible. And they are.

So go and complete the key to learn more about them – or beware of winning, hold off on this prize and farm that 9th shard over and over again to get the most points for unlocking the next class. Decisions, decisions..

4.5 Accessories

4.5.1 Stat-boosting

Almost any Weapon can be worn as an accessory for seriously more powerful stat boosts! You can sleep on the cloak instead of a bed, saving you some effort; The Bandolier and quiver might give more than just the extra stats - but the judgment is out on that.

Accessory Stat Materials Size
Bracelet CHA 1 hard 1
Doll CHA 1 soft 1
Garter CHA 1 soft 1
Kite CHA 1 soft 3
Cloak FIN 3 soft 2
Belt STR 1 hard 2
Underwear RES 1 soft 1
Bandolier FIN, -1 RES 2 soft 2
Quiver FIN, -1 RES 2 soft 2

The rest of the items might make some role-playing sense. Oh, and there is the kite. It may slow your fall, as a rope would do should you have it in inventory if you happen to tripple dig yourself into a hole somewhere.

4.5.2 Inventory-expanding

Once you've looted you'll want one of these items to carry things home in /stealth mode. They should be upgraded not just for the extra space, but also to increase their durability – because you dont want to leave local maps while encumbered.

The material determines attribute bonuses and likely has an effect on durability.

Bag Materials Capacity Refined Artisan Masterwork
Satchel 2 soft 10 15 20 25
Bag 3 soft 15 20 25 30
Backpack 4 soft 20 25 30 35
Sack 5 soft 25 30 35 40
  • The Merchant class has twice the usual inventory capacity from the beginning.
  • And the Hauler trait increases your inventory capacity passively
  • If you've seen a legendary bag, I'd like to know!
  • Consider using at least one Hidden Pocket curio and using your party as loot mules!

4.6 Tools

4.6.1 Situational

Fishing Rod For "f" /fish-ing different waters.
Pickaxe Remove walls & mine by walking, or /dig.
Saddle Give to pet to /mount-ing and ride.
Shovel To /dig with
Shackles do they restrain when given?

Saddles must be used when initially taming your compagnion. They provide stat boosts and could be used with any curio. A hidden pocket would perhaps enable them to act as rune-carriers.

4.6.2 Bee-Hives

(initially via www, later Garon got the recipe from a Smith.)

Hives are named after the Material. Appear to usable once a day. Only natural hives seem to sometimes contain honey. See Bees for more about Bee-Keeper's friends.

Bee Type Materials used to craft Hives for them.
Beautiful Arcanium (VR) Adamantine (VR) Fortrium (VR) Jade (VR)
Disruptive Ivory (C) Copper (C) Glass (C) Silver (C)
Furious Natural (C/VC) Wooden (VC) Tin (VC) Bone (VC) Clay (VC)
Harvester Titanium (R) Diamond (R) Steel (R) Obsidian (R)
Nurturing N/A
Scouting Brass (UC) Iron (UC) Crystal (UC) Ceramic (UC)

Every Hard material in the game is involved in Hives in one way or the other!

Adamantine (VR), Arcanium (VR), Bone (VC), Brass (UC), Ceramic (UC), Clay (VC), Copper (C), Crystal (UC), Diamond (R), Fortrium (VR), Glass (C), Iron (UC), Ivory (C), Jade (VR), Natural (C/VC), Obsidian (R), Silver (C), Steel (R), Tin (VC), Titanium (R) & Wooden (VC)

4.6.3 Crafting?

Item Note
Forge Unusable (returns items when salvaged)
Pottery Wheel does nothing?

4.6.4 Lights

There's no difference in range, torches last long enough for a den-fight or two, so don't waste your inventory space by carrying lights when you can just make 2 torches from a log as you might need them. Mining's different.

Light Burns Note
Candle Short More of an oddity, rather ordinary, burns a few hours.
Torch Medium Easy to make, you were born knowing how to make them.
Lantern Long Got the Recipe after 'feeding the smith' a lot.
  • Lanterns seem to burn forever.. but they dont.
    • They'll have plenty of life left in them when yellow.
Light Range Distance
Above Ground 6
Below Ground 4
  • Climbing does not extend the light's circle.
  • My Smith might have gone mad, but he gave me a (Crystal Torch) the other day. Garon can now bash people with a lit <Titanium Torch of Magma> and he seems to be enjoying it.

4.6.5 Musical Instruments

These are everyone's effective Mood boosters, which become weaponry amplifying the power of a Rhapsodist. Do they? They sure cheer people up and make getting a mood bonus before a fight or overcoming darknessness inficted sadness a cinch.

Drum, Flute, Guitar, Harp, Lute, Organ, Piano, Tambourine, Triangle & Violin demand that an unopened stables in a good location be made into an orchestra pit!

  • Forgot to note their sizes. Remember music-class.

5 Food

5.1 Intro

  • Raw food provides some stamina but no healing.
  • Cooked foods provide much more stamina and restore a fixed health%.
  • Its not clear if or how the health boost varies.
  • They are 1u small.
  • Buffs from food replace each other.
  • mixtures, dishes and booze can drop from mobs and crates.

Eating and drinking (/eat, /drink) take time. Water and Mixtures are probably hugely important for spellcasters in dire situations, but I'd need an expert to chime in with their experience as I'm just guessing here.

Whats missing?

  • Is someone tracking the biomes for these things?
Foodstuff Prefix Buffs Attribute Size
Alcohol Hearty ++Resilience 1.0
Flowers Delightful ++Charm 0.1
Fruits Zesty ++Finesse 0.2
Meat Complex ++Insight 1.0
Tree Seeds Robust ++Strength 0.1
Vegetables Robust ++Strength? 0.2
Fish     1.0
Herbs & Spices     0.1
Specialities     0.1
  • Don't forget there are 6 more prefixes used with Elemental Buffs!
  • Anything with Fishbones always? produces inedible 'questionable' outcomes.
  • Testing indicates that you get the same amount of health, ~10% from eating cooked items.
  • Botanists can do all sorts of magic by feeding their babies just about anything. Their babies evolve when they feed them. Your pets wont.

Take some of the ultra-small foods to recover stamina during your travels (and/or to save yourself from drowning) and bring along with a few elemental runes to cook up Elemental Gourmet Meals right next to, or even in your Dungeon or Quest site!

Don't forget the wood lest you wind up wanting to cook in the middle of a desert.

5.2 Cooks

Imagine you find one of these guys loitering in town, befriending them, building them a kitchen in a nice empty house somewhere in town, and then letting them cook for you. Seriously. Put some stuff into an oven while you're standing there with them next to you and wait a while.

Alchemist's Mixtures provide higher stat bonuses for fewer ingredients and can be consumed much faster. Throwing Mixtures at enemies will lower the relevant stats, and throwing Mixtures at other entities will raise the relevant stats.

Chef's Dishes provide stat bonuses for four times the duration of Meals, and grant an effect which fixes the eater's mood to max for an extended period.

If you had one of these guys make you some food, you can drop them from your party without fear. You will remain friends. Join up with your tanky pets again and enjoy the extra deliciousness of your very own gourmet foods!

5.3 Cooking

Everyone can /harvest trees and shrubbery, then /cook solid Meals from single Ingredients in Campfires and Firepits to restore stamina and heal themselves and their allies.

The real freaks produce foods with a different prefix and an extra + on the buffs:

  • Alchemists produce liquid Mixtures instead of Meals when cooking.
  • Chefs produce Dishes instead of Meals when cooking.

Cook sites:

  • Campfires
    • are destroyed by immolation more quickly
  • Firepits
    • last forever?
    • are they faster? have greater capacity?
  • Stoves and Furncaes are a thing as well. They are robust, not too expensive and look good in the home.
  • Bonfires, 3 logs, are a thing, need to try cooking with them.

Durability is never a problem, capacities all seem to be around 10.

5.4 Drinks

5.4.1 Drinkable

You can /drink Water from a well or a running water source, and from several types of containers.

Name Note
Water Turns coffee beans into code!

5.4.2 Alcohol

Bottles of Bourbon, Gin, Moonshine, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey & Wine are flammable and become Hearty Meals boosting ++Resilience when you cook them.

Makes total sense to me. Only Fishmongers will benefit from being drunk, and even they will probably want to wield something to aid their balance.

5.5 Solid Foods

5.5.1 Meat

Item Meal Buff Attribute Size
Raw Meat Complex ++ Insight 1.0

5.5.2 Fish

Fish are not stackable.

Anchovy, Bass, Butterfly Fish, Cod, Cuttlefish, Deep Spider, Giant Squid, Grouper, Quill Ray, Salmon Stone Shark, Sturgeon, Swordfish, Trout & Tuna produce … Meals boosting ++.

5.5.3 Tree-Seeds

Alder, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Buckeye, Buckthorn, Catalpa, Catalpa, Cedar, Chestnut, Chinkapin, Cottonwood, Cypress, Dogwood, Elm, Fir, Holly, Juniper, Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar, Redwood, Spruce, Sycamore & Willow seeds produce Robust ++Strength Meals

  • Fruit Trees (Apple, Pear) yield logs less than half the time.
    • seen ~20%ish for pear

5.5.4 Fruits

Quickly eaten raw, these are very good to restore your stamina with.

Apple, Avocado, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Coconut, Grape, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry & Watermelon produce Zesty ++Finesse Meals.

5.5.6 Flowers

Rose & Chrysanthemum Salad!

Amaryllis, Anemone, Begonina, Bergamot, Bluebell, Buttercups, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Daffodil, Foxglove, Holly, Hyacinth, Lavender, Orchid, Primrose, Rose, Sunflower, Thistle, Tulip & Violet produce Delightful ++Charisma Meals.

5.6 Specialty Foods

Item Meal Buff Attribute Size
Eggs       0.1
Honey       0.1

5.7 More research needed.

Related Note
Venom Sacks Not sure that these are cookable ingredients.
Salted Meat Exists as well, not sure that its cookable.
Load of Bread Instant Satiation without nourishment. Right.

5.8 Elementally Flamed

As you're hanging out surrounded by half a dozen camp-fires plus one, cooking up a storm, why not try frying up some runes? What's the worst that could happen?

By the power of magic..

Element Meal
Air Light
Earth Rich
Fire Spicy
Water Tender
Light Vibrant
Dark Heavy

When you infuse multiple runes into a firepit you'll get the wonderful combo names used for Elemental Combos applied to your Meals, with the last infused element determining the elemental attunement your food will provide.

6 Items

This section mixes the useful and important with the useless and trivial. It's a bit confused about wanting to be a list, explainer or crafting guide.

Today I found a Button. Onwards to find the thing it wants to be connected to!

6.1 Craftable

Item Materials Size
Belt 1 soft 2
Cape 3 soft 2
Scarf 2 soft 1
Pillow 3 Tufts of Feathers 2
Towel 1 soft 1
Carpet 4 soft 6
Rug 3 soft 4
Mat 2 soft 4
Jack O' Lantern 1 Pumpkin 1

6.1.1 Wooden Logs Only

3 logs each:

Bonfire, Shelter

6.2 Machinery

Iron Only:

  • Button, Lever, Spring, Switch, Pressure Plate(fixed), Canonball..


  • Trip-wire.

6.3 Furniture

Recipes for all of these items can be found. All these are craftable. Potentially equally useless except those that you need to get the recipes for in order to unlock Buildings.

How to arrange Bar Stool, Bed, Bedding, Bench, Bookcase, Bookshelf, Cabinet, Cage, Carpet, Chair?, Chamber Pot, Chandelier, Crate, Desk, Dresser, Mattress, Mat, Nightstand, Rocking Chair, Rug, Stool, Table, Throne & Wardrobe into a sensible homesteader's base eludes me still!

  • I have collected all but the recipes for Bedding, Chandelier and Mattress which I only know by hearsay.
  • Crates, Cages? do they have a use? Do any of the besides the bed?
    • and why not store tomes/manuals/scrolls in bookcases and desks etc pp.

Also Statues.. not really furniture, but you can find and learn to build them.

  • Does anyone feel like making up a color-scheme for a living space, pretend that items were /colorable, and /installable. I mean, castles look nice..

Braziers .. make a little light. Furnaces, quite a lot. And they arn't expensive. Build one when you're out there digging.. or to grill a den-izen.

6.4 Storage

6.4.1 Chests and Carts

In the beginning simply find an empty house, make a waypoint to take you there with "/slw stuff", and start making piles for the different types of items.

Do it so that the list of items in that pile does not scroll of your screen. When you enter, stop at the first pile and use "/ds" to add alike items from your inventory at that spot. Then walk to the next pile and use "z" to repeat.

When you want to get organized, make "g" act as "/setkey g giveall" would, put yourself onto a storage, "h" hold the item you want to put there and press "g". There are a lot more ways to go about this, including some drag and drop, so keep experimenting with the ever improving ui.

Carts draggable on the local map 300u
Storage Bins upgraded 300u
Storage Bins installable unlimited?
  • For On-Person Storage, see Bags.
  • Also, check your Furniture. I think I wound up putting things into at least a desk once.

6.4.2 Liquids

These liquid containers provide the ability to carry water on your trips. I find I'd rather carry a piece of fruit to regain stamina, but tastes vary oc.

Are Bottle, Bowl, Bucket, Cauldron, Cup, Flask, Kettle, Keg, Jar, Jug, Mug, Pitcher, Pot, Stein, Teapot, Urn, Vase, Vial & Waterskin all of them?

  • They are all the same size and hold 2 drinks.
  • Some rare, some very rare.

6.5 Utensils


  • Beaks, Claws, Skulls


  • Combs, Pipes, Towels
  • Ear & Nose-Rings
  • Rings, Clips, other uncraftable Jewely
  • some craftable.

Eating Utensils:

Home-Office: (store in desk :)

Item Materials Size
Quilt Tufts of Feathers  
Inkwell Any Hard Material?  
Paper Plant-Fiber  
Book 10 Paper  


The further out you go, the rarer the things you find (perhaps. in 16.5d at least you can find amazing trinkets close to home);

Skulls and other items might seem useless but might actually give a buff or provoke/enable encounters. tbd.

7 Locations

7.1 Intro

The Location might usually be safe, but you never know..

7.1.1 Notes

Due to the presence of rift-energies in the land, its important that you bookmark locations your're engaged with. Leaving them unobserved will not be enough to keep them from drifting away from where you thought they were.

The attention bound by personal and quest bookmarks appears to attract these drifters while the content of the world around you reorganizes itself when you sleep. None of the citizens in your world, except perhaps elder and nobles would appear to be aware of this.

Practically this means that special location like the ones listed here can often be found in areas adjecent to or in the immediate vicinity of the sites you have bookmarked. Settlements with their histories and many minds appear less volatile.

All said, a good observer will often find fascinating places, as if by accident, when they wake up after resting (well sheltered one hopes) in the woods!

tl;dr? Peek into the 8 immediate neighbors of the bookmarks you're given and possibly walk through the 16 surrounding squares to see what's out there!

Indoor locations such as Castles and Fortresses offer free and secure overnight lodgings (secure in the sense that noone will attack you even after you have won.. if they had't before anyhow.).

  • need more data! and stories from others!
  • inital text stolen, probably from the outdated wiki
  • ty discord denizens for your insights and feedback!

Cleared location where you might have a non hostile but unfriendly enemy mount appear to attrack scoundrel after a night or two spent there. So don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly blinded after having stepped on a trap while getting shot at if you tolerate these untamable collaborators!

7.1.2 Try HBar's Landmark search pattern

(pix on the discord)

I've been thinking about the best search patterns to use if you want to look around for landmarks. You'll want to be moving diagonally as much as possible, because then you'll be neighboring 5 new tiles with every step. The most foolproof search pattern, and the one I'll probably be using the most, is a series of concentric diamonds spaced 5 tiles apart. So you'd go 5 steps N, 5 SW, 5 SE, 5 NE, 5 NW to complete the first diamond, then 5N, 10SW, 10SE, 10NE, 10NW for the second diamond, etc. You'll be missing 3 tiles in each diamond, if that bothers you then you can take a non-diagonal step when you're 2 steps away from those three corners before returning to the diagonal. But that's a little less efficient and also makes the pattern more complicated, I think it makes more sense not to worry about them and just stick to the diamond.

If you want to get a little more fancy and slightly more efficient, you can also do a spiral pattern. In this one you start out going northwest, and whenever you go northwest you need to add two steps to the diagonal length, so go two steps northwest. Then go one step west before going two steps southwest, because the diagonal length is still two. Then when you go southeast, add three to the diagonal length, so it's 5 steps southeast. Then 5 NE, 7 NW (because you add two going NW), one W (you'll always need to go one west after going northwest and before going southwest), 7 SW, 10 SE (because you add three going SE), etc. This one misses 5 tiles per turn of the spiral, if that really bothers you there are 4 non-diagonal steps you can add to each turn to reach them, but I recommend not adding any complexity because this is already a more complex pattern. The western, eastern, and southern corners of the spiral are in the same positions as in the diamond pattern, every 5 steps in a straight line from the starting point. But the northern corners start at two steps northwest of where they would be on the diamond pattern (5N+2NW, 10N+2NW, etc.).

7.2 Campsite

Just a wilderness shack. Usually houses a recalcitrant Outlaw of one sort or the other. Some are trying to leave their prior associates behind and change their ways, others are just looking to hole up until the heat passes down. Too bad for them that they see you as the threat to their lives that you are. I mean, you would have talked to them first if they hadn't gone all hostile on you, right?

Poor Sobs, usually don't even have furniture where they sleep.

7.3 Castle

A noble of one of the factions lives inside here, protected by many guards and assassins. You can /interact with the noble and complete missions to earn you reputation with the faction they belong to. Rumour has it there might be valuables if you should dare fight the whole castle.

  • So far its been safe to salvage the throne for 1 iron.
  • Don’t enter castles of the factions that don’t like you
    • seems like one wants to turn off the lights in there, perhaps even dismanteling the braziers and go in with dark-vision companions before killing everyone

Ask your self … how many planks do i need to build a 5x5 around the noble and my team? just in case you want to kill nobles of your own faction, that is.

7.4 Colliseum

Inside here you can find a High level Faction Champion to challenge. You have to enter alone, and earn reputation and a lot of treasure if you can defeat the champion.

Requires several pieces of masterwork equipment and some godlike stats.

7.5 Dens

Inside you can find a legendary beast to fight.

  • Unlit.
  • Denizens have darkvision and, likely posess means to immobilize you.
  • Crazy scout by 'move forward, throw lit torch and retreat' might let you trade a blight for a newly scouted monster. is that worth it?

7.6 Dungeon

A series of corridors and rooms, guarded by traps, ancient guardians and many horrors lurking in the dark. In the first room there's an altar with a rune of some element. You can find a lot of treasure inside. Remember to bring something to light the way ahead and /mark the ground to not get lost.

  • the ultimate adventure experience. these are why you invest time into the game
  • waypoint outside and make camp there, bring foods, buffs, companions and rest well.
  • You can peek into dungeons in relative safety!
    • but remember what killed the cat!
  • Good help is hard to find!
    • so don't judge the boss by his minions
    • or do. because manytimes you will be surprised by how hard they hit
      • stay back and come back if your spells and equipment isnt right.
      • going in is easy.. getting out, not so much.

I used to do /mark in dungeons before we had a local map, and before local waypoints were a thing It was very very easy to get lost in there, and no way to quickly exit

Make torches to throw ahead of you so you can see wtf the place looks like before you wall up some things to control where you're getting ambushed in there.

7.7 Encampment/ Unknown Camp

  • single building

or perhaps 3..5 of them with a batch of inhabitants greeting you and joining battle with you before you even knew what happened.

if that's the case count yourself lucky! these guys have furniture galore and since you were short some 20 wooden blocks you could not have come to a better place.

just be careful entering the buildings since not everyone who lives there had a chance to greet you earlier. you never know what these higher level guys were thinking leaving the fighting to their minions and all that.

an unusual crew with their own agenda, you overheard their leader talking about ambushing a guy that happened to actually not be you. The wanted poster you found, you better take that with you to an actually dangerous place before looking at it more closely. You know.. higher risk, higher rewards mean you know that you don't want to read it back in Relica, right?

Bring some pals. Makes it easier to checkmate the whole site at once. Plus you might need someone to help you carry all that wood back home. They usually have a good variety of booze on hand too, those louts.

  • Faction camps with
    • 5ish assorted opponents of the same level in the open
    • 3ish leader types, same lvl in a house
    • wanted postet, big-chest
  • clearing them seems to not hurt your rep with anyone. maybe once you have rep that changes.
  • 5ish buildings offer 3+ random pieces of furniture
  • its probably where you'll find your first benches

7.8 Fortress

  • safe to salvage the doors for 6? ot 8? iron until you have picked a faction
  • this is where you donate medals in exchange for reputation and access to traits
  • dropping some walls/maybe buildings as one enters a hostile fortress and going with some meat-shields might work to get started on what may be the 'help thy faction' endgame. but idk. i will find out.
  • word is that its ok to enter hostile faction fortresses.

7.9 Hunting grounds

Starts to spawn after completing certain amount of quests in one of the villages. In other words, You can get hunting ground quests once you've become a hero of a settlement.

On entering the hunting grounds you can find a group of hunters heavily injured, and a lot of corpses around the place. After talking to one of them you can accept a mission to help them against the Rift Beast that left them in that condition.

Rift beasts are one of the toughest opponents in FARA, one of them comes to fight you after accepting to help the hunters that show up in the hunting grounds.

They are a challenge for any type of character, so being prepared is very important.

  • in other words, forget about it for a while.
  • found a random young rift beast maybe 100km from relica.
  • found my first camp randomly in the wild ~320km from relica.
    • had never taken the quest offered me in relica.

7.10 Labyrinth

Dont go exploring them in the dead of night without a light!

Safe and super high rewards and likely to confuse the hell out out of you for longer than you might have patience for. Be prepared for {Masterwork} items and other items of awe .. in 90..120 minutes.

7.10.1 Leaving a trail

These scribbles might help you to mark up the laby while you're doing so that you can leave and come back without loosing the place you were last exploring!

setkey 1 mark red
setkey 2 mark green
setkey 3 mark blue
setkey 4 clearmark
  • There is a labyrinth, i go in
  • at a junction, i mark
  • green from whence i came
  • blue everywhere i'm not going yet
  • i reach a dead-end and retrace my step
  • at the junction from whence i came
  • i mark the dead-end path red, and clear a blue
  • and on i go.
  • when i reach a blue, i mark it red & retrace my step.
  • when i reach i a green and blue i red my step and clear a blue.

And working out the little nuances that make this actually work is, as they used to say back when books were a thing.. "left as an exercise for the reader."

– the Mintaur

7.10.2 Using Waypoints

Mantecarl chimes in with this incredible paint saving measure:

  • I've been doing this thing in labyrinths were I set a local waypoint in all 4 clearings, so that I can get to them if I ever ran into a corridor with no exits – saves a lot of time!

I tried this method, with a /setkey for /slw and /clearlocalwaypoint, leaving local waypoints at junctions i was not sure about, then zooming right back to them. Works brilliantly this way and allowed me to clear a lab in record time.

Leveling up my character and gear via the legendaries you can find here won't absolve me from the need to quest for tools and medals by continuing to assist the elder and others, but it gave me the ability and motivation to go from exploring a distance of up to 200km to setting up a little outpost 380km from Relica.

7.11 Masterwork forge

  • These let you upgrade a (refined) and <artisan>'d item once more.
  • I remember hunting for these in the nightmare versions of 2019.

7.12 Ruins

You come across 6/7? to 9 delapidated buildings in this frequent, somewhat hard yet doable encounter.

In the beginning count yourself lucky if you manage to dash to the egde undetected. If you have some wood on hand keep in mind that you can get out if you're near the edge and that you can place the occasional extra wall or building to beef up your position – especially if you're playing melee – to break the line of sight against what will inevitably be small groups of often stealthy casters coming after you here.

  • stealth-clustered magic attackers and friends all appear to use the same element!
  • bring some elemental foods for yourself and your team, and of course a beverage!
  • getting the Big Chest from the local mini boss doesnt mean you're safe!
  • move to the edge if dashing to the next blg will leave you exhausted!
  • use stealth, enter, drop building, move to cover!
  • sevral ruined storage chest. one obsidean shard always drops here.

Sometimes though it seems as if the crew guarding the ruins has been tipped of about your plans to attack them, and they will all be standing by your spawn point.

In these circumstances being a Gatekeeper allows you to put on your second big shield, cast protect, a ward of fury for maximum retaliation while you attempt to get out of that mess. If you're lucky, almost all the spellcaster will kill themselves trying to hurt as you're making your exit.

I'm not sure that I could have managed half the research in this guide any other way.

  • Initially lots of Great Food from Chefs and Alchemists who must have once had a colony here. I wound up with great stacks of + foods from raiding these sites. After traveling further and further in my search for new Mercs and Beasts I started noticing the loot change.

7.13 Shrines (on the map?)

You'd have to be out at least 500 km to find a shrine.

A powerful artifact of one of the gods rests behind the locked door which you can /inspect to know what you need to do to open it. On each side of the shrine there are statues, which have had a runestone pried out of them. One of the statues is probably in disrepair.

Are shrines still a thing? like the ones with the artificers behind a stone that needs elemntal runes and frags

7.14 Settlements

You know, if you wall off a city then you can sleep were ever you want.

I've not verified this quote, but I'm tempted to, a bit worried about not getting new NPC's afterwards, but I'll try it one day.

Escortees, Scouts and Delivery Quests will give you waypoints.

7.14.1 Buildings

This section is about the unlockable building you can find in every settlement. Completing all of them makes you a Settlement Hero, which is a Title that can be useful when you want to talk to or hire NPC's for your travels.

The costs were transcribed from Relica by Pug.

Don't compromise on gear to invest in buildings, You only need the Warehouse at the start.

  1. Warehouse

    "Gives access to a thing that helps you move to other settlements."

    1. Cost
      • 2 medals
      • 20 wooden planks
      • 10 ropes
    2. Benefits
      • Crucible that gives shared access to your stash of buffs, situational uniques, and supplies for expanding elsewhere.
      • 6 Storage bins, probably best when only used in Relica, that let you get rid of things you dont want to see but dont want to loose. See 10.5
  2. Stables and Farm


    Dig and plant and multiply anything the Farmer needs before turning it in. You'll collect sand to crystal making and leveling up your recipes as you go about this while also improving your relations with and rewards given by the farmer.

    What to do with the Stablemaster? idk. Does he raise Birds from Eggs? no. Can you give him pets? no. Why isnt this called 'Farm'? idk.

    1. Cost
      • 2 medals
      • 10 copper ingots
      • 5 wooden buckets (got recipe after opening refinery)
    2. Benefit

      Aha's from looking at my first Stables. Yours will be similar I'd think. So.. Oh!

      • its a farm with spice and tree plots!
        • a garlic and a fennel plot
        • a lemon and a maple tree plot
      • farmer and stablemaster work here
        • there's also a young deer. should i bring the cow?
      • also dropped a Starcloth and a Velvet Saddle
        • these materials i'd not seen before i opened the building

      2nd Stables/Farm: Opened after 1yr ingame. The gardening plot gave me lettuce which i needed for a stuck-quest (16.5d/might be fixed soon) and goblingrass which I had never seen before. Waiting for both these things to grow so i can try the /smoke command with either one of these – got the pipe recipe just yesterday. No animals appeared at 2nd Farm.

  3. Tavern
    1. Cost
      • 2 medals
      • 5 wooden stools
      • 5 glass mugs
    2. Benefit
      • A Gambler that gives you 25% odds of scoring..
        • blue prints and rare materials
      • A High level merc that wont talk to you until a title or two
      • A Well skilled merc that can hold his own
      • A Damsel in distress NPC i escorted elsewhere

      Have to check up on the patrons there again. If all that got me was a gambling chance at BPs, fine!

  4. Obelisk
    1. Cost
      • 2 medals
      • 10 stones
      • 25 runic shards
    2. Benefit

      The same damn obelisk you keep finding in the wilderness, but with a researcher that offer runes for sale and who keeps the rock polished.

      • Infinite uses for the same price you'd pay at single use obelisks found in the wilderness.
      • Single level upgrade obtained by beating the Bosses at Ruins become less attractice once you have this, but its hard to beat 'free and scary'.
    3. Staff

      An Arcane Researcher will be emplyed here, tending to the obelisk while conducting his private business without bothering you with extra tasks.

    4. Prices
      1. Spell upgrades
        Shards upgrade to
        5 Improved
        10 Greater
        15 Superior
        20 Flawless
        50 new > max
      2. Custom Runes


  5. Refinery

    A world-renowned Blacksmith & Tailor team that make intuit exacly what you need a produce any number of (refineried) items you've never seen, or, if you were lazy leveling up your recipes, have never seen in that quality!

    1. Cost
      • 4 medals
      • 15 iron ingots
      • 5 iron hammers
      • 5 wooden benches
      • 5 wooden tables
    2. Benefit

      Entitled Genius Child Artisan Blacksmith rearing at the bit to make stuff for you. He has manic inspiratitions, you bring him what he asks for, he levels up and crafts whatever he damn well pleases.

      • Does away with your excess Medals.
      • Consumes your excess resources.
      • "Discovers" Recipes for Items you've been dying to find.
    3. Notes
      • If you didn't unlock the prior tier of an item they make for you, you'll have traded a medal for two runic shards.
      • Consult the Materials-Tables and screenshots of your recipes lists to figure out what to make from what to unlock recipes by crafting and salvaging.
      • I think I was done with them after I got the gold-ingot recipe from the Tailor and the Smith made the first Item i already knew in crystal, in steel.

      Sooner or later he'll want a Pumpkin. Be prepared!

      After, hmm, a little grinding, I got a bucket recipe allowing me to complete the stables. That was nice. I also got a nice everburning? lantern that helps to attract even more encounters at night

      Here's a log of what he did for me in the beginning:

      • each item cost 1 Medal
      • all but the first item were of (Refined) Quality.
      Mat Qty Result
      bone 1 ball
      tin 20 organ
      tin 5 spear
      tin 2 clip
      bone 2 bucket
      bone 2 grappling hook
      bone 2 sign
      bone 1 goggles
      tin 1 box
      tin 1 lantern
      bone   lantern
      bone   violin

      I might have missed an item there, but suddenly he asked for a crafted input, turning bone nunchucks > swordchucks.

      After he wanted the nunchucks he started asking for wooden blocks. Perhaps we're coming close to a new materials tier after 12..13 runs.. Verry nice, very grindy, very medal-expensive!

      3 wooden blocks > wooden anvil

      Afterwards he wanted bones again..

      Anyway, now i can consult the Materials Tables and better versions of his more sensible items. neat!

      • Keeping these prototypes makes sense to me right now.
      • Signs.. used to be terribly important in the old version i played. Perhaps they have a discoverable function..
      • I guess I have to keep feeding him till he comes up with a pickaxe for mining!

7.14.2 Unlock'em all

Here's your check-list for the 2nd+ settlements you'd like to unlock after moving all your stuff to someplace more in line with your much improved character. That will get you to be a hero to the people there, access to new quests, and keep you out of trouble.

Recipes for Buckets and Benches are findable.

  • Search these notes for how i found mine.


  • 12 medals
  • 25 runic shards


  • 10 ropes


  • 10 stones


  • 5 glass mugs


  • 10 copper ingots


  • 15 iron ingots
  • 5 iron hammers


  • 20 wooden planks
  • 5 wooden benches
  • 5 wooden buckets
  • 5 wooden stools
  • 5 wooden tables

7.15 Summoning Circle (on the map?)

  • Rift beasts
  • Maybe take 3 CRPs to a Summoning Circle? (huh?)

8 Magic

8.1 Elements

8.1.1 Effects

The Notes on Elemental Runes are ok, but in combat - more happens. I need to think this through and observe some more, because the seem twofold and to apply with regular attacks as well. maybe? at the very least there's the attunement and protective effect to be discussed a bit.

From the One Source of Arcane Magic, 6 Pure Elements arose in the World.

We know these by their effects:

Elements Positive Negative
  • Well.. we will fill this out yet.

8.1.2 Origins

"The Republic, four witches stand.."

Elements Plane Combos Realms
Arcane Archetypal 1 The Unnamed Realm
Light & Dark Heavenly 5 Humanoids & Shades
Fire & Air Creation 5 Predators and Prey
Water & Earth Relization 5 Plants and Forms

8.1.3 Applied

An Alphabetical List of the 15 Elemental Combinations showing the exact form of their names applied to spells and gear:

Combo-Name Example Spell Example Equipment Why not Ligher Heavier
Abyssal Abyssal Ward of Fury Axe of Depth   Water Dark
Divine Divine Ward of Fury Axe of Divinity   Light Water
Ice Frigid Ward of Fury Axe of Ice   Air Water
Moon Moon Ward of Fury Axe of Moonlight "Lunar" Earth Dark
Radiant Radiant Ward of Fury Axe of Radiance   Light Fire
Sun Sun Ward of Fury Axe of Sunlight "Solar" Light Earth
        Light Air
        Light Dark
        Fire Air
        Fire Water
        Fire Earth
        Fire Dark
        Air Earth
        Air Dark
        Water Earth
  • needs to be; frigid/ice == Quickness + healing
  • Your input, appreciated.

8.1.4 Combinations

Combine two elemental runes into a spell to deliver both types under these names - which show up in the spell name.

Elements Light Fire Air Water Earth Dark
Light na Radiant Day Divine Sun Dusk
Fire Radiant na Lightning Steam Magma Brutal
Air Day Lightning na Ice Thunder Night
Water Divine Steam Ice na Tide Abyssal
Earth Sun Magma Thunder Tide /na Moon
Dark Dusk Brutal Night Abyssal Moon /na

(original link)


8.1.5 Summary

  • There are 15 Elemental Combinations. Prove it to your self, like so:
    • A 6x6 grid has 36 cells.
    • 6 empty cells in the diagonal leaves 30.
    • The 2 halves are mirrored leaves 15 valid combos
    • The Arcane Archetypal source doesnt consort with its children..

Add the Source (1) and the number of its children (6) to the 15 and you wind up dealing with 22 magial means to confuse your self with while learning to play!

8.1.6 What hurts what more

If its not like this.. perhaps it should be.

  • do your own experiments and let me know!
  • not a ranking, but a rock/paper/scissors list.
In Combat Note,
Light vs Dark the higher rules the lower
Fire > Air > Water > Earth > Fire and yet, the wheel turns.

8.1.7 Using in combat

Discord voices

Element ranking Opions converge
Water>Darkness>Light>Fire>Earth>Air Put air higher if you don't have a spell that grants quickness…
Air>Earth>Light>Darkness>Fire>Water Air grants quickness an amazing amount of the time which is soo nice, Earth's poison prevents healing/slowness, Light illuminates targets, for more crits and they become a light source
Water > Light > Earth > Darkness > Air >Fire  

8.2 Runes

The section on Spells explains how to think about and create them from the Runes listed and detailed here.

I dug, fished and purchased a lot of runes in order to compile these lists and believe them to be complete and accurate, at least for the time. Although not sortable in the way of the wiki, this should now be your goto-reference for Spellcrafting.

8.2.1 Effector Runes

If they are suffering from an effect, the caster is cleansed from these effects when they cast the spell causing it. To make this work, casting Silencing is possible even when you are silenced.

In this section you find the Bleeding, Blinding, Burning, Charm, Enlightenment, Fortification, Fury, Illumination, Intoxication, Poison, Quickness, Rage, Rejuvenation, Sickness, Silencing, Slowness, Stupidity, Uglyness, Vulnerability & Weakness Runes

  1. Conditions
    Rune of Effect
    Blinding targets see nothing and appear stealthed
    Burning targets get Fire Damage over Time
    Fury raises Critical Damage dished out
    Illumination receive more% Crit Hits, Stealth denied
    Silencing prevents casting anything by silence
  2. Affecting Health & Stamina
    Rune of Effect
    Rejuvenation Supplies %s Health per Insight/Attunement
    Bleeding Drain %s Health each turn
    Poison Stops/prevents Healing while it Drains %s Health
    Sickness Drain Stamina
  3. Affecting Attributes
    Attribute Raise Lower
    Charisma Charm Uglyness
    Finesse, dash distance Quickness Slowness
    Insight Enlightenment Stupidity
    Resilience Fortification Vulnerability
    Strength Rage Weakness


    Rune of Effect
    Intoxication Lowers Finesse, Raises chance of stumbling
  4. Notes
    • Forces are hugely useful, especially compared to other spells
      • I had a Thunder Force of Quickness in one run from a labyrinth
      • knocking people back 3 tiles for a relatively small stamina cost If you get rejuve on that, you're VERY good off

8.2.2 Stabilizer Runes

In this section you find the Arrows, Auras, Barrages, Barriers, Beams, Blades, Blasts, Blessings, Chains, Curses, Elementals, Fields, Fonts, Forces, Gales, Hammers, Meteors, Plagues, Shields, Shockwaves, Spears, Wards & Whips Runes

Rune of Type Effect
Barriers Buff Area Moderate Elemental resistance for those near
Shields Buff Target High Elemental resistance
Wards Retaliation Damages anyone that attacks the affected target
Blessings Amplify Ups damage output of spell's element
Curses Amplify Ups target vulnerability to spell's element
Fields Amplify Ups all Elemental dmg taken?/made? in an area
Auras Buff Area Add Elemental component to target
Fonts Buff Area Add Elemental component to attacks of those near
Chains Single Status Immobilizes the target
Forces Single Status Pushes target away, Stuns them if they hit a wall
Gales Single Target Target becomes Prone, Actions interrupted, Stamina drained
Hammers Single status Dazes the target
Barrages DOT Area Damages all targets in the area
Blades Direct Damage Greater chace for Critical Hits
Elementals Summons Summons Elementals to aid the caster
Plagues DOT Target Damages the target over time
Whips Direct Damage Damages the target and their armor
Arrows Direct Damage Bypass Elemental Resistances
Beams Direct Damage Hits all targets in a straight line
Spears Direct Damage Damage goes up as with distance to target
Blasts AOE Damages the target and nearby hostiles.
Meteors AOE Impacts all targets in an area after short delay
Shockwaves AOE Status Inflicts 'Slow' on targets in area
  • AOE Spells apply their elemental debuffs against all targets in range
  • Meteor spells are delayed by 8 moments/turns at all levels
  • Blasts only work against hostiles, not your party members.
  • Retaliation hits Melee, Magical and Ranged attacker with a portion of the damage they threw at you, not the damage you took. E.g., in the extreme, they will kill themselves without you taking any damage. Still, the damage reflection isn't all that great even at high stats but if you can spare the spell slot, try an Arcane Ward (no elemental runes,) combined with Fury, Rejuvenation or any other effector rune.
  • Elementals summons an allied elemental in the targeted location, of the infused element(s?). This can be quite powerful, as it's possible to prevent enemies from ever reaching you as more and more elementals join the fight. As far as I can tell, normally when you cast an Elemental spell you target a 3x3 square, centered on the elemental. The elemental will only attack targets affected by the area, and will dissipate after they (moved out? or?) are dead.
  1. All spells are created equal…

    …Except beam, meteor, and barrage spells

8.2.3 Elemental Runes

Pick a number for the elemental runes you want to keep today and /salvage the rest to turn them into shards/dust. Rune shards and Medals are 'currency' in this game. What you do with the "named runes" above is up to you. Salvage them I would not.

Element Heavy Attacks with Infused Weapons
Air Quickens Attacker/ +Finesse
Dark Darkens Target Mood/ -Stats
Earth Poison DOT, denies Healing, applies slowness ^1
Fire Armor Damage
Light Illumes Target/ +Crits
Water Heal Attacker
  • ^1 can/might/does also inflict bleeding.

If you infuse 2 runes into your weapon the effects alternate. Applied to heavy attack with weapons that have water infused, you'll be halving your healing potential – also .. you can only apply a single status effect on your opponents by using your weapon. Hit them twice and the effect changes.

See Attack Types, Elemental, Attunement

Spells, once created can not be changed – but Items can! So if you don't like the flavor of your food, the attunement provided by your gear, or find that the elemental effects of your weapon don't suit the encounter, dungeon, ruins you've just escaped, use another rune on the item, and everything will be so much better. Look at the table of Element Combinations for more! The last two runes determine the name.

8.2.4 Farming Runes

/setkey 0 dig
/setkey 9 takeall
/setkey 8 craft crystal ingot
  • at a beach. easy.
    • grants lot of crystal with the above keybinds
  • setup a building to rest for buffs
    • because you will want to probably do this for a while and are likely to make several trips to Relica unless your inventory space is huge
  • what would be the ideal food/drink to take?
  • enhanced iron shovel and workbench in inventory
  • should be possible once you get the tool recipes from the first other settlement you visit.
  • oh, have a rope on you while getting used to digging, just in case you slip and fall.
  • must-read: Degritone's Guide to 100k Points.
  • see also Enhance your Shovel!
  1. Dig and or Fish.. rather alike, no?
    • haven't fished yet, so i can't quite compare
    • Fishing with an iron fishing rod used to be viable for Fishmonger, but I spent an entire artisan iron fishing rod with Fishmonger and didn't get a single rune
  2. Experiments

    As a reality check on digging, I performed these experiments at a nice looking beach 25km from home. The shack came in really handy during my travels since I wound up with quite a few ingots and wound up sleeping there several times.

    The results of my first/only two test runs are shown below. The results surprised badly!

    • counter-intuitive
    • this trashes my understanding of the defintion of the stats
      • ought to determine the role of finesse in this if there is to be any hope of salvaging it
    Both Digs <Iron Shovel> <Crystal Shovel>
    Strength Good+  
    Finesse Good Average
    Resilience Legendary+  
    Insight Good+ Great
    Charm Good+ Great
    Repairs 1 1

    The rejuv/arrow rune numbers.. meaningless, let someone who knows their stuff and can rebalance their stats or keep them godlike rerun this.

    DIG #1 <Iron Shovel> <Crystal Shovel>
    Crystal Ingots Made 83 83
    Total Runes 50 26
    Elemental Runes 4 0
    Rejuvenation Runes 1 4
    Arrow Runes 0 2
    DIG #2 <Iron Shovel> <Crystal Shovel>
    Crystal Ingots Made 83 83
    Total Runes 26 33
    Elemental Runes 4 6
    Rejuvenation Runes 0 0
    Arrow Runes 0 0
    • 332 Crystal Ingots and 135 Runes richer, I'm not complaining.
    • without notes and interruptions these numbers might take ~90mins?

8.2.5 Notes

So would you all save those runes or make something from them?
Not sure what the best option here is.

Hm, I think it depends on what is your highest stat

If you have high insight, and a bunch of spell slots 
it could be better to craft the runes into spells

If you have bad insight then casting spells isn't that good,
 because you burn a lot of your stamina doing so
Selfcast spells are good in that case
Like wards, shields or blessings

Those take less stamina to use, and you can couple them
 with good effector runes (like rejuvenation) to support your run

8.3 Spells

8.3.1 Intro

(expert info is on the way)

  • See Obelisk for Spell-levels and leveling, and Runes, of course.

Basically, you

  • chose an elemental rune to determine what type of damage and what elemental effect it does,
  • a “stabilizer” to determine what type of spell it is (long range, AoE, etc) and
  • an effector rune to apply additional effects when you cast it (like blinding enemies, getting buffs on yourself, etc


  • Spell type + 2 elements + effect adds random stabilizer
  • If you don't use any elemental runes, only a stabilizer and effector, you get an arcane spell
  • You can put 2 spells on weapons and armor. (scrolls /use
  • Curse spell + any damaging spell is a really good combo to get
  • in case you want to know spear and blade are generally considered good spells


  • Two elements (preferably including water)
    • rune of shields + rune of rejuvenation gives what I consider the best spell in the game.
  • Because shield increases attunement to all elements, but does so more so for the elements included in its spell. This makes it so you can max an attunement with a shield of that element + 3(? 2? it's been a while since I played) runes on Masterwork equipment.


  • Okay, something I did discover is that you can make randomized spells with just elemental runes
  • Think you can add a thing to document that?
  • for ex:
    • Dark + earth rune
      • example: "moon force - cast a force of earth and darkness to damage the target"
    • Two earth gave me a tome of earth shield, then an earth chain

8.3.2 Scrolls

If I was an Artificer I might know something about them. But I'm not. At this point I just just them into a waterproof container in the warehouse for use in Dungeons later on.

Doing that I've learned that there are scrolls that do and scrolls that teach.

Here's what I know about these

8.3.3 Spell-tombs

The second kind of is obviously better and rarer and I get the sense that the someone who makes them was more likely to use his or her rarest runes on them so that they could learn their complicated spells at will in the future. But as all of the uncommon runes seem rarest to me at this point, I can't judge that right.

One day I'll crack the secret of that secret organization connecting the elders, nobles and the shaded figure who at least saved my life if he didn't outright summon me into this world..

8.3.4 You must have a healing spell

  • It's recommended to use a Rune of Rejuvenation
  • More water attunement = more healing on water-infused-weapon heavies
  • Rejuvenation is very powerful and you only seem to need a single rune to make a spell from it. (powerful subject to ..insert yeah long disclaimer here <g>)
  1. Water Chain of Rejuvenation

    I wound up making a "Water Chain of Rejuvenation" and upgraded it using Obelisk Shards until it became "Flawless". Its not that great with my stats yet but it doubles as an offensive spell which keeps enemies where they are while i heal a little every turn for a few turns. It might be awesomer for a ranged class to use chain spells, but its good enough to keep melee guys from ganging up on me too badly.

    I know you experts out there are saying to yourselves.. what an idiot, doesn't he know.. and I want to stop you right there! I know its not perfect, but its fine to have to drop an item from your pack if there's not anything else in range for you to cast the chain on.

    Anyway.. I had no shield runes when I made the spell 50 days ago. And I still don't have one, nor did I get another rejuvenation rune since. So if you like hoarding to figure things out, try not to be stupid about it, these things are meant to be used .. and you can always spend a week fishing and digging at a beach. I will ;)

8.3.5 Notes on Elemental Damage

  • When you're making elemental spells, think about using two elemental runes for

broader damage & protection.


I did some testing about the light element, apparently at no attunement the illumination debuff lasts for about a single attack

At max level it's about 10 moments

The critical damage doesn't seem to scale with attunement, just its duration

Right after the illumination fades, the target is !revealed for a single turn

Still not sure if +critical damage stacks with other sources

Ok, this may not be conclusive, but an obsidian mace with a |hardened tack| takes about 4 hits to kill a combat dummy. If you have the Fury condition it takes only 3 hits

  • Any finesse weapon of size 2 or more benefits a lot from quickness
  • still, air quickness is terrible compared to the spell alternative
  • I'd prefer going through the 2 steps of effort to add an air rune to my weapon, which gives me quickness extremely often, than having to max out water attunement for decent healing

8.3.6 Random Notes

Something very good to have if you have 2 or more spell slot 
is a curse spell + another damaging spell.
Probably better if you have 3 spell slots, 
so you have some utility in your last one

yeah fire spear adn curse is brutal
lol, Spear of brutality:

and have like a ward of healing for a 3rd spell
shields is also good as an option, because it boosts your attunement:)

I saw one of my mercs had casted a shield
And I looked at the stats on my reanimated corpse the shield was casted on
And it had attunement in the shield's element

Earth + Fire means slow + poison + burning (maybe?) and extra damage

9 Topics

9.1 Attack Types

9.1.1 Intro

There are four kinds of attack in FARA. These come as two classes and are listed here.

To be clarified and added: all the ways in which these can be applied.

There are eight types of damage in FARA. The six Elemental Damage Types have their own section since they are variations on these two themes.

All damage taken can be lowered through the "Damage Reduction" provided through a shield and the Gatekeeper's innate 'Protect' ability.

Further, elemental damage is reduced by Insight and how well attuned your magical shield, class- buffs (need info!) and (innate?) acquired Traits such as the .. of the .. faction make you.

Its worth noting that being sleepy and in a bad mood has serious consequences. You loose (~?) 6 stat points in all your attributes from such an combo when you go out and party in such a condition.

9.1.2 Physical

Physical damage scales with Strength/Finesse.

  • Elemental Effects on hard-attacks.
  • Melee/Strength
    • slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing,
    • (see Radiant hand trait if you're looking for physical resistances)
  • Ranged/Finesse

Elemental runes on your weapon give you a bonus and weaken your target.

If you have more than one elemental rune on your weapon, then they will alternate with each hard attack you make.

FARA canon suggests usinng a single water-rune on your melee weapon and nothing else – since the extra water-attunement will make your rejuvenating healing spell work better for you – and of course weaken a foe's healing potential as well.

  1. Bludgeoning

    includes falling down a Hole.

  2. Cutting

    includes getting rushed by a Kensai.

  3. Piercing

    includes getting stung by Bees.

9.1.3 Magical/Arcane

Magical damage (ranged elemental and arcane) scales with Insight.

.. and then there is Arcane, an untyped damage belonging to no element at all.

Mobs don't seem to use it nor do they appear to have resistance against it. If you feel like doing without the elemental effects, think 'Arcane'.

If you use an Arcane Shield (or other arcane infused items) you do more damage? and resist arcane spells.

9.2 Combat

Seven7Eleven the Great, seemingly sole maintainer of the Wiki, recently has made a good page on combat which i want to annotate some more: Combat and Tactics

9.3 Encounters

Ambushes and things you'll find on locals maps but which are not otherwise visible. Locations I know about from before or have found on the map have their own section.

9.3.1 Abandoned Shack

Single Building in the woods, no hostiles, tool-chest .. and a single powerful trap.

  • need more data

9.3.2 Ambushes

Going somewhere new, you spy a Big Chest out in the open.. just a dash away and noone's here.. you search, and seing nothing you dash.. into your doom.

Careful with the greed man, if it looks to good to be true, it is.

You've been warned, not that it matters. Good luck getting out ouf there!

Note: I've had a BigChest appear out of the blue the moment i found my first young cat while on a woodcutting trip in the nearby woods. I wonder if that was some kind of nod to potential cat-lovers, but i definitely made sure to search on almost every step on the way to pick up that loot.

There were no hostiles on the map, and the cat and cow seem to have become fast friends down at the stables. (file under 'ambushed by cats')

9.3.3 Arcane Obelisk

"Powerful Magic"

Obelisk building let's you upgrade spells

  • Upgrades for spells you've learned.
  • Costs the same as if you had unlocked an Obelisk in your settlement!
  • The cheapest and most thrilling way to upgrade your spells is to hunt for ruinous ruins since you'll always? find an obelisk shard among the loot there. A shards is just large enough power a single upgrades so perhaps save it for the last upgrade or two to save 20 or 35 shard, paying for it with the risk you're taking on. Just be clear about what you're getting into and read the intro notes for the locations to tweak the ruin's Difficulty.

9.3.4 Burning House

Danger Will Robinson

The Burning House can be a real oh-sh*t experience. It could be on any tile that you stumble on pyromanic imps that shoot you with magma right when you land. I didn't find any until I had complete all the buildings in Relica and it may be ok to save your paranoia until then.

Extrapolating from my random encouter I suspect the imps were not really malicious, simply driven to madness by the guy making horrible music. I mean, wouldn't he live in town with his <random instrument> if people appreciated his music?

  1. Dragging the guy

    I wish I had not forgotten to /grab and drag the unconscious SOB off the edge of the map to get him looked after. Which makes me think of something! Do you know that if you're dragging something or someone, all you need to do to let go, is to hold something else in that hand. Say you happen to get attacked, just draw your weapon and you'll let go what you were pulling.

    But hey, most people seem to mind if you drag them around. The ingame message about 'attacking' might actually mean something, even when you're all alone, dragging an unconscious person away from a burning house.

    Not sure what I'm to do with the guy. He used to drop some loot for saving him in that old version I played; See if you can figure out what you need to do to wake him up again!

9.3.5 Caverns

Mine Mine! Large nodes. If you've not mined before, they are a good reason to make a decent pickaxe and take a light and workbench on the road with you.

9.3.6 Cultists

"You hear rythmic chanting in the distancs"

Meet a groups of Magic using Fiends that don't like you being in their space.

And listen, even if these guys are Amateurs at whatever it is they are doing, you will be happy to be carrying your finest cuisine for buffs and restauration since it's surely going to hurt to run into them! You may get lucky and grab their food if you win, but don't count on it.

9.3.7 Graveyard

There's a lot of tombstones in this place. It's been said that there's more to this place that hasn't been discovered yet.

  • good place to collect soil (for pottery?) :)
  • digging up and smashing all the tombstones hasnt revealed anything to me yet.
    • but i can't stop looking at who they buried there in hopes of solving the puzzle.

9.3.8 Outposts

Faction Scouts going about their business, catching up on making maps, sharing waypoints with you. Usually a single building in any kind of biome, fireplace, usually some domestic food animal and perhaps an herb or two.

9.3.9 Travelers/Caravan

(old info)

These travelers seem to have a traitor between them.

  • Talk to them to figure out who it is!

As you traverse the world of FARA you might come upon caravans along your way. A caravan consist of 5 travellers and talking to any of them you'll find out that they have recently been attacked. They suspect one of their own, and this gives you the chance to play detective.

Each person will list how long they've been with the group, their personal reason for travelling, as well as a good and bad thing to do at their destination. These are the clues to identify the odd one out.

As a reward for solving the mystery you gain the following:

  • 1x big chest,
  • 1x artisan tool kit,
  • 2x randomized tools,
  • 1x iron shiv,
  • 1x lockpick
  1. Tips for solving the mystery

    Typically the activities mentioned fall into the following categories [study], [trade], [relaxing], [family], and [entertainment]. You will need to talk to all the travellers and figure out which one they report as the absolute worst to do at the destination. If two activities are tied, one of them is unlikely to be used as an alibi by anyone. Confronting and accusing the traveller who says they're going there for this purpose will unlock a fight. The culprit will turn hostile and try to kill you. Two ambushers will show up and assault the culprit first, and you second. After winning the fight you can peacefully collect the rewards.

    At the type of writing, it is unclear if telling on the culprit will just fail the event.

    Once the event is over all travellers that have not been accused (you could accuse the wrong one and fail the event) will offer a quest, similar to commoners in towns.

  2. Dude!

    I wound up accusing someone based on nothing more than them saying they wanted peace and quiet and were going to a place for the entertainment.

    Mayhem ensued, loot dropped and in the end only the guy sitting the furthest away from the action survived the assault by the accused's pals. three dead to solve a robbery. wth!

    now the shivering sole survivor and inheritor of all the trashy loot i can't haul away want to make funeral music with a clay triangle. a clay triangle! one moment while i get him one..

    wait! one body is missing. ah! one more survivor after all. he freaked out and ran away. good for him.

9.3.10 Wishing Well

You'll know what you'll get, just not when. cool.

9.3.11 Just plain cool

Random things and places one might never see again..

  • An Equestrian NPC riding a Gryphon
  • An Island in the middle of a deep lake
  • Rivers running through a map
  1. Cow pasture

    Found a serene pasture with a cow, a little lake, lots of flowers, and a BigChest. I petted the cow a zillion times, fed her a flower and took her to the nearest settlement.

  2. A shrouded figure

    Just that. Empty woods, Orange Square. Hollow eyes look at me and the figure vanishes before I can inspect them. Spooky. Is he the guy taking all the kids I can't find? Was he in one of the graves I dug up? What did I stumble on? I just needed a wooden log! Should I dig there? /pug wonders on, then, wait! ..

    Awakening as from a dream, he recalls the moment his memories began. There he had seen that figure loitering over one of the bandits that keep coming after him and his cow. Did that figure save him from a certain death? Is he somehow connected to that society of researchers only elders seem to know about?

9.4 Enemies

Have not cared to keep better track of these yet.

9.4.1 Bees

(via www)

Allied with and harmless to Beekeepers.

Bee-Hives are craftable by anyone in posession of the recipe, giving all classes the ability to run around swarmed by beneficial swarms!

Bee Type Bonus to anyone / Malus to non Beekeepers
Beautiful Lifts mood of beekeepers
Disruptive Interrupts the actions of non-beekeepers
Furious Does more damage/sting
Harvester Creates honey while swarming things
Nurturing Heals swarmed entities
Scouting UNKNOWN/Explore the surrounding overland

9.4.2 Imps

Imps seem humanoid and seem to pop out of nowhere, ready to dish out elemental damage.

Types Prefix
Fire Ember
Air Breeze
Water Rain
Earth Grass
Light Glimmer
Darkness ?
  • Going through a lot of ruins, i've yet to see the last kind'

9.5 Factions

When you rank up in a faction, by doing quests for them or bribing one of their officers with 10..100(200?) medals, you get access to their traits, which give some very good bonuses.

9.5.1 About

  1. Jade circle: Social/stealth

    Is a really good faction for stealthy characters (has one of the best traits for spellcasters)

  2. Radiant hand: Combat/Tanking/buffs and debuffs

    Focusing on Strength? go for the hand!

    The three first Radiant Hand Traits give you Damage Reduction against Piercing, Slashing and Bludgeoning Damage

  3. Will of the wild: Resource gathering/crafting/exploration

    Is good for crafting a lot of stuff, and getting a lot of loot

    Traits will give you options in crafting such as:

    • Reduces material costs of all craftable items
    • Increases materials gathered from foraging skills

9.5.2 Ranks

Ok, I messed up the science on this by doing a single quest for Jade Circle before I began paying attention. But maybe that didn't turn out all that bad.

Also, I cheated a little bit by doing this twice. Feeding the man, and you'll have to figure out which one it is, one medal at a time for this table:

Faction Ranks Medals to get Rank Traits Trait-Cost By Others
Recruit 1q 3 Minor 10 Watched
Squire 1q,1m 5 Minor 15 Wanted
Knight 1q,4m 2 Minor 20 Enemy
Champion 1q,8m 2 Minor 25 Hated
Commander 1q,13m 2 Minor 30 Despised
Legend 1q,19m 1 Major 35 Scourge
  1. The Diplomat trait in action

    After reloading and doing it a second time, I took the Jade Circle's Diplomat trait right after giving the man just one Medal to add to my reputation.

    This resulted in me becoming a "Legend of the Jade Circle" while being 'merely' hated insted of despised. Which is cool.

    Faction Ranks Medals to get Rank Traits Trait-Cost By Others
    Legend 1q,19m 1 Major 35 Hated

    See the /factions (aka "F") window for a full list of Traits and the ranks required to purchase them.

    • Trait Cost: Shards per trait purchased at that level.
    • Don’t enter Castles of the Factions that hunt you unless you want a fight.
      • Fortresses are ok, just not Castles

    Even as a momentary Diplomat I at best hope to neutralize my relations with the different factions. Achieving world-peace and good relations with everyone appears to be an imposibility to me atm. Perhaps one day close to never, I'll overcome my usual Avg- Charisma and try as a Politician.

9.5.3 Wanted

Don't think that it goes unobserved when your Thieving fails or you start murdering random people – who are mostly/all? aligned with a faction.

I've experimented and see it go from Unknown to Watched, Wanted, Enemy, Hated, Despised & Scourge by/of a Faction!

It may be interresting to try this with a stronger character who has medals enough to bribe their way back out of a hole. As is, my experimental guy quickly died to an Assassin sent after him. .. So, don't be a prick .. don't steal unless you're sure that you won't fail.

9.5.4 Traits

Check the Faction trait lists through the /factions window, click a faction and choose to see the list of traits and their cost in shards from the menu.

It is technically possible to get traits from multiple factions, but it requires some grinding as each medal given to a faction will decrease your reputation with the other two. You can also try to do some Reputation juggling by getting the Diplomat trait and/or being the Politician class to obtain maximum rep with more than one faction at a time.

You have three changeable trait slots! In addition to your unchangeable class trait, you have two minor trait slots and one major trait slot you get to pickup and repeatedly change out through study and with the help of your Faction.

On your labyrinthine journeys you're likely to find Manuals that bestow Traits upon you. Thus there's no need to rush headlong into alliances with Factions who's ultimate intentions you can't ever be sure about anyway.

9.5.5 Trait Manuals

There are manuals for all Faction specific traits waiting to be found ingame. I suppose the higher ranked manuals are less frequent.

Later on, finding and grinding Labyrinths is a thing more rewarding for the loot than the trait manuals. But it's sure cool to find something like "Defuser" and be able to start your own collection of Traps. Whatever you find will let you game the game in interresting ways!

Once you game your relations with the factions, you'll be able to swap any and all of the traits.

9.6 NPCs

How and how often you interact with an NPC affects your relationship with them. You will quickly become Best Friends with Relica's Elder and other quest-givers you help .. leveling up your rewards in the process.

9.6.1 Arcane Researcher

Though often found muttering to themselves, the Arcane Researcher, psychic and creative as he appears to be gives you a fair deal. He offer the following 5 options, letting you obtain, among other things, a rune of "Something" from him for a number of shards. These somethings could be:

Something Cost  
Destructive 3 well, that's clear
Protective 3 i can imagine that too
Primordial 3 that would have to be elemental runes
Supplemental 2 decide what that could be later
Unknown 2 <- But look at that!

The first interaction I had with him was to buy something unknown of course. And what I got wasn't a random thing, but a rune I had never seen before! Trying again of course I got a very highly rated rune, the rune of spears. But I already had one of thos in inventory.

So I don't know. Did his psychic let him give me one kind of rune that I had never had before then picking something destructive randomly? I'll have to solicit and wait for feedback to get clear on that, or try it again in the next game. Respect!

Can sometimes be found randomly as you're stumbling through the wilderness.

9.6.2 Dummy

The combat dummies you'll find in all settlements give you a taste of the damage put out by attackers of different ranks. By going between towns and challenging different dummies you can experiment with your offensive options to learn how small differences between weapons and styles that don't show up when you look at only item stats.

That experiment might be quite a geeky thing, but we should have a table here to demonstrate the power hiding in different Stat Brackets.

9.6.3 Elders

The real power in fara; Colludes with the Researchers and likely with that hostile shaded figure that saved your life when your memories first began.

9.6.4 Escortees

Source of infinite unique items of middling power .. which .. when you have collected way to many, might allow you to think yourself as well equipped as someone solidly in 'The Age of Steel'. Perhaps a little better than that; But as the quality of their Thank you's vary quite a bit, its not unheard of to find their dead bodies in Dungeons and Monster Dens.

9.6.5 Gambler

The Gambler/ "Shady Gamer" is actually really useful!

If you have a ton of runic dust, you can use the gambler to get any tool recipes you don't have yet, and more importantly, get very rare materials.

He gives you 25% odds, for an average price of 4 dust per win :)

Not bad at all. A friend suggests you take the odd because you savscumming the shady isnt just shadierer, it won't guarantee you an outcome either. Still, if you must at least keep betting on the same choice each time or simply make another choice each next round and stick with that. I can't believe I just told you that!

9.6.6 Guards

These will gang up on you and you'll want to be really careful to not get the Elder involved in a fight because he will end your game by kicking you out of 'his' world permanently.

9.6.7 Farmers

A real <Gem> from Discord!

"It was a random encounter, there was 1 small building, 2 commoners, and 1 farmer NPC. The farmer NPC only gave quests to collect and return 2-3 crops (items) from around the map, rewarding a tool chest or small check for each completed quest.

I could repeat these indefinitely, and after a while, the chests became refined, and then artisan. The artisan small chests gave artisan items, which I mostly salvaged, giving me runic shards. Basically, the farmer is a safe and infinite (albeit a little tedious) source of runic shards."

9.6.8 Nobles

Also appear to colludes with the researchers, but their power and influence in the realm is nowhere near to that of the Elders. Not much is known about the transformation of Nobles to Elders, nor do all that many survive into old age.

9.6.9 Riddler

Random guy who found and ate the only mushrooms ever seen in FARA, blowing out his brains, asks you a single question before falling into some kind of stupor.

9.6.10 Scouts

  • Scouts give waypoints to settlements within a range they know about
    • you might not get more distant destinations unless you quest from
    • either the last visited settlement, or the furthest one they knew.
  • All scouts within, some bubble around Relica know the same things, your discoveries elsewhere don't change that.
  • They do not all belong to Will of the Wild Faction.

9.6.11 Smuggler

Insight Good+, Charm Average:

"You give 27 Crystal Ingots to Cheeky Smuggler. 
..A Cheeky Smuggler nods and casually places 13 Iron Ingots on the ground."

Insight Good+, Charm Good+:

"You give 27 Crystal Ingots to Cheeky Smuggler. 
..A Cheeky Smuggler nods and casually places 13 Iron Ingots on the ground."

Iron and Crystal are both uncommon. He gave back half of the same rarity, rounded down, Charm doesnt matter to him it seems, would have seen it round differently..

9.6.12 Thief

You forgot to close the door one night and now there's that shifty looking fellow standing right next to you, decked out in your newly upgraded gear, asking for assistance.

Hmm.. somehow you learn that

  • crafting takes about 105 moments.
  • unconscious people don't drown in wells.
  • its morning, daylight. you're going to loose rep or your gear no matter what
  • /grab /choke /eat zesty-dish/meal, /wear fin-gear /stealth /rob them blind .. all cost you faction rep because you'll need to end the guy and hope to loot your stuff that way. and ending costs you. not to much if your thieving fails when stealthed, but still..

and then mustardfiend chimes in thus:

I had something similar happen to me in a past run, where I rested overnight at a castle. Woke up, had a bunch of good stuff swiped, and there was a random commoner just standing there with those very items. Tried stealing them back, which didn't work, and they started running away. Out of desperation, I yelled at them, hoping the guards would dogpile the thief. They dropped the items and ran off. Guards just sat there.

/say thief gets them to drop everything they stole and act embarrassed.

Does not appear to work in the wilderness where there are no guards around.


After winning by assembling the key, I met my first thief because I had gotten complacent about closing the door in Relica. Since then I've experimented, and thieves have appeared every single night, sometimes taking not just my weapon but also upto two pieces of armor. That's going from never to always, making me think that winning was a bad idea! Lets hope I've run into a bug here.

9.6.13 Townies

See Desperate Times.

Commoners can also be stumbled upon while traveling.

9.6.14 Traders

Found randomly on the map.. is a trader who atm no one actually knows what to do with them. A bug was fixed after I reported my story. To be seen what he does now. Share if you find one!

  1. My Story (from before the bug-fix)

    TRADER… He said he had nothing to trade, so i gave him some loot, left the map to get some more, came back, he was gone .. but had left me a BigChest. Please try that if you see one and confirm!

    (This seeming discover appears to have surfaced a bug and atm, an upcoming update will reset the game of figuring out what traders do. Perhaps they'll soon trade? Stay tuned!)

9.6.15 Unconscious Adventurer

Some are fakers, the others, well, unconscious just like that musician we found in that burning house last week. In FARA it seems all musicians are failures living in the woods, annoying even the imps! But I digressed..

Mine didn't like fruit or drink, but I finally figured out something I could feed them to get them back on their feet.

9.7 Party

9.7.1 Intro

  • Press "p" for party details.
  • Commanders can support three party members, all other classes can manage just two.
    • It not clear to me if Botanist's plants count against the limit
  • Escort quests' Escortees don't count against your party-size-limit.
  • Musical Instruments much bigger than yourself can be held to cheer up your party via /play.
  • /Dance is also a mood-booster. In some locations it winds up killing otherwise friendly NPC's who arn't Fishmongers. You'll know it when you see it.
  • Your stamina will return when you leave the map after dancing, but not that of your party members!. Wait an hour ">" to let them catch their breath!
  • In other games, i often like travelling alone. In FARA, not yet.
  • Talk to your Party Members to chat and control their equipment and general stance.

9.7.2 Mercenaries

In general these appear to be much stronger than you would suspect them to be from their listed attributes.

  • have a nice clickety screen to equip them through
  • can't learn spells from tombs
  • can't learn traits from manuals
  • will give back your stuff
    • must click-items or "/say drop you xyz"
      • makes it ok to hired them for a closer look at their stats.
      • have them drop their stuff before they get killed as "the dead have nothing to steal," right?

9.7.3 Pets

Pet animals till they get ecstatic, then feed some stuff. If there's room in your party they should join right away.

  • Wild boars can be found in forests and they're absolute chads in combat
  • Replace them with Grizzlies asap and upgrade from there
  • Other bears are timid, they run away scared and sometimes pull animal attackers. after /exit they come back. fun during the early days.

If you want to, say, have a private chat with the local nobles or hunt the wumpus, i mean minotaur, then its good to know that you can dismiss your animal pals from the party without them holding a grudge against you. If you want them to rejoin you later you'll wish you had already dropped some food to bribe them with right where you left them!

9.7.4 Mounts

  • Saddles (as saddle-bags?)
  • Enemy mounts, /inspect, not hostile, not tameable.
    • do they seem to attract new hostiles overnight!?

9.8 Quests

9.8.1 Intro

You can figure these out by your self, don't sweat them. If there's trouble you had to run from, kids or monsters or items and belongings you can't find, drop the damn quest without penalty and get a new batch from the elder, the always needy people of the realm and/or those workers you brought into your settlement.

Here are some really dumb observations about quests:

There are more types tied to specific locations. I need to add more info here.

Elder Assassination, Bounty

9.8.2 Beastslayer you!

Listen man, I know you want to make a name for yourself, impress the Elder and all that; Don't deny it, we've all been there. But let me give me you a hint about this thing you dont want to ask about … Those tracks you're looking for, they have the beast's name in it and 9 out of ten times you find them in one of the 8 directions just a single step away from the settlement. That other time, you'll to take two steps to find them.

See, I saw you pondering. Yep, that's why you couldn't find that monster the other day. Now be careful reading the tracks!

9.8.3 Desperate Times

You know that times are desperate when almost overyone, no, make that everyone you meet that's not out to kill you offers you ancestral heirlooms as rewards for things you've never seen.

Needy as they are, they want foods that noone in their right mind would care to eat, Weapons and other items you have never heard of. And they send you to unknown places too. Always they have needs in places you've never been, make you deliver the weirdest trinkets or their odd selves to hard to find people and places. The heirlooms from their illustrious ancestors, those medals, just like their inane request never seem to run out.

Well, ok, some of the folks that you ferry between places are actually interesting to talk to and would appear new to the game and a bit naive as they just give you unique and valuable items that you can actually use.

Maybe you stumbled upon some underground railroad where people of different factions are relocating all over the map because they are planning something.

(at this point pug starts dancing to cheer himself up.)

Ok, at least sometimes they had no idea they were paying waay too much for your services.

9.8.4 Escort Quests

  • seems you can always?/often? find a delivery and an escort, or two escorts with the same destination!
    • makes it doubly worthwhile to /slw waypoint your npc so you can check what they want without keepingg too many notes by hand.
  • escortees do not count towards the party limit.
    • for ex, with merc, pet and 2 escortees "P" showed '4 of 2'.
  • probabably easier when started in the morning than at night
    • (well… if you're escorting guys stronger than yourself, then it might profit to travel at night for what seems is a greater chance at getting ambushed)
  • tbd if escortees tolerate detours and or 'excessive' camping out.
  • apparently they are a source of infinite custom/random weapons and gear
    • atm the wh crucible seems like a good place to keep those.

9.8.5 Missing Kid Quests

(from the notes of earlier pug.)

Stupid Kids! First you can never find them, then you do find one, and when you bring them home in the middle of the night they want to play hide and seek and you have to find them in 15 minutes or so. Totally Bogus! aaaargh.

Yet again you need to build a shelter. And you need search. At least without either I've not found a single kid yet. Then you need to rest until morning so you don't need to make light to find them again whence back in town and they start playing their games. For that you need to have local waypoints by which to move yourself through the settlement without going nuts. Do you have those?

And then you learn about how to make Burlap Dolls. Or perhaps they have that very last exclusive item elite tier BP you had forgotten you wanted. I might never learn what they are about cause I can't find the buggers!

Sometimes I find tracks leading to unknown dens instead of children. Are these really just another type of innvitation to suicide myself? Do i really need to press "s" so that I /search every square inch of the site? Or should I stop being of attracting attention and just run around the location and /shout come here? Probably.

9.8.6 Suicide Quests

(excerpt from a letter by future pug.)

When you get to a new settlement a cheeky elder there is likely to invite you, the stranger, to suicide by quest.

Accept then drop any kill-a-champion and other suspicious sounding quests after visiting their locations without entering. Turn their game against them by going there to scout for landmarks of interrest in the general area. Enter a few random tiles nearby to look for 'who knows what' that spawned there!

Wait with the scary quests until you have legendary stats and artisan equipment, or something close to that. Or wait until you are already thriving at a place even further from Relica than where you first got the suicide invitations.

If you rush yourself, you'll die. Farawella!

10 Pug's Notes

10.1 The Ages

As you will see later in this guide there are several tiers of materials in FARA. And for argument's sake lets call the main material you're using and finding, equivalent to being in an age.

You'll be able to survive many if not most of the random encounters near Relica with relative ease since the Amateur opponents you meet so close to the hub of lowest difficulty don't have equipment better than yours.

Spending time near Relica allows you to not just learn the game but collect any number of recipes for later use since your ability to re-craft anything you find using materials is unmatched. Getting these materials, learning the nuances of your gear and how to enhance it properly lets you you advance advancing to somet like a later age.

10.2 The Magic

As you find your basic stats and damage resistance risen to something like 'the iron' age Magic, that is elemental attacks become more of an issue for you.

Enter the elemental resistance which you now learn to give to your gear by applying runes to it. Letting these get to average and better is quite a challenge and a profound mystery at first.

You have access to elemental runes that you can apply to your gear, situational food and drink providing buffs, even a Commander Level Faction Trait to help resist the most devious of enemies!

10.3 Strategy

Maybe I don't really have one!

(Notes from Garon)

ATM, landing in relica in the middle of my house, on top of a crate, surrounded by 8 others, with excesses stored in the warehouse still works out great.

leveling up my gear seemed a good thing in the beginning, but now i'm playing it differently, and it looks like my next game might be all about finding and farming as many labyrinth as i can since with a few judiciously placed waypoints they are a safe way of gathering rewards and traits without having to make the elder and other questgivers into best friends.

This would allow me to pick a direction and settle in a settlement that's 100, perhaps even 200 km away from relica within the first few weeks ingame.

I'm still at ~10k points having played it like a turtle in order to research what the game is like not. Its amazing that i survived this long, at least to me it is. If I ever hit 75k, I could see having a good time with the commander since labys would help me level up any crew in relative peace and quiet. A few legendary pieces of gear on me and an NPC, the profits from a laby shared with him of course, have now let me conquer a brutal monster in a den. Moving on and up in the equipment power, hopefully fully entering the steel and later ages so i can move out and discover what's out there at the 200++ km horizon!

10.4 Trick out your map!

Use /setlocalwaypoint aka /slw at your spawn, at every house, donation chest, and every last npc on the map. Greet NPC's and put their names into the waypoint name. You'll be glad you did!

There are several buildings of which you'll want to expand at least the warehouse within the first few weeks game-time. It offers a way to access quite a bit of stuff from elsewhere. A local waypoint at the spawn and on the warehouse donation chest will save you a lot of time.

"W" makes zooming around the local map quick and convenient. That is unless there are doors, pets, npc, or even the well along the path. Its not perfect yet but "W" is a huge help. Use /slw until it becomes a habit.

10.5 Item Management

Where you keep your stuff is up to you!

But there's one thing you have to know: WARNING NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING ON THE SPAWN tile! FARA's advanced teleportation mechanism creates an intense rush of air as your body materializes – and that scatters anything you might have left there through the immediate area. Try it out.

Anyway, I'm still learning to play the game and I have yet to win. But this is my second run at it in 3 years and I find that starting as a horder with a base in Relica is again teaching me what I don't need or want, and how to deal with everything else. Here's the scoop on what works for me.

10.5.1 InShelter

  1. Latest

    Next game.. I'm working on plans to rework the warehouse based on where the door is in relationship to the spawn. I'll keep the donations box which you later turn into upgraded storage free and clear with a /slw waypoint right next to it so i can use /dropall and/or /ds right there.

    In the NW/NE I'm envisioning 9 storage chests each. a /slw in the center to navigate, on the left the 3x3 design i've gotten used to, on the right, storages to hold whatever excesses so i have them close yet out of the way.

    i'd like to make the main entrance be north of the crucible with lights and so on. I'm not sure about where exactly to put a resting /slw nor about exactly where to put the kitchen:

    • 5 fireplaces for the stat foods
    • 6 fireplaces for the elemental food
    • foods and ingredients on the floor
    • possibly no storages but put behind a door
      • for easy dumping with /ds, splitting/pickups etc

    tbd. I'm now looking for a settlement some 300km from relica which i can stealth to in 2 hops without winding up in a lake.

  2. Update!

    After thriving for 132 days I'm ready to leave this layout behind.

    I worked beautifully. I used just two storages and was able to do get in and out very quickly. But now that I want storages I'm make the warehouse into Pug's house and place 8 storages around the crucible. This frees up a workbench and allow the main problem with this layout – the escortees that I wound up bringing into relica to no longer cramp my style. Mind you, they go their own way after you're not in town for a while, but its better this lest I give another precious item to them or the elder by accident.

    So as last night, this is the concept:

    Woody Clothy Foody
    Metally Crucible Tooly+
    Undecided Beddy Runy
    • Woody/Clothy/Metally play together really well because of the number of items that wind up in these storages.
    • Foods has the Booze, Honey, Eggs, Meats, Venoms, Feathers, Nests and Beehives.
    • Tooly all my "{<(Equipment)>}", all Shards, Medals, Lights, Lockpicks & Elemental Runes.
    • Runy all the Effect and Stabilizer runes
    • Beddy, a bed and useless flavor trinkets such as towel, blanket, pillow, a stuffed fuzzy doll, and all the Balls of wax and yarn a real hero needs.
    • Undecided holds Gear and ammo for what will be my mercs. I'm still happy with my grizzly atm.

    This leaves huge piles of crystals & leather and the problem of cooked foods.

    I've not worked it out, but there will be 8 firepits and some kind of sensible way of dealing with buff/food preparation further south in the warehose.

  3. Initially

    I build a 7x7 house around the elder and the spawn point, so i'm close to my piles, quests and right next to a bed, a brazier and the door for the most restful healing sleep in every settlement I open.

    THIS is incredibly useful with local waypoints and I get a lot of mileage out of it! The base layout takes 23 planks, 4 braziers (8 rocks) and a door (2 wooden blocks)

    In Relica I use this arrangement:

    Brazier Runy - Booze Brazier
    - The Elder - - Fruits
    Woody Clothy Buffy - Seeds
    Metally Spawn - - Flowers
    Brazier Bed - Storage Brazier
    • A workbench to the left of the spawn
    • Clothy has all the animal parts as well
    • In the Storage: Alternate items of awesomeness, a spare sack.
    • Under the Storage: Ammunition, Lockpicks, Ropes, Medals, Shards

    I have a /setkey for "/drop 8" and find using that and moving around quite effective to get the excess out of my inventory most of the time.

    • Runy has a storage for named runes and is a dump for elemental runes
    • The bed still needs a blanket and a pillow.

    I started replicating this elsewhere but wound up just sleeping in the house (useful!) and dumping things around the outpost warehouse crucibles.

    1. Feedback on the home office

      This can be condensed quite a bit I'd say first of all that it should be simple things

      "Misc" "Materials" "Equipment" "Food" "Runes" "Valuable"

      That condenses Woody + Clothy + Metally and Buffy + Booze + Fruits + Seeds + Flowers

      Second of all, the brazier layout is bad (I think) because last I checked brazier light is blocked by item piles (which sucks)

10.5.2 Warehousing

Unlock this Building ASAP!

"There is nothing in any of my warehouses .. except in Relica's." - pug.

First off, I don't really like the slow interaction with the storage bins in the warehouse.

Instead of holding an item-stack to put it into the the number 1 position and typing /giveall, I /give #x if its a single item and drop whatever stacked item right on top of the bins.

I dont use scrolls but I keep them in a bin next to the crucible because I already know that I will be desperate for them when I'm strong enough to get myself into the best part of the game I know, dungeons! (Please don't read that to mean that my avatar is mindless about hoarding. After all, some scrolls were meant to be /salvaged and he's read enough of this guide to know that!)

Sure, as player, I could /salvage everything, but my avatar isn't wired like that. He keeps fancy but not the fanciest kites, beehives, birds-nests, folded notes, toyswords and other things like that for flavour. Once in the warehouse, but these things are out of sight, not out of mind.

After opening up the (Refinery) I wound up with oddities like Tin Fiddles and Organs, Bone Spears and Goggles. I love the recipes, but instead of salvaging them right I stash away the Smith's output in the warehouse get an insight into what he's doing, knowing full well that the stash doubles as a rune-shard hoard.

Ammo. I got tons of ammo of all kinds. When I get a new ranged weapon I try them out and keep the nicest ones in a Storage box on which i all dump all spare ammo. I find that much easier than placing stacks into the box.

But listen, before you stash anything you find or loot, beat-up and or salvage the whatever because especially among the items you find on trees, surprises await!

  1. People who have seen more of the game know better things than dungeons!

    How cool is that?

    Check out this feedback: Dungeons! It's anything but "best"; It's an hour spent fumbling around in a dark maze trying to find a key and a door, dealing with stealthed enemies, and hidden traps! Dungeons are not the best part of the game. At all.

    To a long-time player of rogue-likes, that's an endorsement! and a promise for even better! <g>

  2. Thanks for paying attention!

    If you did, you will enjoy this random secret!

    • Peacocks drop an item that gives you FIN>>
    • Its kinda like the one with the milk :)

10.5.3 In the Crucible

For taking with me when traveling to a new settlement:

2 medals
10 ropes

For setting up the next house:

4 wooden logs building planks and door
8 rocks i like my braziers made of rock

For the next house, but also trips to the beach/lake/graveyard:

1 bed
1 workbench

Always in the Crucible

Sensible Uniques

Once /place takes a count we'll all be able to do a whole lot more with that ingenious invention!

10.5.4 In General

consider carrying

  • a fruit to boost your stamina in an emergency.
  • a workbench to repair your party's gear.
  • consider carrying a rope or a kite whenever you take a shovel out for a dig to avoid getting hurt should the ground give way under your feet.
  • lights are useful to trigger encounters at night, insure that you the full attention of legendary beasts living in dens, lighting your way in that labyrinth you are too proud to exit, and for finding out "what's down there" when you eventually lie, legs broken, in that cave you dug into.

As with backups of your computer, there are two kinds of people in the world, people who carry backups, and people who will.

10.6 Moving out and on

Again, complete the warehouse before you change settlements or do escort quests. When you go take 2 medals and 10 ropes with you to quickly complete the warehouse in your new place right away when you get there.

You'll also enjoy having spare a workbench, a bed and the materials you need for the next house at the new locale's spawn already in the crucible.

10.7 Upgrades

In each new settlement you reach you will find a set of tools to enhance your equipment's performance.. Search for them and you shall find these craftable gems.

But don't rush. Form a party, discover things and get settled and strong-ish.

After a while you and your party can handle all the kill quests the elder hands out, and you'll likely have a couple of waypoints to other settlement and NPC's eager to see you killed while you escort them there. When you are ready to look for those tools and recipes accept the escort and delivery quests to that new locale and leave right after waking up from resting.

Once you found them and are done marveling at your good luck from arriving alive, getting a unique item and finding the tools, make sure to /inspect, not /salvage them.

You can enhance the equipment of the proper type for your class which you will have discovered, equipped and understood by now, or ..

10.7.1 Enhance you Shovel!

After settling into the the new place, find a beach and grind runes in style.

Plan to stay at the beach/dig-site for a while. Put up a 5x5 with door and brazier for the good-morning buff and go rune hunting in safety close to home.

When you can make a second workbench, then when you have runes for rejuvenation and/or other spells go back to 'questing with the elder' until you have at least several iron pieces or whatever is best for your needs.

Take your workbench when you dig so you dont need to make repair kits. Your enhanced shovel will stay sharp that way. If you get bored digging, repeat the racket with a fishing-rod while staying in the same shelter. Perhaps you'll even put up a fire-pit for some extra 'positive outcome boosting' charisma buffing snacks! Oh, and have a rope on you, just in case.

I've heard that noone will mind if you dig up a graveyard from end to end dolled up in your finest charisma boosting gear either. But I'll let you try it first! Maybe after your next escort quest?

Shovel or Fishing rod, what do i know. Plus I'm dubious about iron as a material for either!

10.7.2 Fishing

I found a manual that tought me things about fishing. Then I made a great chrystal rod, took my workbench to the ocean with me and experienced an entire day passing without getting in the leastt bit tired, so great was the excitement from pulling rune after rune out of the water.

Every other time since, no more than 2 or 3 runes for again spending an entire day in the water.

Is this me; am i unlucky with the maps i picked? can i only have so much luck per day ingame? All these are open questions, I'll try fishing again later and see if my luck improves, after wearing out an entire workbench trying that's all i can do.

For me fishing works best if i start by typing /fish, and then alternate pressing "f" and "z", repairing the rod by right-clicking the workbench in between.

10.8 Traveling

We all know your avatar's a bit sensitive and often drops down to the local level because they sensed danger or spotted some cockroaches fight one another.

If the circle is blank of enemies, or you can make it so with a few steps away from the fight, do that! more often than not "X" /exit or clicking on your waypoint will take you out and put you back on the road!

And hey, if "X" fails, it will have moved you to the action without you having to look for it. This is really helpful if you cast a shield on yourself before doing do, esp. if your're traveling at night, yet again without a light.

10.9 Exploring

Soft Leather, Thick Padding Traveling Boots of Stealth?

10.9.1 New Location?

The Quick Version? "-" to get the mini-map, "X" to get back to overland.

  • You can use the "-" on your numpad, goes well with "Esc" to close the mini-map.

I use this ~38 step pattern to explore new locations so that i see almost all the map with little effort. Mobs and trees will change this a little bit, but its good enough:

Move Until
SW x4 SW border comes into view
NW x5 LHS borders look the same
NE x10 TOP borders look the same
SE x8 RHS borders look the same
SW x10 BTM borders look the same

Using the "-" view of the map is also really important to me because some of the locations look great, and its good to know the lay of the land because sometimes I'll pick a different corner to go to first based on what I see

Keeping Relica as a base around which I explore at varying distances makes investing into it viable and worthwhile. Thus I've painted up my map with paths that let me see every time to do local quests for the NPC's quickly to efficiently level up their loot drop, added lots of waypoints to get to all the places and people without having to look where I'm going, and am now thinking seriously about just what kind of storages to trick out my warehouse with.

People in the advanced stages of the game talk about traveling 1200++ km from Relica, fighting unheard of monsters from unheard of dimensions while still investing there. So that's good enough for me.

I don't know enough about the way the difficulty scales, but as I progress in the game I'll be keeping an eye out for new locations, hoping I find something that lets me have settlement hubs that are roughly a full day's travel from one another as I expand.

10.9.2 Your Stealth Potential

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to travel by stealth to and from Relica by steps and by fast-travel in order to determine and confirm for your self just how far away you can go before the safe-mode fast traveling or exhaustion stops you from going any further.

Keep that distance in mind as you quest or explore and be careful! Don't just try this using fast-travel to another settlement. You might drown yourself if you do!

For extra bonus see what stats might play a role in the completion of this mission.

10.9.3 Time of Day

How far the Night?

Starting from in the Morning, fully buffed after sleep with bed/heat/door.

Dir From To Steps km  
E/W Morning Afternoon 30 30  
E/W Afternoon Evening 30 30  
E/W Morning Evening 60 60 Ambushes start eves. quiet shoes?
E/W Morning Night 90 90?  
E/W Morning Morning 120 120? no. would be endangered by sleepy
  • 68 darkness begins via screen-edges

10.10 Difficulty

FARA's difficulty is a gem. Yes, really. I don't know the formula, but like you, I appreciate that the things you encounter in your travels seem to slowly get harder. These things seem to matter:

  • the further from Relica you are,
  • the further away you have been,
  • the more challenging the enemies you have ended,
  • the better equipped/longer you have been in game,
  • the more titles (achievments?) you have.

But unlike most games, FARA doesn't actually seem to be out to kill you as it did in (what to me were) 'the nightmare versions' released some years ago.

Combat in FARA can be freaky cool, and as long as you prioritize survival over your macho, you'll manage to escape and appreciate the insurance that having a piece of fruit, or a gulp of water with you for that one time where its quicker to drink and hide thant to dash and walk. There's are always surprises!

10.11 Finding things in daylight vision

  • Update: The magic# for small items is four spaces in-between you and it.
  • Don't be shy about using your pick-axes to make paths through town. It makes finding new NPCs ever so much simpler.

Also zipping around the map with the mouse is really fun now. Please keep these things in mind if/as you mark up your map to insure that you really find everything like this. If you see that NPC's have moved about from where you last had them /slw waypointed, use the next item find quest to update your waypoints and you'll not just find the balls of wax, but the guy you need to give that nose-ring too with ease.

check how many spaces you can move without stopping when zipping around the map by placing a small item somewhere and counting. use one color for that.

npcs you can see at +- 10 range. use another color to mark all the places to click and find everyone in town fast.

Small things on the ground can be seen up to 5 spaces away in a straight line, but only 3 spaces diagonally. This is true in town and in wilderness maps.

Thus if you're looking for flowers or lost items you can move in paralell lines 11 spaces apart, that means there are 10 spaces between your lines.

10.11.1 example in town:

  1. step 1

    move 5 right and down from the top left. there are now 5 spaces between you and the edge. use /mark <color> on a that square, then move all the way to the right until there are 5 spaces between you and the edge. use /mark <color> again and take 2 steps to the NE so you see into the very edges of the map. /mark <color> all those points 3 and 5 away from the map corners to remember.

  2. step 2

    from the top-left, on a marker with 5 spaces between you and the edges, move down until the marker just disappears and place another marker. repeat until you're at the bottom.

  3. step 3

    starting at your favorite marker in the top left corner, again mark spots with 10 spaces between them going to the right.

  4. step 4

    now project the outside marks – 5+1+10= – to 16 spaces from the edges and you'll begin to see exactly where to place markers to make paths that guarantee search quest succeed quickly and consistenly.

  5. [step 5]

    when you walk around a new town for the first time setting up your /slw local waypoints, instead of only grabbing all the loot, place 4 markers inside the houses that leave 3 spaces between them and the walls. this makes it easy to remember that you only have to step on each of them once to have scanned everything. (you can can optimize that a bit, but this is good enough.)

10.12 Climbing

I'm pre-repeating myself here so we are clear that /climb lets you dance on that table you just dragged to the middle of town. It's a good thing you should use to get a view from the trees you /harvest and it might even let you see a little further. But I don't think it helps you find small lost objects or those hard to find small rare species you'll inevitably be tasked with researching. Then again I'd not thought about planting trees in strategic locations around town.. until now :)

10.13 Laundry List

Thinking that the game's going to improve quite a lot more this year these are my own little notes about things I'm thinking about suggesting later on.

Random suggestions/notes/brainstorms/observations.

  • You know that brown bear that kept me company in the beginning? I probably mentioned him somewhere in these notes. One day he blocked a door and instead of pick-axeing my way out, i grabbed and dragged him back to the kennel, err, the farm. That was weeks ago and the poor guy is still freaked out, at least i keep seeing him dash about the map from time to time as i walk through town. He just adds a lot of flair that way. The cat and cat? They are well. just a lot more sedate
  • One day i managed to travel to Relica from within Relica. I got to the top level map that way. But wouldnt it be nice if you could know that it would always take you to the local spawn point? Would save a local waypoint too.
  • Dragging something on a thing in a container to put it into the container! What could be better? Dragging something from the ground into a container by dragging in on a thing thats already in that container! Even better? Yes! Making that container the actively selected item because you just used it! Could work with opening and closing too. That would be like magic!
  • Locking items into my inventory so i could not salvage or drop or give them to anyone or otherwise misplace them. Being able to drop everything but the locked item.. being able to drop only all locked items. picking up all previously locked items from the tile i'm standing on and equiping them, dropping a locked item into a pile on purpose and picking up it and any other locked items i had dropped into that spot. Bingo. Outfits. And not just for the beach! Anyway, once items are locked they show up in their own section, not more funny number please.
  • Renaming my storages, seing their names in the target list. and, uh, # as a prefix key for pressing #30 /take when i really just want to grab 30 ammo pieces. Psst. Using prefix keys! (imaging having more than one) to attribute or modify the action of the next command would be, like, really modern and keep the interface free of not so accessible things like Ctrl/Alt modifiers which people often seem to throw into their programs to confuse you. We all know what enter does, right? How about space as a prefix? And a take option on that use button. hah. then right cloud become predictable always!
  • So I have this storage with 51 crystal items made from sand i dug up the other day while hunting for runes. And I want to level up the recipes I've gotten since. So I screenshot whats in the box and compare it to my recipes list. You know what a drag that is? Its like my avatar has no way of remembering how many of what he's already made. Why are pen and paper for a log-book so hard to come by!? If I couldnt help him via the screenshots he'd still have a wooden shovel!
  • Recipes for items in storages
  • Quests could show the direction and distance to their location.
  • /salvage all == /salvageall => never salvages anything installed. even /salvage would ask you to confirm if you wanted to accidentally or not /salvage something on your person or installed. that's in a world where /craft /build and /install would work as one might imagine they would.
  • Popups comparing a found shield to my weapon instead of my shield. hmm.
  • Casting a spell on a party member; menu ought to include my class-specific buff!
  • When casting a buff that'i have running on a party member, lets put him first!
  • Perhaps no double saving while "Adventure saved!" is on the screen?
  • Pickup shields into offhand, at least if i just dropped it from there?
  • Refining items: candidates exclude the things meant held in inventory for my npcs
  • Manipulating party/npc items spells/items should not exit; also reenter with 'p'.
  • Empty Storage can be open/closed also.
  • Setting a trap inside of a storage chest?
  • /cast 3 without a target means self-cast!
  • salvageall with non-craftable ingots on the ground destroys them, why? is that why part of why sometimes you dont get any runes from salvaging several pieces of runed equipment at once?
  • if right-click in inventory always dropped the item, and 'm' always moved to where the reticule was, the interface would be kinda perfect for now.
  • asking not-selected npc to drop something via the p-items-menu does not select them.
    • if they are out of visible range, please dont let me ask them to drop things.
    • the drop the first item of the type, not the specified item
  • drinking from the wishing-well! would, uh, make it a well.

11 Q&A

11.1 I'm looking for a guide on the game - any places I should be looking?

@Q if you check the :pushpin: there should be some resources to look at

@Pug Unleash your nerd, Pug

Q: I'm mainly interested on how to get started with crafting, & what to do once you complete the quests in the starting town (assuming they don't come back naturally? Haven't lived that long yet)

D: Hm, what questions do you have about crafting? There's a lot to do out there haha it's very open ended The main goal is to complete the astral key, but the game doesn't end when you do so

Q: Getting started I guess. I read on the guide on Reddit that you can make a set of burlap clothing by hunting animals or something?

A: oh yeah, that guide is a little outdated now I have a little section about crafting on the guide I'm working on right now, but it still needs some work A Tourist’s Guide to FARA

Q: Ah, I'm reading that right now

A: in short, after finding a new object you will unlock its recipe, and the recipe for that item in other types of materials

Q: What should I set my sights on for the early game, while I still have very little gear? Turning animal hide to leather?

A: hm, depends on the class you are playing I would try to focus on increasing Resilience Metal gear often boosts resilience Some cloth items do that too, but they are a little harder to find

Q: Ouch, but metal armor don't come easy do they?

A: Depends how lucky you are haha You can also /salvage stuff that you don't need to get some extra resources Shields are also good to have your first runs, but they make jumping and dodging cost more stamina


11.2 Thoughts and Impressions / Itch Question, my answers

(unedited as is. a bit long, might edit this down into a dialogue or break it up into individual questions)

11.2.1 Q:

  • Can't figure out how to complete the "missing child" quests? I can never find the child in the specified location, and usually abandon those quests. Are you meant to search (search command) the last known location of the child, or is the child simply not guaranteed to be in the targeted location, and may be in the surrounding area instead? Or a combination of the two?
  • Escort quests seem very profitable, with a guaranteed artifact as reward, if a bit dangerous, as well as requiring you not to hire more than one mercenary, which is a significant hit to your overall power. It also appears to be a good idea to escort them directly to the desired location, without detours, as they're likely to die otherwise , particularly in dangerous quest locations. You could give them a weapon , of course, but then you'll lose it when you complete the quest.
  • Certain pieces of equipment seem to be extremely fragile, especially anything made out of cloth- masks, kilts, etc. I've looted a full set of rune-infused cloth clothing in between towns and had them destroyed before I arrived. I've concluded that the best approach with such equipment is to immediately salvage them for the runes.
  • Blights are an interesting and flavorful part of the game, and I appreciate the wide array available, but it's quite punishing to not only receive a permanent negative condition but lose all of your equipped items, which are usually the best equipment you have available, and your party members, who usually also have the second-best equipment you have available. Invariably, I take a look at the blight I received, the equipment I have left in my inventory, and commit suicide anyway- there's a certain point where it's painful to continue, and I'd rather just start a new game. This also leads to a strange strategy of unequipping all of your items if you think you're going to die, although I can't tell if that's intended or not. The only thing I can say is that, perhaps, the owner of a character with nine key fragments might look at things differently…
  • How do you tame animals? The only information I've found is that you need to give food to creatures to tame them- what counts as suitable food? I've found dishes in supply crates, but the Chef and Alchemist class flavor texts also seems to suggest that you can cook meals as well- how is this possible? Finally, I'm assuming that you can only tame certain animals- I've seen NPCs riding Moose and Horses, and Pug the Mage in their reply to my Spellthief Bug post mentioned Grizzlies as well. Are tamable animals found in the wild?

Well, I think that's it; I'll add some more comments if I think of them. All replies appreciated!

Edit: I see hunger and thirst were removed; I was wondering about that.

Edit #2: I upgraded my Crystal Wand to Refined quality, and the attribute bonuses didn't increase? What's up with that? Also, I see that different items require more or less material depending on their size which makes sense. However, for example in this hierarchy: Staves -> Sceptres -> Wands, are the heavy-attack effects of Staves actually objectively better than of Wands? I haven't played long enough to know how useful the different effects are objectively, though it seems like the elemental attunement reduction of Staves would be more useful than the elemental absorption effect of Wands, if you've already infused your weapon (for this reason I'm slightly regretting upgrading my wand, but I'll probably upgrade it to Artisan anyway since I've already used up a toolset). This, of course, applies to other equipment as well. Thanks!

Edit #3: My mercenary, Joniqua, keeps entering "droping" status right now, where they drop anything they're holding. I can't get them to wield anything. How do I fix this? I'm considering just firing them, given that they're only an amateur mercenary…

Edit #4: Apparent bug, my water-infused Crystal Wand doesn't heal me at all when I heavy attack, even though I get the message. Haven't been able to test it with melee weapons.

11.2.2 A:


/say follow me! or /shout come here will get the attention of any freaked out and therefore stealthed child within earshot. You might need to move around and look into different corners of the map for them them to hear you. not too far when you shout or use a "!" when you say something.

escorting people gets a whole lot easier when you /stealth travel from here to there. of course you'll likely wind up almost drowning in the middle of a lake when you're only halfway to your destination, and likely at night and in the middle of a desert where there's no wood to be found to build an overnight shelter. So take two wooden logs, one for planks for a shelter, and one for a door to install there. do /stealth again to unstealth the moment you wind up in that lake i mentioned or you might really drown and die.

the rewards vary a lot in quality and can be rather silly bad if you've not done other quests with that person before. so keep than in mind and take another quest or two from them so the rewards get better. sometimes you get someone who has to do a lot of travel for spoilery reasons and you might get lucky with something really great that you can use for a while. but hey.. none of their goodies can take runes which makes them useful only within a few 100 km from home.

Fragile stuff? yes. totally. that will make sense – and yes, /salvage and /drop things into your stash house with /ds when you get home traveling in /stealth while /wearing your equally fragile at first bags!

Avoid Blights and deaths with "the strategy of running away" and hoping that the next map you drop into to heal won't have some imp nuking the last bit of life out of you. And simply .. never enter dungeons, dens or coliseums. simply don't. Always upgrade to the best stuff you can find and consider holding a shield or two for their damage reduction ..

.. and getting at least a grizzly to accompany you. or a lake-monster, or an elk or something bigger than you! /pet them until they are happy and /give them a treat. if they like you well enough you'll have their loyalty for life. that means you can leave them somewhere and they will rejoin you later when you remind them of your friendship with another treat! Pets are FARA's better people. At least until you find a merc that's not simply a stuff-dropping idiot without any spells or buff-giving abilities that help instead of hinder you.

Once you have a few bags you can swap a grizzlies for a merc to help you carry things. In combat though, they might cost you more in equipment repair than you're willing to pay at first! So, /inspect and /salvage everything so you collect /recipes right from the start, make some big shields and troll the woods around the farthest away from home place you've ever been - in hopes for a bear that's not a young bear. mind you, a young grizzly will totally rock for a long time, but look for the strongest you can find and take them back into the easier zones around Relica to make it easy on yourself.

Once you used a tool you'll have its recipe available. Click on a runic shard from a salvaged rune for the details. And yes, the upgrade do make the equipment stronger and more durable. Its hard to see sometimes. But you want that. Consider also a workbench for all your repairs .. and repair that with a repair kit. keeps costs down. – don't upgrade too much stuff, look instead to improve your relation with any npc in the next town you find by doing quests for them. This will give you better stuff without you needing to upgrade things you'll only need until you for a transition to iron or steel or whatever the better cloths are for mages. idk, i'm playing melee, not a mage.

And hey, heavy attacks with your wand will heal you a little bit. normal attacks dont do that. the more water runes you have in your gear, the more that healing will be, but you want to find and treasure any rejuvenation rune you find and then upgrade to the hilt any spell you make with that. That's what you want to keep some of the shards you're making for!

Two more things.. unlock the warehouse! and read my notes. they have a pretty good index and a whole bunch of tables full of detailed info for my next run at the game. They should help you too.. and if something's missing, send me your notes via DM on the discord or a comment on the github or perhaps even here.

11.3 Screen size frustration


How do I scroll text? For example, I can't see most of the classes in the starting class list because they are off the bottom of the screen but I also can't, as far as I can tell, scroll the text. Is this a sizing issue? Is there a way to fullscreen or window the game so that it works? I tried downloading the standalone but that doesn't work either. How can I make text scroll so I can read it?

Furthermore, my map has disappeared and I don't know how to bring it back. And the lack of information about these kinds of commands in general is frustrating.

I share you pain!

Turns out you can scroll using [Home] and [End], line by line, not screen by screen, but at least you can scroll any of the game's three panels with the keyboard and mouse-wheel. Anytime you have a full-screen popup, it's considered the middle panel and you use [Home] and [End]. The keys to the left and right of these do the same in the other panels.

When you're in the game at last, press [?] and scroll down all the way to the bottom for more useful keys.

I too get the problem with the game-log taking over your screen. For that, type

/setkey ; layout1 /setkey : layout3

into the game once. i mean, press [/] to get the prompt, then type the rest over two lines. then you can press ';' to get your game-screen. Weird, i know, but its an alpha and learning to use it as most people do for best effect isn't all that obvious at times. BUT the quality and stability of the thing are both improving at a rapid clip .. and you can have some really cool adventures playing in that world.

I first tried the game 3 years ago and have written up all the notes i've found on the web and stuff. You can read them here. They ought to be in good enough shape already to help you understand what's going on in this cool game.


11.4 How Long is a day

from itch.io

I'm in a hut at night waiting for morning to come but after well more than 100 turns of waiting for moments, nothing. Exactly how long is a day and can you please make it shorter.

I don't really play a Necros (Morticians in FARA) much but let me answer your ancient question anyway.. supposing you didn't "S" stealth and go back to your settlement to sleep, you would have pressed "R" and chosen to rest until morning – after closing the door and perhaps building a Bed for the "well-rested" buff. Other than that, one day seems to equal about 120 steps on the overland map.

Cheers. Pug out.

11.5 I'm wearing a weapon!

LOL not sure if this is a bug or just an odd choice when you type /wearall. I just started a game and I'm carrying a cotton coat, a tin staff, and a burlap satchel. When I typed /wearall, I wore the coat and the staff. I would have expected to wear the coat and the satchel and hold or do nothing with the staff. – Lanie

wearing high power stuff for the buffs is gonna be part of how you wind up leveling your stats to where you want them. I have a bag to swap in for return trips to make this work. its the good kind of unusual and surprising you find in the game :slightsmile:

11.6 What are good ways to dump inventory contents to a storage chest?

( i have food chest, item chest, craft chest and magic chest ?)

  • first you can make piles and use /ds to drop more of the same on those piles
  • when that starts to get annoying you'll want a keybind for /clearlog (if thats not already limited to some number a mega huge long log will begin to affect performat)
  • then you want like 9 storages and a /slw smack in the middle of them. now you want a keybind for /hold 8 and one for /giveall.
  • then it becomes a matter of /drop 8 /hold 8 and /giveall mixed with some drag and drop and clicking containers to get in and out in as fast as you can. .. after a few rounds of this you wont even need to open the containers anymore to know whats in them
  • you can't drop items into directions and there are rough edges, dragons even lurking here but they dont give chase; so once you work out how to do it its ok. just remember to re-equip and /split out a piece of fruit for the road
  • the easy laziest thing to do is to pick an empty house, zap there with a local waypoint, then walk over your pre-layed-out piles using "z" to repeat the "/ds" command. .. pretty much everything but your runes, spares, teddy-bears and cooked meals and dishes can go there. hth
  • p.s. if you dont like the lay of the land, make a bag, collect wood, craft a pick-axe and /build new walls and doors where you want them. :slightsmile:

11.7 Anybody got a 5th essential tip, to round out an even Top 5?

FARA’s Top Four Tips for Beginners from discord

Get in the habit of doing these things, at least at the beginning:

  1. /Climb every tree – this is how you find cloths like cotton, silk, and starcloth
  2. /Inspect every item – this is how you learn recipes, so you can craft items
  3. /Inspect every animal that has a purple “?” next to its name – this is how you get Key Fragments
  4. /Salvage items you don’t need – this is how you learn more crafting recipes, and get materials

Reply: .. And then die after getting a few materials because you didn't include the most important rule: Don't fight until you have at least copper-tier gear. Preferably iron, but that can take a few fortresses and grinding for glass versions of what you want.

11.8 Is there an auto-updater?


11.9 Multiplayer?


11.10 Random Notes from Discord


The first batch swiped 2021.04.06ish by scrolling backward in time a few months is mostly distributed into this document already.

These I grabbed recently. Who knows how much more great insight and conversation has been lost in the sands of time because.. documentation isnt spoilers, its what lets other people have fun and what you'll want when you come back in a few years. .. anyway ..

A few things regarding charged rift particles:

  • First, you can create one by dropping one of each elemental rune and making a spell. This still is very painful, but it won't destroy your stuff and doesn't require an inert rift shard.
  • Second, on one recent run I found a commoner with a quest to procure a "rift beacon." Turns out you build this using CRPs.
  • Apparently, they're able to summon Redeemed Rift Beasts which don't appear to be limited by the party size limit
  • Probably the stats of the Redeemed Rift beasts scale of distance away from relica
  • They seem to have a days survived stat that's always equal to yours, no matter when you summoned them.
  • I wonder where you could find the recipe for the RB
  • it's kind of busted for castle raiding
  • No idea. Might try feeding Relica's blacksmith until they hit on the recipe. That's how I got a gold ingot recipe.
  • Trader chests also sometimes come with recipes
  • Maybe take 3 CRPs to a Summoning Circle?

Blightwalkers only spawn if you have a blight

  • "It's form twitches sporadically, and you sense a strange affinity towards it"
  • oh I discovered how to find them
  • They spawn where you last died
  • Ent, but sergals are cheese — Yesterday at 5:39 PM
  • Interesting
  • mantecarl — Yesterday at 5:39 PM
  • My guess is that it's your previous body, or something?
  • Ent, but sergals are cheese — Yesterday at 5:39 PM
  • Life always comes at a cost, doesn't it?
  • mantecarl — Yesterday at 5:40 PM
  • also, the blightwalker has my previous weapon equipped
  • Ent, but sergals are cheese — Yesterday at 5:40 PM
  • Except Relica, apparently
  • And the tile next to Relica

I wonder if you can steal from them Ent, but sergals are cheese — Yesterday at 5:49 PM The dead have nothing to steal


  • Mish]: Candance Darkshout the Scholar, Director of Shields recovered a Key Fragment! They only need 2 more fragments to complete the Astral Key.
  • Its from factions quests (from castles). I think you get one for completing three. I also got a key fragment with it.

  • "You closely inspect your Forsaken Skull. Though void of eyes, you feel it still watches. It is small."
  • ent/ I literally suggested items that give passive buffs from being dropped on the ground, and one of them was the skull of a dungeon boss

mantecarl — Yesterday at 11:33 PM I discovered that if you shout "help" in a castle, all the NPCs will gather around you Not sure if that's in any way useful, but it's funny Degritone — Yesterday at 11:35 PM Get everyone away from the noble, then give them a knife to the butt Ent, but sergals are cheese — Yesterday at 11:35 PM Theoretically that would be one of the most harmless places to stab them mantecarl — Yesterday at 11:36 PM the noble also comes if you shout, sadly One thing you could do is setup a bunch of traps Or just cast a meteor a bunch of times 6 flawless meteors and then stealth The key will probably be destroyed in the process, but still Degritone — Yesterday at 11:37 PM Are key fragments not indestructible? I've never punched one to test

mantecarl — Yesterday at 11:38 PM oh right also spells hit but don't seem to do any damage Degritone — Yesterday at 11:39 PM Can a full Stamina bar even support 6 Flawless Meteors? mantecarl — Yesterday at 11:40 PM Probably, yeah Spell cost was decreased at some point Degritone — Yesterday at 11:40 PM I haven't played a non-Artificer spellcaster, and don't intend to, so I don't know if max INS can reduce the cost enough to be doable, and don't know Meteor's base cost mantecarl — Yesterday at 11:42 PM Just checked and it's possible with above average INS spell cost was definitely decreased at some point It used to eat like half of your stamina with good INS huh, the noble is still alive after all that The advisor is not though probably good to have a good INS score to boost spell damage Degritone — Yesterday at 11:45 PM Huh. So a perfect Pugilist could cast all of the meteors. It'd be funny to see a dude in nearly fully-metal armor walk up and start casting spell after spell after spell.

POV: you are a Will of the Wild advisor Ent, but sergals are cheese — Yesterday at 11:46 PM The WoTW advisor with godlike resistance to the meteor's element: Combatereak — Yesterday at 11:50 PM Lmao mantecarl — Yesterday at 11:55 PM apparently it does work lol you can cast it 8 times and then stealth, and the guards won't have time to react to it the only danger would be if you destroyed the key to the door

– Find a smoking pipe and some goblingrass, hold them both /s m o k e

– there's other ways of getting keys though haha Not only by killing the noble you can get their key

– once you get enough gear it should be possible Probably better if you have some AoE spells to clear the guards quickly

the other way would be to get insanely lucky and fish 10 key fragments in a row

dont arcane obelisk and hollow forges spawn like 13 map blocks away from Relic

That's why I asked if the speedrun route would be possible. It was literally just weapon > noble > noble > noble > noble > noble > noble > noble > noble > noble > noble > done

oh right It's much slower than before, that's for sure

B.J.W are my fiancee's initials, and T.L.C is one of my best friends and FARA's first alpha tester.

11.10.1 what classes do yall like the most

Ent, twice more prefers

  • Pugilist > Viking > Soldier.

Mantecarl likes to say

  • For me, it's Swiftshade/Merchant.

Mishaal decided

  • Scholar's very versatile
  • I've only played with a limited number, but for me its the scholar!

and Pug survives

  • as a Gatekeeper.

12 Playing

This entire section needs to be rewritten and populated with the play notes now scattered throughout the rest of these notes. But alas, this is what it is now:

Don't forget, these are just my notes. There are better people writing actual guides for your reading pleasure. Go read them! Guides to this and older versions.


12.1.1 Intro

If you find that your game slows down when moving around, issue /clearlog

  • /help gives most of them
  • /settings gives more of them
  • The Release Notes give insights into and context for additional commands. Click the link and search for "/"

The discord's spoiler channel denizens often refer to 'creative mode' and yet more /commands but i haven't had the patience or desire to slug through the jargon there. One seems to need to tap into the voice channel and speak to people in order to obtain basic information about much of the game still.

If this bothers you as it does me .. because it keep out new players that will give brian love and some money .. then use this month of april'21 to send me even just a single fact on the discord channel to add to this text before I'm likely to fade into the void again!

  • /split operates on the selected item, give it a parm for how many items you want in a new pile
  • /name <name> while targeting a thing names it. Useful with Storage Chests, somewhat useful with npc questgivers you dont want to work for atm.
  • /note <text> adds a reminder to see with /notes. Useful for reminders when you take a break and forget what you were going to do.
  • /objectiveswindow
  • /quickactions
  • /animations

12.1.2 Alphabetical

This was a challenge!

/abandonallquests; /abandonquest; /about; /activatemousemenu; /allowreports; /anim; /animations; /approach; /assure; /attack, /lightattack, /attacklight, /a; /attackheavy, /heavyattack, /ha, /ah; /attunements; /autocomplete; /autoequip; /autoloot; /autosave; /borderlesstiles, /bt; /brandish; /build; /butcher; /capslock; /cast, /c; /changelog; /character, /char, /me, /status; /chat; /choke; /class; /classes; /clearallwaypoints, /cawp; /clearleaderboard; /clearlocalwaypoint, /clearlocal, /clw; /clearmark; /clearnote; /clearscore; /cleartext, /clearlog; /cleartitle; /cleartrackedwaypoint, /ctwp; /clearwaypoint, /cwp; /climb; /close, /x; /colors; /compare; /compass; /complain; /compliment; /condition; /cook; /copyseed; /craft, /make; /credits; /dance; /dash; /decreasefont, /df; /define, /glossary; /deletepreset; /descend; /descriptions; /destroy; /detarget, /dt; /dice; /dig; /disavowtitle, /deletetitle; /disconnect; /discord; /dismiss; /dismount, /dm; /dodge; /drink; /drop, /d; /dropall; /dropsame, /ds, /dropalike; /eat; /editdescription; /emote, /em; /engrave; /enter, /exp, /explore; /equip, /eq; /eventsharing, /toggingsharing; /exit, /leave; /exitgame, /eg; /facing; /factions; /factiontraits; /factoryreset; /fadehistory; /fish; /font; /forgetspell; /forgettrait, /unlearntrait; /fullscreen, /fs; /game, /showlog; /give, /g, /place, /put; /giveall; /giveamount; /gossip; /goto, /mt, /moveto; /grab, /grapple, /pull; /greet; /hardgamerestart; /harvest; /heal; /help; /hide, /stealth; /hidelog; /highdetail, /hd; /hints; /hold, /h; /ignorecontrollers, /ic; /increasefont, /if; /inspect, /i; /inspectall; /interact; /interface, /ui, /toggleui; /items, /inv, /inventory; /joke; /journal; /jump, /dive, /j; /keybindings, /kb, /keys; /keyfragments, /fragments; /kill; /largeanimations, /biganimations, /lan; /layout1, /l1; /layout2, /l2, /bigmap, /bm; /layout3, /l3, /justmap, /jm; /layout4, /l4, /fulldata; /leaderboard; /leftpanel, /lp; /lines; /listexits, /le; /listholding, /lh; /listinventory, /listitems, /li; /listtargets, /lt; /listwearing, /lw; /lockedtargeting; /logging; /loglength, /loglimit, /ll; /look, /l; /makescroll, /msc; /makespell, /ms, /maketome; /map; /mark, /paint, /color; /messagegrouping, /groupmesseges; /milestones; /mobile; /monsters; /mount; /move, /m, /go; /moveinterval, /mi; /mspawn; /name; /nameplate, /np; /nexttarget; /note; /notes; /objectivewindow, /ow; /offhand; /open, /dumpout, /dump, /empty; /opencommandprompt; /party; /partymemberdetails, /pmd; /partymemberitems, /pmi; /partymemberspells, /partymemberskills, /pms; /pet; /play; /preset, /loadpreset; /presets; /previoustarget; /quests; /quickactions, /qa; /quicklog, /ql; /quicktravel, /qt; /random; /realtime, /rtm; /recipe, /rcp; /recipes; /relica, /distance, /relicadistance, /rd; /reload, /restart; /removeall; /repair; /repairall; /repeat; /resetfontsize, /rf; /resetkeybindings, /resetkeys, /rk; /resetsettings; /rest, /sleep; /retire; /reverselog, /rl; /rightclickmenu, /rcm; /rolldice; /rp; /safetravel, /st; /salvage; /salvageall, /butcherall; /save; /savelog; /savepreset; /say, /s; /screenshake; /screenwidth, /sw; /scrollbars; /scrolldown; /scrollleftdown; /scrollleftup; /scrollrightdown; /scrollrightup; /scrollup; /search; /selfcast, /sc; /setclass, /stc; /setdescription, /std, /setdesc; /setkey, /sk; /setlocalwaypoint, /localwaypoint, /slw; /setname, /stn; /settings, /set; /settitle; /setwaypoint, /swp; /shout, /sh; /showinput; /showslotequipment; /showsubmenuoptions; /showtooltips, /hidetooltips; /smarttargeting; /smoke; /sort; /sortall; /sortcontainer, /sortcontainer, /sortbox, /sortchest; /sortcontainers; /sorthere; /sorttargets; /sp; /spawn; /spawn; /spawnr; /speechinterruption, /si; /speechrate, /voicespeed, /sr; /spells, /skills; /split; /stand; /startsharing; /stats; /steal; /stopreports; /stopsharing; /stow, /remove; /strafe; /struggle; /swap; /swapcolumns; /t; /takeall, /ta; /target, /z; /targetcondition, /tc; /targetfilter, /tf; /targets; /test; /threaten; /throw; /time, /days, /day; /titles; /tooltip, /tt; /trackwaypoint, /twp; /travel, /ft; /turn, face; /uianimations; /unlockclasses; /use, /u, /e; /username, /setusername; /voice, /audiolog; /wait; /waypoints, /wp; /wear, /w; /wearall; /widescreen, /ws; /windowlock, /wl & /windowtabs;

12.2 KEYS!

  • read the bottom of /keybinds aka "K"
  • use Home/End to scroll through help and other popup windows!
  • remember /exit aka "X" to leave a map.


/setkey ; layout{1,2}
/setkey : layout3
/setkey , autoloot
/setkey < climb
/setkey k clearlog
  • layout3 is like turbo mode for moving in the game; i love it. switch back to layout1 or layout2, whatever you like best, as needed using the non-shifted key.
  • you want autoloot off at home, so keep it off and use situationally.
  • climbing a tree before bumping into it occasionally gives kites, beehives, birds nests, maybe even a lost toy sword; all things you can drag home and exhibit to impress your npc buddies.
  • z is really cool for /place ing items into containers /give ing items and many more things. you can press it multiple times before the game reacts and it will do the right thing.

But, be careful when using the /z shortcut!!!

It repeats only most 'last typed (not shortcut) commands' which gives it the ability to surprise you in unexpected ways!. If you're not sure what you typed last, type / then press "up arrow". Not that that would save you from surprises though.

  • [ and ] allow you to change the size of the structure you're building.
  • { and } allow you to rotate the entrance location.

12.3 Talking

Unless you are a Wildheart you can talk to your pets and /say or /shout whatever it is you want, and they won't listen. That is unless you are a Cat Whisperer and have managed to recruit one of these marvels.

Normal people however can only talk to other people, and it's only the Mercs you've recruited into your party that will listen to and obey you.

  • use /say wait here and /say follow me to control your party members. you don't have to ask them to come along when you leave the map, they will do that by themselves.
  • Also:
    • /say stow your X
    • /say draw your X
    • /say take that X
    • /say stand by that X
  • An exclamation mark turns /say into /shout,
    • example /say thief!
  • use /shout come here when searching for people. (repeat with "z" as you walk around.)

There's probably some (much?) more to say and other banter to be had. Many of the options seem to make the most sense for a Politician however.

Weird fact: Mercs and other NPC's sometimes say random things to one another!

Weirder link about upperercase for extra loud shouting! http://tom7.org/lowercase/

12.4 Resting

I read that you can rest on mats. that's not true.

You need/want

  • a whatever bed, unsure that materials provide boni to sleep
  • to be within the glow of a brazier (what else works?)
  • to be behind any kind of closed door.

Now… if you find a mattress, blanket or a pillow count yourself lucky!

Pillows need feathers.. and the only way i can imagine getting any feathers is from a bird joining battle, angered by my taking their nest of of their tree.

  • Castles, Fortresses, Labyrinths, Random and even delapidated ruins all count as safe indoor sleeping places even if undiscovered enemies remain.
  • Got woken up after building a shack on a map with an undiscovered species I was looking for. Once. So far I've never been attacked at night even sleeping in ruins.

Its a good idea to keep two wooden log in your inventory so you don't have to scrounge for one in the middle of the night while traveling!

You want to make a shelter and a install a door before you sleep, because thievery is a thing and can become a real problem. /me learns to tremble at the thought of having to cross deserts at night without 2 logs. one for a shelter, one for a door.


  • sleep next to a firepit/campfire/torch on your cloak for buffs if your party is full and you're not worried.
  • climb and sleep atop a tree if you're just a little worried.
  • the closer to the edge you sleep, the more worried you want to be.


  • sleeping next to a wall and a closed door is enough to get you the buff, even though your house might have several other open doors.


  • If you've been farming shards, beware the shades. They come in search of the fragments and, if, say, you sleep atop a tree near the edge of a map, might seriously hurt you. Don't go to sleep again in that same spot after the fight, or you risk getting attacked by another one right there. You might like to farm them this way.. just don't do it when you're trying to catch on up sleep after traveling for days.

12.5 Stealth

13 Supplemental

13.1 Stories

13.1.1 Well, here is short story about my cat.

My adventurer Lalli was attacked by some strange lizard quite near Relica. Fight started. With just few attacks i was already dying.

Miracle happened. My cat dashed in! She started to scratch the lizard. Lizard attacked the cat and i was able to dash out to try my strange new spell which i do not remember anymore. Cat scratched lizard again and i was surprised to read - lizard had troubles. I put my weapon to my inventory and started to hold a mysterious scroll on my shaking hands. Cat and lizard were fighting.

Cat could dodge all attacks. Soon lizard was dying. Finally i managed to start cast my strange energy attack scroll. AKRAKADABRA! When bolt finally landed to the lizard it was already dead due to my cat scratching it. So, i was happily saved by my cat :slightsmile: – joni75

13.2 Guides to the current version

13.2.1 Mantecarl's A Tourist's Guide to FARA

Written by a master of the game to show you how the game is played:

13.2.2 Mishaal's FARA Item Compendium

A spreadsheet focused on Weapon and Armor details with Recipe Information:

13.3 Guides and info for earlier versions

13.3.1 Degritone's Guide to 100k Points

Written by a master of the game for an old version, the spirit of Über, some relevancy remains:

13.3.2 From Reddit

These might have been the best overall texts for the old versions:

13.3.3 From Wiki

Info for the version current in 2021 has been incorporated here. Its most functional page:

13.4 Release Notes

Here are ALL of Brian's FARA Patch and Release Notes public as of 2021.04.25.

13.4.1 Alpha 16 Mar'21..

  1. 2021.04.25 Patch Notes
    • Fixed an issue with unresponsive mouse menu options on the /spells and /waypoints windows
  2. 2021.04.24 Patch Notes
    • Fixed some instances of incorrect item amounts displayed in the game log
    • Fixed an issue with number keys not performing the expected action
    • Fixed an issue with doors requiring expendable keys becoming re-locked once opened and closed
    • Fixed several issues with lingering and/or incorrectly placed warning indicators on the minimap
    • Fixed the Altruism trait not working as expected
    • Fixed a few game crashes not tied to anything in particular
    • Minor optimizations

    There are a few more bugs I'm aware of that need squashing, but I might not be able to get another patch out for a few days and didn't want to sit on these any longer.

  3. 2021.04.16 Hotfix
    • Fixed a game crash caused by certain quest turn-ins.
  4. 2021.04.16 Patch Notes
    • Started another pass on the scoring system. The most notable difference is that activities and feats are worth more the further from Relica you are.
    • Started updating /help with some of the recently added commands. There are still quite a few missing.
    • Added some Hot New Content at varying levels of completion
    • Added a confirmation window for forgetting spells
    • Added a few new quality of life commands:
      • /loglength (number) which to control the number of older messages kept in the game log. The default is 50, and setting a lower value could improve game performance.
      • /sortcontainer sorts the contents of a targeted container alphabetically.
      • /sortcontainers sorts the contents of all containers on the map alphabetically.
      • /sorthere sorts the contents of the tile where you stand alphabetically.
      • /sortall executes all of the above sort commands in addition to /sort which sorts your inventory alphabetically. It should be noted that the target list will still prioritize distance over alphabetical sorting.
      • /dropsame which will drop all items in your inventory that have a matching item on the same tile. If you are standing on an empty tile, this command will do nothing. Can also be done with /ds and /dropalike.
    • Animals can now be tracked over water.
    • Workbenches now repair party members items in addition to your own.
    • Handing items to NPCs will now place the items in their inventories if their hands are full.
    • Bumping into party members will now interrupt their action and cause them to switch places with you.
    • Local waypoints now have letters which can be used to reference them in commands
    • Number keys 1-9 now execute the corresponding entries when viewing /spells and /waypoints.
    • Upon taking an item, the game will now attempt to target whatever new item is at the same index instead of resetting to the first item on the Nearby Targets list.
    • Clicking party members on the /party window now brings up the same options as clicking them them on the Targets list
    • Reordered some mouse menu items in order to lower the chances of accidentally performing some detrimental actions
    • Fixed a bug with traders not working as intended
    • Fixed a longstanding issue with autocomplete unexpectedly inserting undesired commands when typing quickly
    • Fixed an issue with minions of NPC allies not properly re-partying with the NPC if the NPC was dismissed by the player
    • Fixed a bug with the /throw command which often caused thrown items to hit the wrong target
    • Fixed a crash caused by ascending staircases
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Bleeding from working as intended on dashing and jumping entities
    • Fixed a bug which allowed dashing while exhausted
    • Fixed an issue with the /approach command not keeping the same target under certain circumstances
    • Fixed an issue with certain NPCs having more weapons in their inventories than intended
    • Fixed a few recipes with deprecated ingredients
    • Mostly fixed the broken /borderlesstiles command
    • Optimizations
  5. 2021.04.01 Patch Notes
    • The Distance Traveled stat is now based on your furthest distance traveled from Relica
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Feed' menu option showing up for items it shouldn't
    • Fixed an issue where the Open/Close menu options for certain storage containers was not working as intended
  6. 2021.03.31 Patch Notes
    • Added more details to the blight screen when applicable
    • Added total number of slots to /inventory
    • Reduced the contribution of discovered recipes to overall score
    • Fixed a crash caused by clicking certain items while not having a target
  7. 2021.03.30 Patch Notes
    • Added an /exitgame command. This only works on the desktop version, and can also be found under Settings & Options when using the mouse. On the browser version, this will just trigger the /restart prompt.
    • Fixed certain commands still working on the blight screen, causing the window to close and leaving players stuck in limbo until they restarted
    • Fixed the comparison tooltip still showing up even if /tooltips were disabled
    • Fixed an issue with curios not providing their recipes if immediately used from the ground
    • Fixed an issue with yellow drag-and-drop indicators getting stuck onscreen
    • Fixed an input related crash
  8. 2021.03.26 Hotfix
    • Fixed a bug which caused Illusionist's stealth effect to trigger on the attacker instead of the Illusionist
  9. 2021.03.27 FARA Alpha 16: Blightborn is LIVE!

    Well met, travelers! Public Alpha 16 is here, and with it come some HUGE changes to the core mechanics of FARA. Combat and dying have been overhauled, and many other facets have been adjusted with the goals of encouraging exploration and smoothing game progression. I want to give a special thanks to the volunteers in our awesome Discord community for testing these changes over the last month. FARA is so much better because of your thoughtful feedback and gigantic brains. The notes presented below are but a fraction of what this update has to offer. FARA is a game about exploration after all, so I encourage you to start a new adventure and discover all the new goodies for yourself!

    1. BLIGHTS:

      This update adds a little more flair to the concept of permadeath with the introduction of the Blight mechanic. Instead of immediately perishing when dealt a killing blow, you now have the option to be resurrected with a permanent difficulty modifier. These modifiers, or blights, range from stat reductions to increased encounter rate. You have the option to accept a blight every time you die, but the chances of successfully resurrecting are lowered based on the number of blights you have.

      As FARA grows in scope and presents new long-term progression options for players, the idea of permadeath as it existed seemed harsh and out of place. With the blight system, players should feel more empowered to explore and grow with the same character without the threat of their first mistake completely wiping out all of the time and resources they've invested in their worlds.

    2. COMBAT:
      • Variable speeds for most combat actions have been removed, making combat feel more turn-based. For every action you perform, all other combatants will also perform a single action.
      • Added a /dash action. Dashing allows entities to move across multiple tiles in a single moment at the cost of stamina. Max dash distance is determined, among other factors, by Finesse. Dashing can also be performed by holding Shift and using the arrow keys. Releasing the Shift key will perform the dash.
      • Added ~10 new unique heavy attack effects, including unique effects for Insight-based weapons
      • Swapping two held items is now a free action which does not use a turn.
      • Weapon size no longer plays a role in damage output or speed.
      • Heavy attack stamina usage is now determined by the wielder's proficiency in the weapon's 'needed' stat.
      • Reduced the duration of most effects, buffs, and debuffs by ~75%. Because of the changes to action speed, effects still expire at roughly the same point in a combat encounter.
      • Most common damage-over-time effects now tick every moment instead of every ~5. Because of the duration reductions, they still deal about the same amount of total damage.
      • Added some new items and NPCs in settlements to aid in resource management and exchanges
      • Removed hunger and thirst
      • Increased the likelihood of finding items and NPCs of interest when exploring local areas
      • Reduced encounter chance when moving on the world map
      • Common enemies now have a chance to drop crafting resources
      • Increased starting inventory size from 20 to 25
      • Increased Hidden Pocket inventory bonus from 2 to 5
      • Simplified the crafting requirements of many weapons and tools
      • Increased the material cost Workbenches and gave them the ability to repair all personal items at once
      • Removed a big chunk of the starting recipes and dramatically increased the likelihood of finding items/recipes you don't have
      • Illusionist: Removed Blink spell and replaced it with Prestige, an ability which allows the caster and target to switch places
      • Juggernaut: Their /dash causes damage to encountered obstacles
      • Added 2 new interface layout options which can be enabled with /layout2 (also known as /bigmap) and /layout3. They can be particularly helpful for those who wish the minimap was larger:

      Layout 1 (default): Layout2: Layout 3:

      • Made some substantial engine optimizations. The game should run much, much better in crowded environments.
      • Mouseover tooltips can now be disabled with /tooltips.
      • Arcane Obelisks in settlements now have infinite uses.
      • Autoloot is now enabled by default. If you've played FARA before, you might need to manually turn this setting on with /autoloot, or via the /settings menu.
      • FINALLY updated some of the outdated information under /help and /define
      • Fixed a crash caused by butchering fish
      • Fixed an issue with blight spells (now called plagues) lasting forever
      • Fixed a crash caused by /define
      • Fixed all sorts of typos
      • Added new typos

      As is the case with every update regardless of size, starting up a new adventure is strongly recommended over trying to load an older save. In this case, trying to load anything older than 0.0.16 won't even work.

      Good luck out there, travelers!

13.4.2 Alpha 15 Dec'20..

Don't miss the Author's addtl notes for this version!

  1. 2021.02.13 Patch Notes
    • Removed several unfinished settlement facilities. They will make a return when they actually do something. For now, every settlement has the same 5 facilities, and they are always in the same style of building.
    • Finished the Warehouse facility
    • Added a /recipe 'itemname' command which lists the components of a specified known recipe. Can also be performed with /rcp.
    • Added a /deletetitle command for permanently removing earned titles from the /factions window
    • Added 'Repair' as a mouse menu option when possible
    • Updated castle Nobles to fall more in line with the quest behavior of settlement Elders. One notable difference is that the completion or failure of noble quests will affect faction reputation. For now, the quest types are the same ones you know and love, with the goal of having faction-specific quest types in the future.
    • Inspecting bags now unlocks recipes for the next size/type of bag.
    • The /repair command can now utilize Repair Kits on the ground as long as they're within reach.
    • Made unknown landmarks more obvious when traversing the world map
    • If you've been having input issues and have a game controller connected to your computer, you may now use /ignorecontrollers to (hopefully) fix any problems.
    • Typing '/inspect all' will now inspect all items on your target list. Each inspection still counts as a complete action, and the sequence will be interrupted if you take damage.
    • Updated the criteria for which character deaths/retirements are announced on Discord
    • The character sheet now properly shows attunements after death
    • Fixed a long-standing issue with NPCs taking 1 more moment than the player to perform any action. The fix for the this was suspiciously easy, so I'm positive I've broken something. Let me know what you find!
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Traders from working as intended
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the /autosave setting from persisting after reload. Note, this is different from the forced saves that take place after certain game events. Forced saves cannot be disabled.
    • Fixed several instances of jank looking fireworks when /bigmap is enabled
    • Fixed several instances of map cursors lingering longer than they should
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the manifestation of a second minor trait if you had a major trait
    • Fixed an issue with cavern entities such as chests and nodes crowding the cavern entrance instead of being spread throughout the cavern.
    • Fixed a game crash caused by the Giant Swing ability
    • Fixed an issue with certain entities not showing up on the target list at the proper distances
    • Fixed a bug which caused several craftable items to be described as 'wood' when they weren't
    • So many optimizations
  2. 2021.02.10 Patch Notes
    • Repair Kits are now stackable, single use, and have a different recipe.
    • Added a /repair command which will use a Repair Kit on a specified item
    • Arguments for the /targetfilter command can now be preceeded with a '-' to exclude certain results, i.e. '/targetfilter -tree' will filter out all trees from the target list.
    • Fixed some crashes related to items which are no longer available
    • Fixed NPC Politicians not being able to use their ability
    • Fixed some display issues with the health and stamina bars
  3. 2021.02.09 Patch Notes
    • Harvested plants now slowly regenerate over time.
    • The /drop command now defaults to inventory items instead of held items
    • Restored /screenshake to its former glory
    • Scaled down the map size when /bigmap is enabled to show more of the game log
    • Removed several redundant weapon types
    • Replaced the myriad of repair kits with a single item called a Repair Kit
    • All settlements now have warehouses
    • Re-added the accidentally deleted auto-loot setting
    • Fixed an issue with resting until morning jumping ahead too far when performed at certain times
    • Fixed a huge bug with /sort that caused it to mangle up all kinds of game data
    • Fixed a bug which caused offhand ranged attacks to use the attack power of the mainhand weapon
    • Fixed issue with missing log message for dropped items
    • Fixed several display issues with the gamelog
    • Fixed /reverselog not working as it should
    • Fixed a crash caused by chakrams and other weapons with similar heavy attacks
  4. 2021.02.06 Patch Notes
    • Added a /bigmap layout, which shifts some interface elements around to accommodate a much larger, centralized mini(?)map. Enabling this layout will also trigger some other interface changes which can be controlled individually:
      • /reverselog which switches the direction and order of game log messages. The most recent event will be at the top.
      • /objectivewindow which is a new window in the upper left for tracking active quests
      • /widescreen and /screenwidth will not work with /bigmap enabled. If you are playing on a lower resolution screen, you may need to zoom out with [Ctrl] + [-] to see the game log below the map.
    • Adjusted Plague Doctor: The negative conditions they spread now affect targets for twice the duration of the original effect
    • Replaced several chest types with more generous versions
    • Certain scenarios now scale in physical size based on distance from Relica. Dungeons, for instance, get much larger the further out you are.
    • Adjusted auto-targeting to favor entities that aren't nearby party members
    • You can now dig holes in settlements
    • Entities with innate elemental properties now trigger elemental effects with unarmed heavy attacks
    • Lowered base bag capacity and increased the capacity gains from materials and quality
    • The character window is now available after death with [ c ]
    • The Curio modification window no longer lists items that already have that curio
    • The fishing action is now interrupted by attacks
    • Added an option to the /rest confirmation screen to rest until the next morning
    • Added and updated some animations
    • Removed Rune of Darkvision
    • /increasefont and /decreasefont now only affect the game log, and not the entire interface.
    • /inspect now reads out the specific capacity of bags
    • Fixed an issue with certain groups of NPCs not being partied together as intended
    • Fixed an issue which caused the Attack Confirmation dialogue to pop up when attacking corpses
    • Fixed a pretty massive oversight with how stats were calculated under certain conditions
    • Fixed SO MANY issues and bugs with the titan encounter
    • Fixed a few issues with mouse menu actions such as Grab not showing up as options when they should
    • Fixed some minor display issues with /map cutting off the top or bottom of the displayed map
    • Fixed more instances of TTS cutting off
  5. 2021.01.30 Patch Notes
    • Made certain domesticated animals easier to befriend and tame
    • Fixed an issue with 'highly effective' attack messages showing up in situations where it wasn't true
    • Fixed a bug which could cause stackable items in your possession to disappear or behave strangely if you craft more of that item
    • Fixed some crashes caused by certain controller buttons during character creation
  6. 2021.01.28 Hotfix
    • The Appraiser trait now provides a chance at getting a higher quality chest instead of a guarentee.
    • Fixed a bug with overly geometric terrain generation
    • Fixed a bug which could cause /giveall to give the wrong item
    • Fixed a bug which could cause the player to become hostile to themselves when selfcasting certain spells
    • Typos and corrections
  7. 2021.01.28 Patch Notes
    • Added /giveall and /giveamount commands which transfer a specified number of items from a stack in your main hand to your target. If not applicable, a single item will transfer as before.
    • Increased the amount of faction reputation gained per medal
    • Lowered the amount of stamina spent when pushing large objects
    • Charm and material quality now play bigger roles in succesfully befriending and taming animals
    • /drop no longer plants seeds or buries objects in holes at your location. You must now use /give or /place while targeting the hole.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the five core stats from getting the proper bonuses from upgraded equipment
    • Fixed several issues with Botanists and their babies
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the Safari browser from using the command line
  8. 2021.01.28 Patch Notes

    Added a /windowlock setting which disables movement keys if a dialogue window is open

    • Butchering expedition quest monsters now counts as quest completion.
    • Fixed an issue with the indoor spaces of island buildings acting like water instead of land
    • Fixed an oversight with the math surrounding reputation gain and loss. Turning in a stack of medals at once should yield the same amount of reputation as turning them in one at a time.
  9. 2021.01.27 Patch Notes
    • Added weapon ranges to tooltips and /inspect
    • Fixed a bug which could cause NPCs to swap their weapons back and forth if they spawned with a shield in their main hand
  10. 2021.01.26 Patch Notes
    • The /look command will now give you the general direction of cavern exits if they are not in your line of sight.
    • Fixed a bug where the Enter key could fail to execute a command if pressed too quickly after the the last character was typed
    • Fixed a bug which allowed Mudmaws to occasionally spawn outside of water
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the game log from updating after the /save command
    • Fixed(?) some inconsistent behavior with NPC actions and states after loading a save
    • Fixed a bug with quest chests providing more Hero's Medals than intended
    • Fixed a bug which caused Immobilization to impede all actions instead of just movement and jumping
    • Fixed a bug which allowed attacks to interrupt the 'focus' action
    • Fixed several typos and updated a few instances of outdated information
  11. 2021.01.25 Patch Notes
    • Updated dungeon bosses to better reward prepared adventurers while harshly punishing everyone else
    • Added a /moveinterval (1-1000) setting for adjusting the rate at which you move when hold a direction key
    • Manually saving the game no longer forces a reload
    • Fixed some display errors related to key fragment collection
    • Fixed a bug which prevented custom number keys from working if you had character templates saved
  12. 2021.01.24 Patch Notes
    • Reduced the amount of Hero's Medals earned from most sources and increased their general value
    • Grabs can now be attempted at any range, though they are still only successful if the target is in range at the end of the action.
    • Adjusted Wrestler: Reduced damage of Giant Swing. It still slaps.
    • Fixed an bug where the game log could fade into the abyss and become unreadable
    • Fixed a bug where the controls would lock when alt-tabbing the desktop version of the game
    • Fixed a bug which caused mount saddles to disappear at seemingly random times
    • Fixed a bug which prevented fast travel from ending early when damage was taken or an encounter was triggered
    • Fixed a bug which could cause entities to get stuck performing actions
    • Fixed a crash caused by clicking certain interface elements at specific times
    • Made several interface optimizations which should improve performance
  13. 2021.01.22 Patch Notes
    • Added a /tooltip or /tt command to display mouse tooltip information about your target in the game log. Specifying text (i.e. /tt shovel) will search through your targets, items, and known recipes to find the relevant tooltip.
    • Reworked the way multi-element damage is applied to fix edge cases where the game log produced duplicative messages
    • Fixed a bug where controls could become unresponsive if a keyboard command caused the game window to lose focus
    • Fixed more instances of TTS cutting off earlier than it should
    • Removed some defunct commands from /help
    • Fresh monster tracks now specifically name the related monster.
    • Typos
  14. 2021.01.21 Patch Notes
    • When fast traveling, you will now be prompted when one of your vitals lowers to a point which could be fatal. This is on by default, and can be toggled with /safetravel.
    • Made several tweaks to the point values of different tasks and accomplishments, and lowered the cost of class unlocks by ~90%.
    • Made some optimizations in an effort to alleviate a control-locking bug some players are still experiencing
    • Removed exact spellcasting times from NPC status descriptions, and replaced with a system similar to heavy attacks
    • Adjusted which stat are tracked on the /character sheet
    • Adjusted the starting bonuses of Gunslinger and Swiftshade
    • /jump and /throw now note their distance and direction in the game log.
    • You can now /jump through party members and certain NPCs
    • Added Wooden Knife to starting recipes
    • The Blacksmiths at refineries now actually do something
    • NPCs will now use meals when injured
    • Reduced the damage penalty caused by Exhaustion
    • The game log now produces a message when either you or a target you can see hits certain health thresholds, like going from Wounded to Injured, or when healing brings an entity above those thresholds.
    • Structures created on water now have a bit of land around them.
    • Fixed an bug where 'Find/Make X' item quests weren't working, and tweaked them so the found item must be returned to the requester
    • Fixed an bug where mounted entities could be several tiles away from their mounts
    • Fixed an bug with the Enter key not closing windows in situations when it should
    • Fixed an bug where abandoning a quest while on the quest destination map would send you into a lightless void of no return
    • Fixed more misaligned and incomplete animations
    • Fixed several issues around how key fragments are tracked and used
    • Fixed/Added so many typos
  15. 2021.01.16 Patch Notes
    • Adjusted Scoundrel:
      • Reduced health from Average to Below Average
      • Attacks and spells directed at Scoundrels are now COMPLETELY redirected to live, sentient entities they are grabbing.
    • Changed the way elemental procs on heavy attacks are calculated to make bigger, slower weapons more viable
    • The player death screen now includes your character's description
    • Fixed an issue where controls could be locked upon switching maps if certain key combinations were used
    • Fixed the 'You leave the area' message displaying upon entering an area
    • Fixed an issue with the target cursor getting stuck on certain map tiles when jumping into obstacles
    • Probably fixed an issue where cavern entrances, exits, and staircases could be duplicated upon changing maps
  16. 2021.01.15 Hotfix
    • Fixed a crash caused by Elemancer's Attunement ability
    • Fixed an issue with unresponsive commands after switching maps
  17. 2021.01.15 Patch Notes
    • Made a handful of optimizations which should make the game feel a little snappier
    • Made some adjustments to input handing which will hopefully alleviate the repeating action bug some players have experienced
    • Held items now contribute to elemental attunement scores.
    • Adjusted Wrestler: Giant Swing can now only be used on targets the Wrestler is grabbing. The stamina cost and cast time have been significantly reduced, and the damage has been increased. Additionally, Wrestlers now have a bonus to grab speed and success rate.
    • Adjusted Scoundrel: Scoundrels now deflect a portion of the damage they take onto sentient entities they are grabbing.
    • Fixed an issue with stamina not naturally regenerating under most circumstances
    • Fixed a crash caused by triggering certain commands during character creation
    • Fixed (?) yet another issue with quest reward chests producing or reporting the wrong amount of Hero's Medals earned
    • Fixed some inconsistent behavior with the /shout command
  18. 2021.01.12 Patch Notes
    • Added character /presets for quick character generation. Typing /savepreset after creating a character will save their name, class, and description for quick re-creation when starting a new run. You can have up to 5 presets saved, and can remove them with /clearpreset.
    • Added /grab and /choke actions
    • Added an /editdescription command which pulls your character description into the command line, allowing you to make changes without having to type your entire desciption over again.
    • All entities are now subject to the same encumbrance rules as the player. This means if any of your party members are encumbered, you will not be able to travel on the world map.
    • Fixed misaligned animations caused by the recent map size increase.
    • Fixed an issue where auto-move could get stuck if the game window loses focus
    • The Unconscious effect is now interrupted by damage.
  19. 2021.01.08 Patch Notes
    • Improved arrow key input handling. There is no longer a delay when changing directions, and two keys may be pressed simultaneously for diagonal movement.
    • Fixed a duplication exploit involving a crafting trait
    • Fixed more instances of game log item amounts not mirroring the amount of items actually being manipulated
    • Typos
  20. 2021.01.07 Patch Notes
    • Increased the size of the minimap (and subsequently, the width of the side panels) by ~10%.
    • You can now bury things by dropping them into holes.
    • You can no longer exit local areas while encumbered. Previously, you would essentially drop items at random.
    • Fixed an bug with clay items having far less durability than intended
    • Fixed several display issues related to item amounts
    • Fixed a crash caused by mining
    • Fixed a crash caused by stealing certain items

    This patch will absolutely break existing saves. A new start is always recommended.

  21. 2021.01.02 Patch Notes
    • Fixed more TTS issues
    • Fixed a crash related to digging
    • Fixed an issue with friendship levels not applying everywhere they should
    • Fixed an issue with certain summons having their power scale incorrectly
  22. 2021.01.02 Hotfix
    • Fixed an issue with the Tail Sweep ability spewing illegible eldritch code all over the gamelog
    • Fixed some display issues with the /listinventory command
    • Removed all outdated references to the Prone effect
  23. 2021.01.01 Patch Notes
    • Removed the Sitting and Prone stances. Abilities and circumstances which triggered Prone now do other things like causing knockbacks or Daze.
    • The Dazed effect now increases damage taken in addition to lowering Strength and Insight.
    • Rebalanced weapon damage calculations to make larger, slower melee weapons more viable
    • Reworked Jesters: "Jesters are immune to stumbling after missed heavy attacks, instead gaining Opportunity which refunds the stamina cost of their next action. Additionally, dancing uses less stamina and restores mood and stamina to party members."
    • Elemancers can now pull elements from various effects afflicting their target, such as gaining fire attunement from burning entities.
    • Added /listexits command which details the distance and direction of the closest exit to leave a local map
    • The /listitems command now notes inventory capacity and current load.
    • Reduced the average amount of flavor text when traveling on the world map
    • With /highdetail enabled, a change in compass direction will produce a log message.
    • You can now specify a number after /split to determine the amount of items in one of the resulting stacks.
    • NPCs now make better use of food items they are holding.
    • Fixed a crash caused by NPCs attempting to learn spells from Tomes
    • Fixed several instances of TTS cutting off earlier than expected
  24. 2020.12.30 Hotfix Part 2
    • Fixed faction officers not accepting medals
  25. 2020.12.30 Patch Notes

    Split /approach and /goto into separate commands. /approach is now specifically for walking up to targets, and /goto is for walking to locations.

    • Added partial matching to /goto command. i.e. '/goto 1' will take you to 'Local Waypoint 1' if there isn't a direct match.
    • Fixed a TTS issue which prevented readouts following the /say command
  26. 2020.12.30 Hotfix
    • Fixed some inconsistent behavior with the /approach command
  27. 2020.12.30 Patch Notes
    • Added a local waypointing system:
      • /setlocalwaypoint 'name' creates waypoints on local maps. Can also be done with /slw.
      • /clearlocalwaypoint 'name' clears them. Can also be done with /clw.
      • /goto 'name' or /approach 'name' will attempt to pathfind to the local waypoint.
      • All of these functions can also be accessed via the mouse menu under Manage Waypoints or on the /waypoints window.
    • Added some mechanical differences between /eat and /drink. The most notable benefit of this change is that eating waterskins by accident is a little harder.
    • Added a few more consequences for negative faction reputation
    • Added a few new Runes
    • Removed Rune of Truesight. It was way too strong.
    • Adjusted Mortician: Increased stat bonus at night and removed night vision bonus
    • Manually entering a local area now has a chance to trigger encounters and reveal you, even if stealthed. The chances to trigger encounters and subsequently be revealed are separate and determined by Finesse. Classes with at least moderate Finesse should notice little difference.
    • Players are no longer locked out of building reputation with opposing factions when choosing to help one.
    • When /highdetail is enabled, moving to a target or area with /approach will describe the direction and distance of targets visible from your new location.
    • /highdetail no longer logs the movements of mounts and party members.
    • Eating meals now takes longer than before and restores a flat percentage of health instead of providing Rejuvenation.
    • Building entrances in settlements now always face south because of lore and definitely not for any other reason.
    • Fixed a crash caused by TTS
    • Potentially fixed a crash caused by abandoning quests
    • More crash fixes
    • Typos

    This patch will absolutely break existing saves. A new start is always recommended.

  28. 2020.12.23 Patch Notes

    Added a few more commands to output commonly referenced information to the game log:

    • /stats lists out your primary stats
    • /attunement lists all of your attunement ratings
    • /class outputs your class information
    • /target while having a target will output its distance and direction
    • /targets lists all visible targets
    • /keyfragments outputs the number of fragments currently owned and the total collected
    • Added game log feedback from adjusting the /build reticle when /highdetail is enabled
    • Added a few new traits
    • /highdetail no longer outputs exit and river information with every step. This information can still be accessed by typing /look or pressing [ l ].
    • Performing actions while TTS is speaking now interrupts the voice and starts reading the most recent events. This behavior can be toggled with /speechinterruption or /si.
    • The 'confirm attack' dialogue has been expanded to include allies and a few non-threatening NPCs.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the Hunting Lodge NPC from working as intended
    • Fixed an issue where TTS wouldn't say anything when you died
    • Fixed fresh monster tracks not showing up reliably. That said, they still don't stick around forever.
    • Fixed an issue where a blank compass would stick around on the map if you abandoned a quest with a tracked waypoint
    • Fixed an issue with faction reputation not being able to fall as low as intended
    • Fixed an issue with certain faction-specific encounters not showing up as much as intended
    • Small optimizations
  29. 2020.12.21 Patch Notes
    • Added a few more commands to output commonly referenced information to the game log:
      • /stats lists out your primary stats
      • /attunement lists all of your attunement ratings
      • /class outputs your class information
      • /target while having a target will output its distance and direction
      • /targets lists all visible targets
      • /keyfragments outputs the number of fragments currently owned and the total collected
    • Added game log feedback from adjusting the /build reticle when /highdetail is enabled
    • Added a few new traits
    • /highdetail no longer outputs exit and river information with every step. This information can still be accessed by typing /look or pressing [ l ].
    • Performing actions while TTS is speaking now interrupts the voice and starts reading the most recent events. This behavior can be toggled with /speechinterruption or /si.
    • The 'confirm attack' dialogue has been expanded to include allies and a few non-threatening NPCs.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the Hunting Lodge NPC from working as intended
    • Fixed an issue where TTS wouldn't say anything when you died
    • Fixed fresh monster tracks not showing up reliably. That said, they still don't stick around forever.
    • Fixed an issue where a blank compass would stick around on the map if you abandoned a quest with a tracked waypoint
    • Fixed an issue with faction reputation not being able to fall as low as intended
    • Fixed an issue with certain faction-specific encounters not showing up as much as intended
    • Small optimizations
  30. 2020.12.14 Patch Notes

    Added a new reward for completing the Astral Key

    • The /recipe list can now be filtered by rarity and item slot
    • Leaving an area while encumbered will now cause you to drop the items putting you over the limit
    • Adjusted several instances of rare materials appearing in low difficulty areas
    • Adjusted /drink behavior to prioritize nearby rivers and wells over inventory items
    • Adjusted mining to make a proper pickaxe faster and more rewarding than attacking with a weapon
    • NPCs will now make an effort to free themselves if they spawn on blocked tiles such as walls
    • Fixed several crashes caused by class and NPC abilities
    • Fixed a bug which caused Runic Shards acquired from chests to replace instead of add to any existing stacks in the same tile
    • Fixed a looong standing issue with scrollbars displaying in Firefox
    • Typos and formatting
  31. 2020.12.11 After 568 Days, Public Alpha 15 is LIVE!

    Long time no see, travelers!

    It's been 568 days since FARA's last public update, but that isn't to say the project has been dormant. A dedicated, intrepid group of adventurers has been testing a rebuilt version of the game since July, and that test-of-a-test is now ready for everyone to… test. There have been well over 120 patches in that time, and what's listed below is a summary of the highlights. If by chance you want to read every raw, potentially spoilery, nitty gritty detail without much context, you can find

    the full 1,300+ line changelog here:

    I want to give my most heartfelt thanks to everyone invited to test the changes over the last few months. You could have spent that time and energy on anything, and the fact you chose to help make FARA a better game means the world to me.

    If you haven't already, join us on Discord!

    1. SUMMARY:
      • The biggest goal of this update was to re-write many of FARA's underlying systems and data structures. In doing so, the game should run faster and scale better with future development. There are also a TON of bug fixes, gameplay changes, and usability improvements. If you've tried FARA in the past and spent more time fighting the interface than monsters, I encourage you to give this new build a shot.
      • You can now hold down the arrow keys to continuously move in a direction. Additionally, you can click and drag from the center of the screen to activate a virtual joystick and move around.
      • There is now an interact button in the target window which can either be clicked to perform the displayed action, or at least inform you of what action pressing [ Enter ] will perform.
      • Right-clicking in the center of the screen now presents the same target options as clicking on the target window. Holding the right mouse button down while scrolling the mouse wheel will cycle through targets.
      • Hovering the mouse over objects on the map will display what they are, and clicking an object will target it and bring up a list of options.
      • Added more bump-to-interact options. Bumping into foliage will harvest it, bumping into large ore nodes will attempt to mine them, bumping into non-hostile NPCs will /interact with them.
      • Added drag and drop! Dragging objects from the Nearby Targets window and dropping them on your inventory or the game log will attempt to /take them. Dragging items in your possession and releasing them on the game log will /drop them. Dragging items in your possession and releasing them on your target will attempt to /give the item. You can also drag items between your holding, wearing, and inventory windows.
      • Added tooltips! You can now hover your cursor over most objects and targets to learn about them.
      • Added animations! Several (mostly combat-related) actions now have animated effects which will play over the target window or the center of the screen.
      • Added a new interface for building structures. Press [ b ] or type /build with Wooden Blocks near by to create buildings one room at a time instead of tile by tile.
      • The health and stamina bars are now displayed by default.
      • All of the most frequently used pop-up windows (/character, /spells, /recipes, etc) now have tabs along the top, allowing quick access to the other frequently viewed windows. Continuously pressing [ c ] will cycle through all of the windows.
      • Clicking on party members now displays options to view their stats, items, and spells.
      • Pressing [ - ] now opens a window which shows the entire local map. If you are in a dungeon or somewhere similar, this map will only show areas you have seen. This feature can also be accessed by clicking the header of the minimap or typing /map.
      • There is now a static settlement named Relica near the start of an adventure. The further you travel from Relica, the more difficult (and rewarding) the game becomes. There are still randomly generated settlements, but they are few and far between.
      • Added fast travel, accessed by either clicking a waypoint or typing /travel (waypoint number). If you are tracking a waypoint, you can also click on the compass.
      • Most randomness has been removed from combat. There are no longer chances to miss or crit - both will happen consistently when the right conditions are met. Elemental weapons will always trigger their effects with heavy attacks and never on regular attacks. Elemental spells will always trigger their effects with every cast.
      • Jumping while targeted by an attack will cause you to dodge the attack. In the case of a spell, you will take half the spell's normal damage and avoid any secondary effects.
      • Ranged weapon attacks now has a reload penalty which adds time to your next action
      • Stamina now regenerates over time, and is more of a per-encounter resource than a per-rest resource. Heavy attacks and jumping/dodging use considerably more stamina than before.
      • The gap between the lowest and highest health classes has been narrowed. Classes now either have slightly below average health, average, or slightly about average health.
      • Most of the primary stats have been renamed, and their purposes tweaked:
        • Strength: Increases damage dealt with melee weapons and unarmed strikes, decreases stamina spent pushing large objects
        • Finesse: Increases damage dealt with ranged weapons, increases chance to disarm traps, increases stealth ability, decreases reload time of ranged weapons, decreases stamina use of jumping and stealth
        • Resilience: Reduces physical damage taken, reduces duration of negative effects, increases stamina regeneration rate
        • Insight: Increases damage of spells, increases search ability, decreases stamina cost of spells
        • Charm: Increases the duration of positive effects, increases odds of favorable outcomes
      • Wisdom has been removed
      • Added equipment slots - Head, Body, Hands, Feet, and Accessory. Typical equipment will fit into one of the slots. The accessory slot retains the old behavior of allowing anything* to be equipped there.
      • Added a trait system. Traits add passive bonuses and features to your character. There are 3 types - Master, Major, and Minor. Master traits are determined by your class and cannot be changed. Major and Minor traits can be acquired from different factions as rewards for helping them. You can have 1 Major trait and 2 Minor traits.
      • Added several new enemies, encounter types and scenarios
      • Dungeons have been reworked to produce more interesting layouts, and new kinds of obstacles have been added
      • Randomly generated factions have been removed in favor of 3 static factions - the Radiant Hand, the Jade Circle, and the Wild of the Wild. There is a lot in store for the faction system, but for now, they serve as the primary means of acquiring traits.
      • World biome distribution is far more logical and aesthetically pleasing than before.
      • Meals are now stackable, provide rejuvenation, and only use a single ingredient. Cooking multiple items on a fire will produce multiple meals.
      • Crafting materials have been rebalanced across the board. A handful have been removed, and several new ones have been added.
      • You can no longer craft unknown objects for twice the material cost. Instead, inspecting an item will teach several related recipes.
      • The default maximum party size has been reduced from 4 to 2.

      Blacksmith, Brewmaster, Tailor, Spelunker, Constable, Astronomer, and Yogi have been removed. Their abilities and features have been added to other classes.

      • Added Mortician! Ability: Undertaking: Morticians have access to the Fervent Embalming spell which raises corpses to fight for a short duration. Additionally, Morticians do not attract hostile targets when resting outdoors, and gain a bonus to all stats and vision at night.
      • Added Peasant! Peasants have terrible stats across the board and can't use magic. If you wanted FARA to be more challenging, here's your Expert Mode.
      • Spellthief: They now have an active ability to learn the last ability to affect them instead of automatically learning everything
      • Adventurer has been reworked: "Adventurers have an increased chance to find rare items. They also have the Heroic Feat ability which provides a temporary boost to all stats once per rest."
      • Pit Fighter has been reworked: "Pit Fighters have heightened stamina regeneration when bleeding, dazed, or immobilized. They also have the Payback ability which deals damage to a target in melee range equal to twice the most recent damage received and causes bleeding."
      • Duelist has been reworked: "Duelists gain Opportunity after perfectly timed dodges, allowing their next action to be performed without using stamina. They also have the En Garde ability which increases the Duelist's damage against a selected target while amplifying damage the Duelists receives from other sources."
      • Executioner has been reworked: "Executioner's killing blows deal splash damage and knock adjacent targets to the ground. They also have the Last Word ability which deals heavy damage to targets who are Dying."
      • Juggernaut has been reworked: "Juggernauts are immune to immobilization and force spells, deal twice as much damage to non-sentient objects, knock down hostile targets after jumping, and can smash through most doors."
      • Gatekeeper has been reworked: "Gatekeepers will deflect long-range projectiles, and their shields and armor take less damage in combat. They also have the Protect ability which temporarily reduces the amount of damage a target takes by half."
      • Soldier has been reworked: "Soldiers gain increased damage resistance as their health decreases."
      • Kung Fu Master has been reworked: "Standard attacks trigger Bear Stance, causing thier next heavy attack to inflict Dazing. Heavy attacks trigger Monkey Stance, causing thier next jump to grant Quickness. Jumping triggers Tiger Stance, causing their next standard attack to inflict bleeding."
      • Fishmonger has been reworked: "Fishmongers cannot drown, take greatly reduced damage while Intoxicated and are immune to the negative effects, and have a higher chance to catch rare items while fishing."
      • Elemancer has been reworked: "Elemancers have a bonus to all elemental attunements. They also have the Attune ability which channels the elemental energy of a target to boost the caster's relative attunement. Successfully casting the ability a second time will combine the elements, providing two boosts at half the potency. Attunements are lost after rest."
      • Scholar has been reworked: "Scholars gain Enlightenment after conversing with someone or learning a new recipe, temporarily increasing their insight. Scholars can cast spells from scrolls at higher tiers based on their insight, and can use the same scroll several times."
      • Gamber has been reworked: "Gamblers have access to the 'Gamble' ability which inflicts a random negative condition to either the caster or their target. Charm reduces the stamina cost of this ability and increases the likelihood of afflicting the target over the caster. When used on certain chests, Gamble will either upgrade the quality of the chest or completely destroy it."
      • Ragamuffin has been reworked: "Ragamuffins have an increased chance to steal successfully, and can find a wider variety of items. In combat, Ragamuffins can attempt to /steal weapons used to attack them."
      • Kunoichi has been reworked: "When attacking from stealth, Kunoichi deal bonus damage and remain hidden if the attack kills their target. Additionally, Kunoichi recover from the Revealed effect twice as quickly, and gain Quickness when Revealed."
      • Gamestalker has been reworked: "Gamestalkers immobilize targets when attacking from stealth at range."
      • Demon Slayer has been reworked: "Demon Slayers take reduced damage from legendary monsters and spells, and silence enemies with their heavy attacks."
      • Wrestler has been reworked: "Wrestlers can use the Giant Swing ability, allowing them to throw a target to an area of their choosing, causing them to take damage, land prone, and become Dazed. Additionally, Wrestlers are immune to being dazed, and do not receive any penalties while prone."
      • Bodybuilders have been reworked: "Bodybuilders have access to the Flex ability which will blind a hostile target. If completely unarmored, Flex will also provide a temporary Charm bonus and cleanse negative status effects."
      • Kensai has been tweaked: In addition to their Samurai Showdown ability, they now instantly counter-attack after performing a perfect dodge.
      • Illusionist has been reworked: "Illusionists will immediately enter stealth for a short duration when damaged by a critical hit. Additionally, Illusionists detect illusions and disguises without fail."
      • Rift Dancer has been reworked: "A Rift Dancer's heavy attacks and spells summon creatures from other planes."

      Saying there is more to the update than what is listed above would be the understatement of a lifetime. While I could have gone into greater detail, let's not forget that FARA is a game about exploration and discovery. Adventure awaits!

  32. 2020.12.10 FARA's Getting an Update Tomorrow!

    Hello, travelers!

    Tomorrow, FARA will get its first update since May 22, 2019! The official changelog will be posted shortly before the update goes live at 9pm EST, and it's a beefy one. It should be noted that old saves can't run in this new version, so if you're playing in the browser and have a run in progress, but sure to end it as gloriously as possible before then.

13.4.3 Void 01 Apr'19..

  • There were no updates.
  • People panicked.
  • Brian persevered.

13.4.4 Alpha 14 May'19..

  1. 2019.05.22 Patch Notes
    • Made some adjustments to the starting area
    • Moved the first settlement further away from the starting area
    • Increased the frequency of landmarks and rivers
    • Decreased the likelihood of monsters using skills
    • Fixed some unintended interactions with the /carry and /give commands
    • Fixed some display issues with the Constrict ability and Politician speech
    • Fixed an issue which caused Beekeeper's Scouting Bees to reveal their allies
    • Fixed a few typos
  2. 2019.05.20 Patch Notes

    The first public alpha for FARA was released one year ago today! I can't put into words how grateful I am to everyone who's taken the time to try FARA out and provide feedback. This game wouldn't be even half of what it is today were it not for the enthusiastic, welcoming, and dedicated community which has built up over the last year. I've wanted to be a game dev since I was a kid, and the FARA community has made that dream more fulfilling than I ever thought possible. You all have been incredible, and I look forward to the continued discourse that has shaped the game into something so many people find enjoyable. Now, let's celebrate the occasion by making the game way harder:

    • Key Fragments no longer resurrect the player when killed.
    • Added a new innate spell to the player character - Astral Blessing. This ability expends ALL collected Key Fragments to completely restore health, stamina, and mood. Astral Blessing also bestows several positive effects for a moderate duration, removes all hunger and thirst, and damages nearby enemies.
    • Started working on some public leaderboard stuff. When a character of notable achievement dies, retires, slays a dungeon boss, or completes the Astral Key, an announcement will be made in the FARA Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/TxECEtn). You can set a username ingame with /setusername yourname. You can opt out of this feature with /eventsharing.
    • Increased the importance of dexterity for reliably hitting targets with ranged weapons
    • Removed the strength bonus from ranged weapon damage
    • Made some changes to the start of the game
    • Removed wooden planks from the game and adjusted crafting recipes for objects which used them
    • Individual keybindings can now be reset with '/setkey keytochange default'
    • Made an adjustment which should make it a little easier to build shelters when you have allies following you
    • Typing /define without specifying any text wil now show all glossary entries.
    • Non-sentient entities can no longer be knocked prone.
    • Fixed several broken commands issued via mouse menu
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the [ z ] key from being re-bound
    • Fixed an issue which allowed certain monster abilities to work on slain entities
    • Fixed a bug that allowed traps be salvaged with /salvageall.
    • Fixed (more) issues with the Pounce ability
    • Fixed an edge case with Elder riddles which allowed duplicates of certain answers
    • Fixed a crash caused by entering castles

    A fresh game is required in order to continue regular play.

  3. 2019.05.17 Patch Notes

    Class adjustments:

    • Artificer:
      • Increased the durability cost of triggered spellgrafted items
      • Removed the stamina cost of triggering spellgrafted items
    • Cat Whisperer:
      • Changed the algorithm for cat spawns to no longer rely on line of sight
    • Added /interact as a valid command when carrying objects
    • Added missing damage messages to barrage spells
    • Ward spells now deal damage based on the amount of damage received and spell tier.
    • Increased the chance of causing slowness with throwing weapons to 100%
    • Mercenaries now have standards, and no longer find basic weaponry suitable enough to fling themselves into harm's way on your behalf.
    • Adjusted NPC combat logic to make (slightly) more logical choices about who to attack
    • Dead entities can no longer be given things
    • Adjusted generated monster descriptions to hopefully reduce confusion about the size of any given beast
    • Actually fixed a bug that caused targets of NPC area of effect spells to always be at the center of the spell when cast, even if they've moved since the cast began
    • Fixed a a bug which prevented NPCs from using heavy attacks
    • Fixed a bug which made drawing items from your inventory faster than intended under certain conditions
    • Fixed an issue with animals using Pounce while being ridden
    • Fixed a bug which prevented shockwave spells from properly applying the Slow effect
    • Fixed a few typos
  4. 2019.05.17 Patch Notes

    Class adjustments:

    • Artificer:
      • Increased the durability cost of triggered spellgrafted items
      • Removed the stamina cost of triggering spellgrafted items
    • Cat Whisperer:
      • Changed the algorithm for cat spawns to no longer rely on line of sight
    • Added /interact as a valid command when carrying objects
    • Added missing damage messages to barrage spells
    • Ward spells now deal damage based on the amount of damage received and spell tier.
    • Increased the chance of causing slowness with throwing weapons to 100%
    • Mercenaries now have standards, and no longer find basic weaponry suitable enough to fling themselves into harm's way on your behalf.
    • Adjusted NPC combat logic to make (slightly) more logical choices about who to attack
    • Dead entities can no longer be given things
    • Adjusted generated monster descriptions to hopefully reduce confusion about the size of any given beast
    • Actually fixed a bug that caused targets of NPC area of effect spells to always be at the center of the spell when cast, even if they've moved since the cast began
    • Fixed a a bug which prevented NPCs from using heavy attacks
    • Fixed a bug which made drawing items from your inventory faster than intended under certain conditions
    • Fixed an issue with animals using Pounce while being ridden
    • Fixed a bug which prevented shockwave spells from properly applying the Slow effect
    • Fixed a few typos
  5. 2019.05.16 Patch Notes

    Made some class adjustments:

    • Beekeeper:
      • Fixed a crash caused by Scouting Bees
    • Bloodweaver:
      • Fixed another edge case which could cause Sigils of Blood to not dispel if the casting Bloodweaver is slain
    • Riftdancer:
      • Rift Summons will only manifest when attacking living targets
    • Wildheart:
      • Reduced the amount of animal companion health restored by Wildheart attacks
      • Wildheart attacks now increase animal companion mood in addition to health
      • Health and mood restoration now only occur when attacking living targets
    • Added a new item reinforcement
    • Added a little combat variety to generated monsters based on their descriptions
    • Increased the damage of throwing weapons by 300% when thrown, increased the throw range of throwing weapons by 1 tile, and increased the damage of other thrown objects to mirror the attack power of the thrower
    • Reduced the size and population of horses
    • Reduced the amount of Runic Dust recovered from salvaged tomes
    • Animal companions in miserable moods will now leave your party, with a few exceptions.
    • Carried objects can now be thrown.
    • Casting area of effect spells now shows a ring around the map cursor indicating the areas the spell will affect.
    • NPCs casting area of effect spells now produce a blinking ring on the map indicating the areas the spell will affect.
    • Rebalanced the damage of meteor spells
    • Changed the symbol of unknown monsters from a purple - to a purple ?.
    • Masterworks created via Masterwork Tools now count toward the Masterworks Created achievement.
    • Fixed a bug with spellcasting that caused all entities to derive their applied spell damage from the player's intelligence instead of their own
    • Fixed a bug that caused targets of NPC area of effect spells to always be at the center of the spell when cast, even if they've moved since the cast began
    • Fixed a bug with barrage spells that caused them to only deal one tick of damage regardless of their duration
    • Fixed a bug which allowed NPCs to throw objects further than intended

    Older saves will have issues, and a fresh start is recommended.

  6. 2019.05.13 Patch Notes

    NOTE: This patch corrects a rampant error introduced in, and updating is necessary in order to continue regular play.

    • Added a little more flair and detail to kill/destroy messages
    • Added drinking from waterskins to the mouse menu
    • Increased the damage of bomb traps and changed the damage and explosion radius to scale with material quality
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Rune of Rays from appearing anywhere
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Astronomer's stat bonuses from working as intended
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Sigil of Blood from disappearing when the casting Bloodweaver is killed
    • Fixed a critical issue that caused the game to crash when performing just about any interaction. My bad.
  7. 2019.05.12 Patch Notes
    • Bloodweaver:
      • Reduced the damage of Sigil of Blood
      • Fixed a bug which allowed multiple Blood Pacts to be active
      • Blood Pact can now only be cast on sentient entities
    • Beekeeper:
      • Added their abilities to the Spells mouse menu
      • Bee swarms will now migrate to any swarmless beekeepers in sight if their target dies or is destroyed.
      • Fixed a bug with beautiful bees which caused them to apply the wrong effect
    • Astronomer:
      • Increased their minimal view radius when outdoors in low light
      • Added a Wisdom bonus in addition to Intelligence at night
    • Botanist:
      • Increased the base health of plant familiars
    • Spelunker:
      • Added a chance to find additional supplies from crates
    • Adjusted the power and equipment of some common overworld enemies
    • Adjusted the items in the starting area
    • Rebalanced the damage bonus provided by different ammunition materials. Lower quality ammunition provides a much lower damage bonus than before, and higher quality ammunition provides a substantially larger bonus than before.
    • Increased the frequency of rivers
    • Increased the rate at which hunger and thirst build in general
    • Throwing items now creates noise.
    • Removed the taming dialogue window. Taming is now performed by attempting to /give a saddle to an animal.
    • Smashing open Supply Crates will now always list the items within, regardless of the method used to open them.
    • Supply Crates are now guaranteed to have supplies in them.
    • Increased the amount of Supply Crates in dungeons
    • Fixed an issue which caused several miscellaneous objects to have about 20 times more durability than intended. Traditional weapons, armor, and other craftable items were not affected.
    • Fixed a crash caused by repeating the /repeat command
    • Fixed a crash caused by the /carry command

    A fresh start is recommended, but not required.

    NOTE: The Mac client won't be updated until 2019.05.12.

  8. 2019.05.11 Patch Notes
    • Added a new class, the Bloodweaver! Unique Ability: Hemophiliancy - Bloodweavers have access to the Blood Pact spell which places a Sigil of Blood on a target. This sigil slowly grows in potency over time, dealing increased damage while increasing the power of the target. Casting Blood Pact on a target affected by Sigil of Blood will transfer the sigil to the caster while retaining its potency level. Casting Blood Pact on target while affected by Sigil of Blood will transfer the existing sigil to the target. Only one Sigil of Blood may be active at a time.
    • Reworked Beekeeper. Unique Ability: Hiveminded - When Beekeepers interact with beehives, they become swarmed by a mass of bees which they can command using the Send Bees and Call Bees abilities. Beehives of different materials produce different kinds of swarms. Beekeepers have no additional materials cost for building unknown hive types, and are immune to the negative effects of swarms.
    • Made some adjustments to the Elemancer class:
      • Reduced health to Below Average
      • The trigger chance for elements on their armor is now based on the quality of the armor
    • Reduced the size/weight of common fruits and vegetables
    • Reduced the material cost of shelters
    • Masterwork items can no longer harness two elements. Artifacts remain the same.
    • Travelling unstealthed in the overworld no longer uses stamina. Traveling stealthed uses stamina and takes twice as long.
    • Increased the rate at which hunger and thirst build while travelling the overworld
    • Reworked animal mounting. Potential mounts must now be tamed with a saddle before they can be ridden. The quality of the saddle as well as several other factors determine the likelihood of successfully taming an animal. Equestrians get a bonus to tame attempts.- Entities now also have a chance to be knocked from their mount when struck.
    • Entities can no longer trigger elemental effects via self-targeted skills and abilities.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the Quests & Reputation menu option from displaying correctly
    • Fixed a bug which caused the bleeding effects caused by Pit Fighters to last longer than intended
  9. 2019.05.10 Patch Notes

    This build contains critical bug fixes, and updating is strongly recommended.

    • Narrowed the number of scenarios in which /give is offered as a Quick Action option
    • Reduced the number of NPCs that are cool with being carried around by strangers
    • Fixed an issue where certain dead NPCs were not correctly labelled as such
    • Fixed a crash caused by unarmed attacks
    • Fixed a crash caused by the Orbs of Restoration spell
    • Fixed an issue with the Roll of Gossamer item which prevented it from spawning properly
    • Fixed some unintended behaviors from Alchemist NPCs
    • Fixed an issue where elemental runes could be found infused with a secondary element
    • Fixed one of several potential reasons party members choose to attack you at random
    • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to run certain custom keybindings

    This update also includes some underlying changes to the way player input is handled and stored. If you notice any input-related jankiness, please let me know.

  10. 2019.05.09 Patch Notes
    • Made some adjustments to Artificers/spellgrafted items:
      • Adjusted the frequency at which spellgrafted items trigger their spells
      • The stamina cost of triggering a spellgrafted item is now 25% the cost of the spell instead of 100%.
      • Offensive spells triggered by spellgrafted items do 50% less damage than their naturally cast counterparts.
      • Triggering spellgrafted items now reduces their durability.
      • Fixed an unintended interaction between items grafted with Flawless spells and Obelisks
    • NPCs now swap and change out weapons according to different combat situations
    • Added a new weapon type
    • Added a list of static keys to the /keybindings window
    • Adjusted range values on a few weapon types
    • Fixed a bug introduced in yesterday's patch which prevented items from burning
  11. 2019.05.08 Patch Notes
    • Added a new weapon type with a unique heavy attack
    • Adjusted Gunslinger - Their ricochet effect now deals damage based on attack power, and is no longer a static value.
    • Adjusted the difficulty and abilities of dungeon bosses to make fights more engaging from beginning to end
    • Rebalanced the base values of triggered elemental effects
    • Increased the damage multiplier for elemental weaknesses
    • Made a few changes to elemental summoning spells:
      • Increased the base cost by 100%
      • Increased the health of summoned elementals by 25%
      • Reduced the size of elementals
    • Decreased the damage reduction provided by Constitution and Wisdom by ~10%
    • Being Exhausted no longer prevents travelling the overworld on foot, and instead rapidly increases hunger and thirst.
    • The Quickness effect now increases attack speed by one stage
    • Rune of Air no longer knocks targets prone
    • Standing no longer requires stamina, and instead takes three times as long if Exhausted.
    • The amount of Runic Dust dropped from chests now takes the type of chest into consideration
    • The amount of mood and stamina gained by animals who have been fed is now dependent on the size of the animal.
    • The [ Escape ] key should now function identically to /close or [ x ] as far as cancelling actions is concerned.
    • Fixed a target priority issue with dungeon bosses which often prevented them from reaching Orbs of Restoration
    • Fixed a bug which prevented heavy hammer attacks from triggering their intended effect
    • Fixed a bug which could cause multiple landmarks to spawn on the same tile
    • Fixed a bug which could cause non-sentient entities to be afflicted by negative status effects
    • Fixed a bug which prevented [ shift + up arrow ] from properly executing heavy attacks
    • Fixed a bug which caused guards to sleep on the job far more often than intended
    • Fixed a bug which made traps set by Scoundrels detectable
    • Fixed a bug which prevented traps and trap-like triggers from working on NPCs
  12. 2019.05.05 Patch Notes
    • Added a new item reinforcement
    • Added combat dummies to settlements
    • Streamlined caravan encounters so any NPC can be interacted with in the same way
    • Adjusted the difficulty of Champions
    • Reverted some changes which unintentionally caused NPCs to be overly aggressive to whatever they first laid eyes on
    • Fixed a bug which caused the leaderboard window to get stuck if opened after a character death
    • Fixed a bug which could cause players to get stuck in a local map because of invisible obstacles
    • Fixed a bug which could generate spells so powerful that nothing had enough stamina to cast them
    • Fixed a bug which could cause fresh monsters tracks to despawn long before a player would actually need them
    • Fixed several typos
  13. 2019.05.04 Patch Notes
    • Added some missing Quick Action options for certain encounters
    • Added some enemy variance to certain encounters
    • Added the ability to fill holes by dropping dirt or sand on them
    • Added the ability to ask commoners and other non-threatening beings to move out of your way
    • Added the ability to specify a target with the /attack command
    • The /moveto command will now stop next to targets too large to share a space with instead of displaying a message that you failed to get to it. Additionally, the /moveto command no longer places you directly on top of active traps you can see
    • Changed the formula for calculating hit chance with ranged weapons. Ranged attacks are less accurate the further they travel, and this penalty is lessened by Dexterity.
    • Plural names are now acceptable command arguments (i.e. '/take daffodils' should work, when before you needed to type '/take daffodil' even if there were multiple)
    • /drop will now drop the top item in your inventory if you aren't holding anything, and will drop your top worn item if you aren't holding anything and have no inventory.
    • Further increased the amount of physical attack damage added by strength
    • Adjusted Attack Power descriptions to better reflect damage values in the game. The underlying damage values have not been changed.
    • Removed the speed penalty to changing positions while in combat
    • The strength of artifacts now scale with player progress. Artifacts found early in a run are less powerful than before, and artifacts found late in a run are considerably more powerful.
    • Increased the amount of relevant elemental attunement provided by artifacts, and allowed the attunement bonus to apply from held artifacts in addition to worn ones
    • Fixed a bug that allowed more than one artifact to be equipped at a time
  14. 2019.05.02 Patch Notes
    • Added an /autoloot command which automatically picks up items you walk over, smashes open crates and barrels, and opens chests. It is disabled by default, and only works if the player is not in combat.
    • Added proper numpad support for Macs
    • Added some guidance for setting custom keybindings on the /keybindings window
    • Reduced the base damage and duration of the Poison effect
    • Key Fragment revivals now remove most negative effects
    • Updated several /define entries
    • Fixed a bug where the wrong attack speed calculation could be used
    • Fixed a bug that caused plummeting into caverns to cause more damage than intended
  15. 2019.05.01 Public Alpha 14 is LIVE - Perfectly balanced*, as all things should be.


    • All items and materials have had their stats rebalanced, and 4 new materials have been added. Generally speaking, achieving extremely high stats takes more planning than before, and fights should last a little longer with (slightly) fewer unexpected damage spikes.
    • The dexterity stat has been completely reworked, and with it comes a few changes to combat:
      • The dodge chance provided by dexterity now only applies when moving or jumping. This means that in order to be successful with a dexterous character, you actually need to move around as you fight.
      • Dexterity now reduces the stamina cost of jumping, and the cost of jumping has been slightly increased.
      • High dexterity is now critical for reliably disarming traps and using stealth
      • The "enemy blocked your movement even though you weren't going that way" mechanic has been removed.
    • Charisma now increases the duration of positive effects in addition to reducing the duration of negative ones.
    • Intelligence now reduces the cost of most spells instead of Wisdom
    • Constitution and Wisdom are now more effective at reducing physical and elemental damage respectively.
    • Added a new item type: Reinforcements. Reinforcements can be added to other items to increase certain stats or grant advantages to certain actions.
    • Added a message grouping setting which consolidates repeated messages into a single line. It is on by default, and can be toggled with /messagegrouping.
    • Added speed information to attack messages
    • Added [ ? ] as a hard-coded shortcut to open /help
    • Added several new encounter types and revamped the Caravan encounter
    • Added 2 new weapon types
    • Revamped the /inventory command to show a detailed list of all your possessions. The default shortcut is [ shift + i ].
    • Reworked the /accomplishments screen to provide a little more detail about your deeds, and expanded it beyond quest completions. Entries will also be generated for title acquisitions, defeating legendary beasts, etc.
    • Pigments and Scribe Chests have been removed from the game, and instead areas can be marked freely with the new /mark (color) command. Areas can be cleaned with /clearmark.
    • Fleshed out the noise system a bit. If something is moving nearby and you can't see it, you might still hear it.
    • Allies can now be instructed to ride animals
    • The darkness effect now increases the mood of the attacker in addition to draining the mood of the target
    • Increased the amount of stamina gained from the Soul effect
    • Players can now choose their class with the mouse during character creation.
    • Reduced overworld encounter chance slightly
    • Reduced the base duration of Elemental summons
    • Reduced damage taken by armor and added variance based on the type of attack used against it.
    • Fleeing local areas now restores health and stamina to any hostile pursuers.
    • Crafting Repair Kits now makes five at a time, and Repair Kits now only work on items of the same material
    • Active traps must now be disabled before they can be salvaged.
    • Fixed a bug that caused innate spells to cost less stamina than intended
    • Fixed a bug which could prevent spells from having reduced stamina costs
    • Fixed a bug which prevented mouse menus from working if Quick Actions were disabled
    • Fixed a crash caused by bags
    • Fixed an issue where players could get trapped in Legendary Beast dens
    • Fixed a bug which allowed the /connect command to be used on anything
    • Updated several /help and /define entries
      • Pit Fighter: When critically hit, Pit Fighters gain the Payback effect, which grants bonus damage to their next attack based on the amount of damage received.
      • Gamestalker: Gamestalkers now deal more damage the farther away their target is, and their accuracy trait has been removed
      • Juggernaut: The knockdown effect of the Juggernaut's movement now interrupts the actions of those affected.
      • Demon Slayer: Demon Slayers now silence the source of elemental damage they resist.
      • Gatekeeper: Stamina cost of the Protect ability is now determined by Constitution
      • Kensai: Stamina cost of the Samurai Showdown ability is now determined by Dexterity
      • Gambler: Stamina cost of the Gamble ability is now determined by Charisma
      • Rhapsodist: Fixed the class not actually working at all
      • Added class-specific NPC behaviors for Botanist, Alchemist, and Chefs
      • Added different heavy attack effects for the various firearms:
        • Hand Cannons retain the old trait of interrupting targets
        • Rifle damage is now based on distance to the target, with further targets taking more damage
        • Blunderbusses now deal damage to every piece of armor a target is wearing
        • Cannons now deal splash damage to objects adjacent to the target
      • Added two new quest types
      • Reworked Kensai. Unique Ability: Samurai Showdown - Kensais have access to the Samurai Showdown ability which dashes to a targeted area at imperceivable speeds. Enemies along the path receive the [Already Dead] effect which deals damage after a brief delay and grants fury to the Kensai. The damage and fury duration are determined by the number of enemies hit.
      • You can now tell party members to be/not be passive. While passive, party members will still defend themselves and their allies, but will not immediately attack anything you attack.
      • Added several more /say commands for managing same-species party members including:
        • /say stow your X
        • /say draw your X
        • /say take that X
        • /say stand by that X

      As is usually required when there's a big update**, a fresh game is required for everything to work properly, and the game probably won't start at all if you attempt to load an older save.

      Also, if you haven't joined us on Discord yet, drop by and make some friends! https://discordapp.com/invite/TxECEtn

      .* Highly debatable. .** Any update

13.4.5 Alpha 13 Apr'19..

  1. 2019.04.11 Patch Notes
    • Added different heavy attack effects for the various firearms:
      • Hand Cannons retain the old trait of interrupting targets
      • Rifle damage is now based on distance to the target, with further targets taking more damage
      • Blunderbusses now deal damage to every piece of armor a target is wearing
      • Cannons now deal splash damage to objects adjacent to the target
    • Added a missing benefit to the Dervish class description
    • Increased the reward variance for certain NPC interactions
    • Mounts are no longer permitted in Colosseums unless the rider is an Equestrian
    • Adjusted the difficulty scaling and equipment of Colosseum Champions
    • Fixed a crash caused by interacting with wounded Hunters
    • Potentially fixed a crash related to entering certain Colosseums
  2. 2019.04.10 Patch Notes

    Added a new encounter type

    • Added two new NPC interactions/types
    • Added two new quest types
    • Added more detailed descriptions of user actions if the ui is disabled
    • Spellthieves may now only inherit spells learned by other entities, and not innate spells like Protect and Bane.
    • Made it more difficult to lose party members while traveling
    • Fixed a bug that causes carried items to disappear
    • Fixed more issues around entities not de-stealthing properly
    • Fixed a game crash related to breaking line of sight with certain entities
  3. 2019.04.05 Patch Notes
    • Reworked Kensai. Unique Ability: Samurai Showdown - Kensais have access to the Samurai Showdown ability which dashes to a targeted area at imperceivable speeds. Enemies along the path receive the [Already Dead] effect which deals damage after a brief delay and grants fury to the Kensai. The damage and fury duration are determined by the number of enemies hit.
    • You can now tell party members to be/not be passive. While passive, party members will still defend themselves and their allies, but will not immediately attack anything you attack.
    • The [ v ] key now defaults to casting your first ability/spell (/cast 1)
    • Added class stats to the /character window
    • Added Rune of Fury. The Fury condition increases critical strike damage.
    • Added descriptive text for weapons better used two-handed (without an offhand)
    • Fixed a few crashes related to party management commands
    • Fixed a bug which allowed ranged attacks to land shots even if line of sight was broken before the projectile was fired
    • Updated more class and /define text
  4. 2019.04.02 Patch Notes
    • Added several more /say commands for managing same-species party members including:
      • /say stow your X
      • /say draw your X
      • /say take that X
      • /say stand by that X
    • Added more NPC behaviors for Alchemists and Chefs
    • Created a distinction between regular critical hits and heavy critical hits in the game log
    • Resisted attack damage no longer has a chance to cause interruptions
    • Attacking enemies with mixtures will now destroy the mixture and apply its effect to the target.
    • Fixed an issue with NPC Equestrian mounts being labeled as horses when they are often anything but.
    • Fixed a freeze/hang caused by attacking items near local area borders
    • Fixed an issue which prevented far away areas from being properly deleted
    • Cleaned up some outdated language related to the old stance system
  5. 2019.04.01 Public Alpha 13 is LIVE - Combat: Evolved
      • This alpha release overhauls FARA's oldest, and quite frankly, most confusing system - combat:
        • Offensive attacks, defensive attacks, evasive attacks, balanced attacks, pushing, kicking, and parries have been removed in favor of just two attacks: Regular attacks ([ a ] or /attack) and Heavy attacks ([ shift + a ] or /attackheavy).
        • Regular attacks behave mostly like Balanced attacks from pre Alpha 13.
        • Heavy attacks tend to be slower, more powerful, use stamina, decrease weapon durability, and trigger special effects based on the weapon used. For instance, performing a heavy attack with a dagger or similar small blade will cause the attacker to leap backward evasively after the strike. Other heavy attacks can deflect projectiles, apply status effects, etc.
        • Entities gain most of the benefits provided by the removed Defensive/Evasive stances as long as they can see the attacker and are not performing any actions (including attacking)
      • Added class-specific combat behaviors for NPCs. Gunslingers will jumping around to dodge ranged attacks, Alchemists will throw mixtures, etc.
      • Added ~10 new weapon types
      • Rebalanced the stats for several material and item types
      • Entities no longer need a target selected to attack. Attacking without a target will now just attack in the direction you are facing.
      • Made several changes to the stealth mechanic to award those who properly prepare for the occasion
      • Elemental Resistance has been changed to Elemental Attunement. In addition to granting resistances, attunement also increases the potency of one's triggered elemental effects
      • Health and stamina bars now show the last instance of damage in a slightly faded color
      • Increased inventory capacity from 20 to 25
      • Reduced the damage of most melee weapons
      • Combative NPCs will now investigate strange noises they hear from unseen entities
      • Changed the Intoxicated condition - it now reduces attack accuracy while increasing charisma, constitution, and the chance to stumble after missing.
      • Gatekeeper - Reworked their unique ability: "Gatekeepers have a higher than usual chance to deflect projectiles and block moving enemies attempting to flee. Additionally, their shields and armor take less damage when struck."
      • Elemancer - They now received a bonus to all elemental attunements
      • Dervish - Whirling now prevents Dervishes from being interrupted by attacks
      • Rhapsodist - Their songs now require four notes and are a combination of heavy and regular attacks
      • Monk - Path of Fire now triggers for entities in tiles adjacent to the jump path
      • Demon Slayer - They now have a chance to resist damage from Legendary Monsters
      • Potter - Fixed several issues which prevented the class from working as intended
      • Engineer - Fixed several issues which prevented the class from working as intended
      • Added several new encounters and enemy types
      • Made some substantial changes to spellcrafting:
        • The minimum number of runes required to make a spell has been reduced from 3 to 2.
        • The maximum number of runes that can be in a spell has been reduced from 10 to 5.
        • All crafted spells now start at the same relative power tier
        • Learned spells can now be upgraded at Arcane Obelisks or via Obelisk Shards. Obelisks can be unlocked by completing settlement quests. Obelisks and shards can also be found scattered throughout the world.
        • Intelligence now plays a more important roll in spell damage.
        • Staves now reduce the stamina cost of spells
        • Rune of Power, Rune of Speed, and Rune of Time have been removed from the game.
      • Enhanced the random description generator for player characters
      • Added the ability to tell certain party members to stay where they are and not follow you
      • Performance improvements
      • Hopefully fixed more bugs than I created

13.4.6 Alpha 12 Mar'19..

  1. 2019.03.23 Patch Notes
    • Added 2 new landmarks/scenarios
    • Added rarity values to the different landmarks. In practice, this means that landmarks like Shrines aren't as likely to show up as, say, Encampments.
    • Weapons designed to be thrown now have a chance to slow their targets.
    • Entities in pursuit can now open closed doors
    • Entities no longer reveal traps they've set when searching an area
    • Combat-capable entities no longer stow weapons
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Potters from crafting clay items as intended
    • Fixed a bug which prevented traps thrown by Engineers from properly setting
    • Fixed a bug which prevented thrown items from dealing damage under most circumstances
    • Fixed a bug which caused the drop rate of Animal Bones to be a little higher than intended
    • Fixed a freeze/lag caused by entities getting confused by closed doors
    • Fixed an issue which caused mouse/touch input to crash the game in Firefox
    • Fixed some unintended interactions related to the /give command
    • General performance improvements
  2. 2019.03.17 Patch Notes
    • Artificers can now use Arcane Obelisks and Shards to upgrade the spells on their items
    • Elemental summons no longer retaliate against their summoners for any reason
    • Made some adjustments to certain encounter requirements
    • Increased the number of runes provided by Runic Chests
    • Increased the number and types of chests in dungeons
    • Reduced the drop rate of runes slightly
    • Removed the Recall spell from the game
    • Fixed a bug which caused multi-element spells to deal much less damage than intended
    • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to jump off of large objects
    • Fixed a bug which caused item stacks to cap at 49 under most circumstances instead of the intended 50.
    • Fixed a bug which caused meteor spells to cost no stamina and deal no damage
    • Fixed some unintended behavior related to carrying objects from campfires and similar containers

    A fresh game is recommended for this update.

  3. 2019.03.15 Patch Notes/Hotfix
    • Made some substantial changes to spellcrafting:
      • The minimum number of runes required to make a spell has been reduced from 3 to 2.
      • The maximum number of runes that can be in a spell has been reduced from 10 to 5.
      • All crafted spells now start at the same relative power tier
      • Learned spells can now be upgraded at Arcane Obelisks or via Obelisk Shards. Obelisks can be unlocked by completing settlement quests. Obelisks and shards can also be found scattered throughout the world.
      • Intelligence now plays a more important roll in spell damage.
      • Staves now reduce the stamina cost of spells
      • Rune of Power, Rune of Speed, and Rune of Time have been removed from the game.
    • Scholar has been given a new benefit: Scrolls created by them start at a higher power tier.


    • Removed some debug logs that were displayed when throwing things
    • Fixed a crash/freeze caused by upgrading spells at Obelisks
    • Fixed an error which prevented the Windows version of the game from showing up on itch.io

    This patch also has a temporary feature to migrate what would otherwise be broken characters/saves from So if you've got an older character you may want to update your save to this version since the migration code won't be there forever.

  4. 2019.03.13 Patch Notes
    • Added a new encounter type
    • Added a few new enemy types
    • Slightly reduced the chances of running into encounters in settlements
    • Adjusted the amount of Runic Dust rewarded from chests
    • Increased the material cost of Masterwork Tools
    • Increased the amount of trees in wooded areas
    • Made default waypoint labels a little smarter
    • Reduced damage of all melee weapons slightly
    • Fixed a bug with throwing which caused duplicate items to spawn in other dimensions. This fix might also correct other oddities with moving items introduced in recent patches.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed entities to jump through or climb over closed doors
    • Fixed a display issue where the radius indicator wouldn't immediately disappear if an action was cancelled
    • Fixed various text formatting issues
  5. 2019.03.11 Patch Notes
    • Targets on the map can now be clicked to open their context menus
    • Added more missing interactions to the mouse menu, including drinking from rivers
    • Added some base crafting materials to certain enemy drop tables
  6. 2019.03.10 Patch Notes
    • Added an /inventory command which lists off what you own. Intended for the UI-less adventurers out there.
    • Changed the Kunoichi class a bit. Ability - Lotus Strikes: When attacking from stealth, Kunoichi have a chance to remain hidden and an increased chance to stun their target. When revealed, Kunoichi gain the Quick effect for a short duration, increasing their movement speed. Their health has been changed from Below Average to Low.
    • /interact or [ e ] will now eat edible items if they are in reach.
    • Items that can be salvaged for Runic Dust now yield an amount based on their size and quality
    • Reverted some experimental changes which slowed the game down with little practical benefit
    • Reduced the likelihood of encounters when manually entering local areas
    • Fixed some bugs which caused salvaged Runic Dust to behave unexpectedly
    • Fixed a display issue which caused the search ring on the map to not match the actual search radius
    • Fixed some bugs which caused salvaged Runic Dust to behave unexpectedly
  7. 2019.03.08 Patch Notes

    Added the ability to set/disarm traps from the mouse menu

    • Added some backstory elements for players who choose a random character description
    • Entering stealth will now cause any party members with line of site to do the same
    • Entities can now see hidden party members
    • Increased the amount of random hostiles in the world
    • Increased the likelihood of triggering hostile encounters while traveling at night, and decreased the likelihood of encounters during the day
    • You can now tell party members to stay where they are and not follow you.
    • [ shift + g ] is now the default shortcut for moving to the location of your target (/moveto)
    • Clicking the center map tile now opens the main menu instead of searching
    • Truncated very long names in certain menus (looking at you, Champions and Scrolls)
    • Wrestlers are now immune to Dazing
    • Moved positions like standing and crouching to their own submenu in an effort to keep the Gestures & Actions mouse menu from getting too tall
    • Entities now have a chance to fail at disarming traps not set by them. Failure will trigger the effect of the trap. Inspecting a trap can tell you how difficult it is to disarm.
    • Increased the amount of settlements generated at the beginning so every NPC you meet doesn't ask you to go to the same place
    • Salvaging inventory items will now place the salvaged goods in your inventory if there's room
    • Fixed a bug that prevented leaving local areas via rivers
    • Fixed some erroneous text related to climbing objects
    • Fixed an issue that caused hostile NPCs to target the furthest enemy from them, causing them to run back and forth attacking nothing if they had more than one valid target
    • Fixed a display issue with container items not always being listed directly under their container on the Nearby list.
    • Fixed a display issue that could cause certain map tiles to appear above menus and dialogue windows
    • Fixed more instances where browser auto-complete could get in the way of user inputs
    • Fixed an issue where pressing the [ 1 ] or [ enter ] keys multiple times to load a save could cause the game to crash, hang, or reload.
  8. 2019.03.02 Public Alpha 12 is LIVE - Mouse/Touch Support!
      • This alpha release introduces a pretty big game-changer regarding accessibility - FARA can now enjoyed with a mouse or touchscreen! As much as I love writing beefy changelogs, the changes are pretty simple:
        • Clicking/tapping objects on the side panels will display a tiny* menu with various contextual actions
        • Clicking anywhere in the central game log or status section will provide access to more general commands and features
        • Clicking on a map tile will now move your character toward that tile. If you're in a local area, you'll zip right to the targeted location in one click. If you're on the world map, you'll move one tile in the direction of the cursor. Clicking the center tile will search the area.
      • Rebalanced health values across all classes. If your favorite class went from 'Above Average' to 'Average' health, it doesn't necessarily mean the value is lower than before. Additionally, the classifications of health no longer vary between classes. Two classes with 'Above Average' health now have exactly the same amount.
      • Pressing the [ enter ] key will now trigger the /interact function with your target if the command prompt is closed.
      • Dramatically improved the pathfinding capabilities of NPCs.
      • Added richer descriptions and additional mouse menu options for those interested in playing with the UI disabled
      • Added /moveto command which pathfinds your way to a target
      • /takeall no longer picks up Supply Crates and Barrels
      • /salvage and /salvageall will now open all nearby Supply Crates and Barrels
      • Tweaked some things to make the game less frustrating for players who (for whatever reason) want to play the game on mobile devices. FARA still isn't exactly mobile-friendly and I still wouldn't recommend playing it on a phone if you can help it, but this patch should make such a thing far more possible, particularly on Android devices running Chrome.
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the dexterity score of certain animals and monsters from being properly applied
      • Fixed a bug that could cause cooking from the Quick Actions menu to cook the wrong item
      • Fixed a crash related to destroying boulders
      • Fixed a bug that would cause party members to rob you in your sleep. May re-add.
      • Fixed a bug with climbing that allowed entities to remain elevated even if the climbed item was destroyed
      • Fixed a bug that caused commoners to suggest visiting the town you're already in
      • Fixed a bug that could cause colosseum Champions to leave a life of glory behind in favor of murdering you in your sleep for no reason in particular
      • Fixed a bug that allowed abused Combat Dummies to cast aside their shackles and hunt down their oppressors
      • Farming! It's pretty simple for now - drop a seed into a Hole and it'll turn into a Plot. After a day or so, your new plant(s) will shoot out of the ground.
      • Revamped settlements with more organized layouts, plots for new developments, and the partial re-introduction of quest-based town expansion
      • More descriptive combat logs
      • Quests from Bounty Boards no longer disappear when accepted and can be abandoned and tracked again later.
      • Dramatically increased the performance of map animations with minimal* downsides
      • Butchering a salvaging now teach you about the objects/animals before dismantling them
      • Added an /exit command which will return the player to the world map from a local area. It can also be done with /leave.
      • Expanded the functionality of /interact
      • Added some friendly fire protection. Attacking a healthy party member once will no longer cause them to turn on you. Attacking them a second time within a certain time frame or while they are Injured or Dying will cause them to retaliate.
      • Overhauled the movement speed system and made the stat visible in the /character window
      • Increased the health of several classes designed to fair well in melee combat

13.4.7 Alpha 11 Feb'19..

  1. 2019.02.16 Patch Notes
    • Added farming! It's pretty simple for now - drop a seed into a Hole and it'll turn into a Plot. After a day or so, your new plant(s) will shoot out of the ground.
    • In order for rescue quests to be completed successfully, the person must now be returned alive.
    • NPCs with high Intelligence or Wisdom are now more prone to casting offensive spells in combat, and other NPCs are now slightly less inclined.
    • Fixed an issue where a notable NPC could rob you in your sleep, causing them to be labelled a thief and eventually run away forever
    • Fixed a display issue that would show sleeping entities as both Resting and Sleeping
    • Fixed a crash on startup caused by attempting to reference some deleted resources
  2. 2019.02.15 Patch Notes
    • Did some work on settlements:
      • Settlements are laid out a little more thoughtfully, almost as if they were made by sentient beings with some sort plan in mind.
      • Increased the size of settlements and the average number of buildings. As a friendly reminder, you can quickly exit local areas and settlements by typing /exit.
      • Started re-implementing town expansion. There's only one functioning tier at the moment, but buildings will pop up on the empty dirt plots as you complete quests. Any entities on these plots when the building spawns will be moved elsewhere or vaporized if there is nowhere else for them to go.
      • Quests accepted from Bounty Boards and elsewhere are no longer removed from their sources, and remain available even if abandoned.
    • Dramatically increased the performance of map animations with minimal* downsides
    • Increased the stamina cost of all spells
    • Increased the amount of stamina regained from all consumables
    • Increased the spell stamina cost reduction provided by Wisdom
    • Increased the spell damage bonus provided by Intelligence
    • Decreased the base damage of most offensive spells
    • Casting spells from scrolls no longer uses stamina
    • You can now craft Scrolls with /makescroll. The requirements are the same as /makespell.
    • Additionally, /maketome is now a valid alternative to /makespell.
    • Butchering unknown monsters will now automatically teach you about them.
    • Entities can now dance around any burning object, not just campfires.
    • Changed the distribution of monsters in dungeons to be more evenly spread
    • Fixed an issue with Den generation
    • Fixed several issues with Combat Dummies not fully resetting
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the piercing effect of crossbows from doing damage
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the targeting reticle from showing when selecting a target for the first time with [ tab ]
  3. 2019.02.13 Patch Notes
    • Added a new landmark/encounter type
    • Added a confirmation message and effect to Artificer's Spellgrafting ability
    • You can now see what action an entity is performing in the status window
    • Fixed a bug with Bodybuilders that allowed them to always have GODLIKE Charisma, even when wearing clothing
    • Fixed some lingering map effects for certain spell types
    • Fixed an issue where unstealthed entities were able to steal without detection
    • Fixed an issue with several common spellcasting enemies not having the proper elemental assignments
    • Fixed an issue that allowed entities to bring their parties into colloseums
    • Fixed an issue that made certain high profile NPCs very loose with their valuables
  4. 2019.02.10 Patch Notes
    • Expanded the functionality of /interact.

      It will now:

      • Harvest/Butcher valid targets
      • Attack hostile entities in range
      • Attempt to pick up most takeable items
      • Smash open Supply Crates and Barrels. /open will also do this.
      • The contents of campfires, fire pits, and other similar objects are now displayed as targetable options in the Nearby window.
      • The /open command no longer empties these objects out.
      • Removed a bunch of container-y sounding items because you can't actually put things in them and it was confusing.
      • Workbenches are no longer fixed items and can be moved around
      • Updated the Quick Actions window with a few more interactions
      • Re-added several items that hadn't made the transition to Alpha 11
      • Settlements and most other landmarks no longer appear on ocean tiles.
      • Got rid of the odd little dangling tile at the southern tip of every local area
      • Fixed an error that prevented certain ingots from being classified as metals
      • Fixed a bug that allowed mercenaries to remain recruitable if you've attacked them
      • Engine optimizations
  5. 2019.02.08 Patch Notes
    • Added party member locations to the /party window
    • Added some friendly fire protection. Attacking a healthy party member once will no longer cause them to turn on you. Attacking them a second time within a certain time frame or while they are Injured or Dying will cause them to retaliate.
    • Adjusted auto-targeting to not always fixate on your ridden mount while moving
    • Increased the maximum light radius larger illuminated objects
    • Fixed an issue with illuminated entities not being targetable if they were beyond the vision radius determined by ambient light
    • Fixed a crash caused by delayed events attempting to reference areas that no longer exist
    • Fixed a bug that prevented certain NPCs from vanishing unless the player was looking at them
    • Fixed a bug that caused all human NPCs to strip naked and confess to crimes they didn't commit
    • Fixed some typos and verbiage
    • Engine optimizations
  6. 2019.02.07 Patch Notes
    • Ranged weapons now derive a substantial portion of their damage from the material of the ammunition they're firing. Softer ammunition like wood and bone will do less damage than before, while ammunition made from harder materials like steel and diamond will do more than before.
    • Ranged weapons now specify what kind of ammunition is being fired in the game log.
    • Interacting with a waterskin or similar container while near a water source like a river or well will now fill the container. Conversely, interacting with a well will now fill all waterskins.
    • Typing /drink or /eat while near or in a river with no target selected will now cause you to drink from the river.
    • Drinking from river or well one time will now completely eliminate your thirst.
    • Rivers will no longer appear on ocean tiles
    • Hostile NPCs who chase the player off a local map will now regroup somewhere near the center of the area
    • Made some adjustments to the starting camp and starting recipes
    • Fixed a bug that caused mounted entities to actually move slower in many cases
  7. 2019.02.06 Patch Notes
    • Added an /exit command which will return the player to the world map from a local area. It can also be done with /leave.
    • Added some material variety to the ammunition of common ranged enemies
    • Ammunition has been removed as a possibility from supply crates/barrels and has been replaced with various ingot types.
    • Increased the vision radius of morning to mirror afternoon under most circumstances
    • Increased the average size of local areas by a small amount
    • Increased the average reward rarities provided by all chest sizes above Small
    • Decreased the health of some common enemy types by about 20%
    • Adjusted the nearby target listing to roughly descend from closest to farthest
    • The default command/autocomplete for /explore is now /enter. /explore is still a valid alternative.
    • Made some tweaks to movement speeds. Very tiny animals are no longer unreasonably fast, and very large animals are no longer impossibly slow.
    • Fixed a crash caused by viewing the character window of characters created before version
    • Fixed some display issues when playing with colored text disabled
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to get crushed by their own walls and floor tiles
  8. 2019.02.05 Patch Notes
    • Entities that are being ridden no longer participate in combat unless the rider is an Equestrian
    • Knocking mounted entities or their mounts prone will now dismount the rider
    • Increased the attack speed penalty for using ranged weapons without quivers/bandoliers
    • Fixed a crash caused by jumping while mounted and most other times
    • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple encounters to stack in the same area at the same time
    • Fixed bug that caused /interact to open chests incorrectly
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to get crushed by their own shelters
  9. 2019.02.03 Patch Notes
    • Added a stat to track flowers picked
    • Overhauled the movement speed system and made the stat visible in the /character window
    • Increased the health of several classes designed to fair well in melee combat
    • Reduced the damage of most ranged weaponry
    • Reduced the opacity of certain map markers so the entities underneath can still be seen
    • Updated the Landmarks Found and Dungeons Entered stats to work with the new area systems
    • Made some changes to the resting message so it's more obvious which factors are contributing to a safe and restful night
    • Fixed a bug which caused Hunts and Expeditions to expire well before the player had any hope of reaching the area
    • Fixed several bugs that caused items to spawn in other dimensions. If you were ever stopped from walking into a space by "???", this bug was probably why.
    • Fixed a crash caused by Supply Crates in the starting area
    • Fixed a crash related to ponds (nearbyObjects not defined)
  10. 2019.02.01 Patch Notes ALPHA 11

    This one is a doozy. Where do I even start?

      • Combat and object interactions have been removed from the overworld.

        Most of the game now takes place at the zoom level once reserved for indoor spaces and dungeons. While viewing the overworld map, press [ Enter ], [ e ], or type /explore to drop down to the local level.

        • As you travel, you will happen upon encounters which automatically trigger the local view. Having most the game take place at the local level offers many new and exciting perks:
      • Bump to attack! Under most circumstances, living entities can no longer share the same map tile. Among other things, this means you can now attack hostile targets by simply walking into them.
      • Ranged weaponry in general is now much more viable.
      • Most interactions that required entities to be on the same tile can now happen from 1 tile away.
      • The open spaces allow for more tactical combat. You can utilize terrain features for cover, stand against large objects to avoid being surrounded, or climb trees to get a better vantage.
      • NPC path-finding has been beefed up so they aren't so easily bested by trees and building corners.
      • Area of effect spells have been reworked to take advantage of multiple tiles
      • The jumping mechanic has been reworked, and is now an indispensable tool when dealing with attackers at range.
      • Settlements and encampments are now truly explorable areas.
      • Buildings as items have been removed, and instead players can craft walls and floor tiles. Using these, you can create any building size and shape you want!
      • Rivers and ponds are no longer targetable objects, and are instead features of the landscape you can walk up to and utilize.
      • Several classes have been tweaked to take advantage of the new mechanics and space.
      • Added several new map effects to basic combat
      • Added pigments! Pigments allow you mark an area with a specific color, and can be combined to produce every color under the rainbow.
      • Added a little color variety to the target dots on the map
      • Added party member items to the /compare window
      • Reworked the robbery mechanic to be a bit more engaging and straightforward

      Getting all of the old systems up to speed is an ongoing effort, so expect a few more related patches next week that address new issues like movement speed.

      • Adventurer: When exploring a local area, Adventurers can tell if there's treasure nearby.
      • Dervish: New Ability: Dangerous Dance - Dervishes gain the Whirling condition after dancing. While whirling, Dervishes cannot be parried and have a chance to cleave all targets in melee range when attacking.
      • Monk: New Ability: Path of Fire - When Monks jump, they have a chance to set enemies along their path on fire. When burned, Monks are cleansed of most negative conditions.
      • Reaper: Greatly increased the amount of health gained from killing an enemy
      • Spelunker: Instead of glowing in the dark, Spelunkers now have permanent Darkvision.

13.4.8 Alpha 10 May'18..

    • Added ~50 new items
    • Added recipe items! Reading recipes will teach the reader how to create a specified item.
    • Added a /salvageall command to salvage/butcher everything within reach. The command will show in the Quick Actions menu when applicable, and can also be done with /salvage all, /butcher all, and /butcherall.
    • Dramatically increased the variety of dungeon monsters with the new prefix system. These prefixes should give players an idea of what areas a particular monster may excel, and where they might be vulnerable.
    • Masterwork items may now be infused with up to two elements, granting the effects and resistances of both elements.
    • Revamped the /define command to show multiple results and actually be helpful
    • So many bug fixes I actually stopped keeping track. If it was reported before today, it's either been fixed or accepted as a feature.
  2. FARA Public release May 2018

    This is far and away the biggest update FARA has received since its public release in May 2018, and I'd love your feedback. If you haven't already, please consider joining us on Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/TxECEtn

    Finally, I want to give a BIG shout out to everyone in the FARA Discord who helped test earlier versions of this release over the past two weeks. They suffered tremendously so that you might suffer slightly less. These expansive changes might have never seen the light of day were it not for their positive feedback and encouragement, so thanks for taking the time to provide some top notch insights. There is still plenty of in-game text that needs updating and bugs that need squashing, so if you come across something that doesn't seem quite right, be sure to let me know!

13.5 Small Caution!

What little insight into this I have tells me that the danger of this happening to you is diminishing with each new day.


The game, in alpha for many years now, and while holding the attention of a loyal playerbase, has a developer's that stated expressly that maintaining save-game compatibility is not a priority at the moment.

Thus you are advised to go through the notrouble of downloading and installing the game locally so that you will be able to finish games in progress since using the web-version risks obliteration of your save at any time!

13.6 Technical

13.6.1 Playing on Notebooks

This is good to know, even if silly, article for the two people in the world with a machine good enought to run fara which doesn't have a full-size keyboard.

The Hidden Numeric Keypad on Your Laptop.

13.6.2 Resizing & Positioning the FARA Window

I play on an upright external monitor. Since changes to /bigmap make it scale with the height of the window FARA runs in without considering the width, I need to change the FARA window size to make the most of /bigmap.

  1. Windows
  2. Linux

    In Linux, grab a hold of xdotool, then save and adapt this script to your needs.

      local a=$(xdotool search --onlyvisible --name "FARA")
      xdotool getwindowgeometry $a
      xdotool windowmove $a 1372 641
      xdotool windowsize $a 1074 1100
    <pathtoyourlocalinstall>/FARA &
    sleep 0.1
  3. More

13.6.3 Linux

To run this game in linux you need sudo rights. You probably have them.

also posted on itch.io

Go to the directory where you unpacked the game, then type

sudo chown root:root chrome-sandbox
sudo chmod 4755 chrome-sandbox 
sudo chmod +x FARA 

after that you can start the game using


from there through the terminal. this may not work through your file-manager, but you can make a little script that will make it work.

Again, from where you unpacked the game type:

echo ./FARA >./fara 
sudo chmod +x ./fara

There's no .desktop shipped with the game. If you know where these go on your system, perhaps ~/.local/share/applications/ as on my system, you could install it in the menu saving the following there as, say, fara.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName="Open World Roguelike Sandbox"
Comment="The Roguelike that tries to do too much :)"

I just just bookmarked the path with my file-manager to make it work from there through the little script above and didn't actually test the .desktop file I conjured up for you.

Savegames will likely be found in ~/.config/FARA where you can put them under version control to experiment at will. The files are pretty large so consider symlinking them to a place thats backed-up daily, not hourly.

The game plays well under X and if you have more CPU cores on your server than on your workstation, give that a try. It complicated adjusting the window position through a startup script, but you'll be fine. Disable /uianimation and screen-shaking so you don't even notice that you're playing remotely.

If you're lazy like me, write a script to unzip the release and copy the ~2.8mb large 'resources/app.asar' from there to where you've installed the runtime with the proper rights.

13.6.4 Fixing crashes

  1. About

    While not an open source application per se, with an Electron application such as FARA one can always count on having access to the code for personal perusal even under its 'All rights reserved' license.

    Much like with Flash, you can easily unpack the program, change the fonts and user interface to please you without any loss in performance.

    Additionally with a little extra effort you can learn to appreciate Brian's work a whole lot more by taking a look at what's being shipped.

  2. More

    Compacted as the code is, you can't expect to do much but make whatever crashes between minor release go away, but since you can do these things inside an hour, learning a little bit about the way modern software ships will let you glide past otherwise game-ending troubles that sometimes still slip in on point releases.

    In this sense, and within these limits I can tolerate dealing with software that isn't really free and open. Besides, there's no game like learning by doing.

    This will make more sense to you once you've had your system and your data destroyed and obsoleted by proprietary code a few times. Then you too might appreciate the importance of free and open software and see the value of acquiring some of the basic technical skills.

  3. How-to

    Anyway, if you want to mess with things, make sure to use /stopreports, and do yourself the favor of never using this approach to cheat or to learn game secrets or you will ruin your own fun in this sweet sandbox.

    So, if you have a problem, unpack, drag the index.html into chrome and have a look at the F12 developer console – if you see a hang, crash or something that's really slow, email your findings!

  4. Remain Calm

    None of this stuff here tells anyone how to cheat, mess with save-games or otherwise ruin their or other people's fun. Its just hacker talk, to enable someone to keep playing their game or swap in fonts more suitable for their display. Please chill, ty!

13.6.5 Requirements

Pug's experiments suggest:

  • FARA needs at least three concurrent threads to be performant
    • Anything better than a Dual-core CPU will do!
    • With a Dual-core you'll see the game slow to ~half speed after ~24hrs play.
  • 2.2+ GHZ will be tolerable through a long game.
  • 4ish GB RAM for Chrome/Electron/FARA (at most! usuall much less, no problem.)
  • Disk seems not important although running from ram helps a bit atm.

What's optimal? Anything Quad-core with DDR-4 RAM but DDR-3 will do. The real key to good performance appears to be the size of your CPU cache.

13.7 Copyright/Disclaimer

This document is hereby released without any claim of ownership on other people's content and without claims of copyright by compilation or any or other claims I could make to keep you from contributing to the game.

The one thing I'd ask you to do is link back to these notes if you're taking anything I've added value to by creating this original assemblage of facts.

Thus, if you want to populate the wiki by cribbing from here .. link back. I link back to the wiki and every source I've cited. So should you. Thanks!

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Also see Mishaal's FARA Item Compendium, and Mantecarl's A Tourist’s Guide to FARA, and maybe Degritone's Guide to 100k Points though that one still need updating for 2021. The first two docs are already up to date!


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